Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of 2008

Today is the 31st of December 2008. This year has been a roller coaster ride year for me personally. A recap?

The first 3 months were spent working at Delta. Tried to save as much as I could to make my holiday trip to Taiwan/Hong Kong possible.

February : Chinese New Year...nothing much. Had family reunion dinners..the usual stuff. Then we had a friends reunion dinner. At the end of February, 3 girls flew all the way to Taiwan/ Hong Kong. Very exciting and fun.

March : My grandmother passed away. She lived to a ripe old age of 80. I would say that she lived a full life. My STPM results came out as well.

April : Searched for a few private colleges and universities just in case I could not get a place in public universities. Went to Jakarta for 3 weeks.

May : Half of it was spent in Jakarta. I had a great time was good...eating was good as well.

June : Worried about university entrance. I got in finally. Prepared stuff for university and left Penang.

July - December : Longest time I ever left home. Stayed in Sabah for 6 months. Studied. Went sight seeing a bit in Sabah. Some days were great. Some days, not so great, but I pulled through

December : Went to Singapore with a lot of my closest friends for the very first time. A lot of relatives came to visit. Practically, I only at home just to sleep. I leave my laptop to download movies then I'm out the entire day then come back and sleep. and the cycle repeats. Ate a lot as well. All those hawker food that I missed so much. The downside, the moment I came back to Penang, everyone has been telling me that I gained so so so much weight.

Sad but true. I'll be leaving for Sabah this coming Sunday. Won't be coming back until May 2009. So, that is another 5 months away from home.

It's surprising (MAYBE) that time passes by so quickly. One moment I was worried that I would not secure a place in university and the next moment, I've already finished one semester in Sabah. Growing up (old to be exact) happens in a blink of an eye. Without noticing it, another year has come and gone.

My 2009 new year's resolution...

Top priority : Lose all those pounds that I piled on in Sabah. I've had enough of words torment from my family. But the truth is..any fatter and I'll have to start shopping for Plus Sizes.

Second : Train up my stamina so that I'll succesfully conquer Mount Kinabalu in May.

Third : Go holidaying in someplace new. Bali is in the plan somewhere. Just a matter of realising it. Kids...are you guys reading this? Start saving $$$$$$

Fourth : Improve my grades further or at the very least, maintain them. Improving is much better of an option though.

And that's a wrap for the year 2008.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope that the coming new year would be much better for everyone (despite the economic recession) $$$ money wise and healthwise. If you're low on the $$$ side, be grateful for staying healthy and being able to live and being around your loved ones. Money is not everything (but without money..there is nothing)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

12.24.08 ,12.25.08

Just before Twilight

What have I been up to on Christmas Eve? Nothing much actually. Just went to watch Twilight..I know I watched it like 3 weeks later than the rest of the world and people have been talking so much about it. For me, the movie could have done better. The scenery and music were great. It's just that it lacked the sparks to make a great and memorable movie for me but I wouldn't say that it was a total flop. Anyways, we headed to Korean Palace after that. Dinner at 9.30pm. Can you imagine? By the time our food arrived, it was nearly 10pm already. But dinner was good. Everyone enjoyed it. Luckily, because I recommended the place. I wouldn't want to spoil a christmas eve dinner now would I...
We drove all the way up to Sunset Bistro. Parked the car without even having to look for a parking space. We left 10 minutes after that though. The place was so packed even after the extension and all. So we went over to a family gathering nearby and saw a belly dance performance. Wished everyone merry christmas and then we left again as it was too scary an occasion for my friends to handle...way too many relatives of mine. Then we wanted to head home but because we all dressed up to the nines, we felt it was a waste to go home. We went to UPR. First, we went to Fame..FOC..because friends were there. Then we decided the songs were not nice, we headed across to Mois...FOC as well. But the sad part was, Mois was way too packed to even dance and everyone there were already wasted. You see people drunk and sweaty and the place was stuffy. So totally not enjoyable...I miss Singapore Clubs now. Smoke free and cleaner. After about 10minutes, we could not take it anymore. So, we left again. Next, we headed to QEII. It was nearly 3am we went in..FOC again. We actually went to look at the scenery at QEII. I know this is the lame-st christmas outing ever. We went home after that. Slept the moment I hit my bed. Ju overnighted at my place. I think it was the first time my friends actually slept at my place


Went to a family friend's Christmas party. The food was good. Lots of alcohol. But what I lacked were friends. Mostly were guys there because the family friend has 4 you can imagine how friend-less I was. But I enjoyed the food and watching tele and drinking alcohol there albeit a little lonesome. Things started to heat up a little after everyone filled their tummies. Talked a bit. People were giving me career talks. Future plans etc and not to forget...Alcohol. I tried something new that night..which I like a lot. It was a mix of Red Bull and Jagermeister. You some sort like drop a shot of Jagermeister with the shot glass together into another glass half-filled with red bull. Then you just finish the drink ASAP. It was new and interesting..well as least for me. At the end of the party when they ran out of booze, they just mixed every alco that was left on the table into a coke bottle and then everyone drinks up. They had a few rounds of those. I just had 1 round but a very big glass. The taste wasn't too bad but right after you finished, you'll feel dizzy. But I wasn't drunk..guess that's the benefit of having inherited high alcohol tolerance genes.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

X-mas In Singapore

This is the first time I went on holiday with so many of friends. Finally after years of yakking about it...The theme at Orchard this year was sweets, candies and everything sweet. I have seen nicer decorations at it because of the economy downturn?

We went to a lot of places... Sentosa Island, Science Centre, Orchard Road, Bugis, Esplanade, Suntec City.
The infamous fountain at Suntec City. We all bought the similar t-shirts. I'm Mr. ironic...hahaahah

We even went clubbing..It's called The Arena. They hire a group of Black Eyed Pea wanna bes to sing live. They are actually good. And instead of girls joining dance competition, they make the guys do it. One guy actually took off his pants..with the boxers still on. The atmospere is much better than the clubs at home as they are smoke free. So for once, I didn't stink like cigarretes at the end of my night out. The cover charge is $22 for 2 drinks. And it was the baby's birthday! So it was like a birthday + party. One funny thing though, you see alot of old uncles in their 50s perhaps inside dancing to When I Grow Up.The presents to does look like present to a child doesn't it? hahahahaha

We spent a lot of money especially me.... Bought a lot unintentionally because even after converting the price back to RM it is still cheaper to shop there....The MRT is kind of expensive to me though..I think I spend nearly $10 a day just for MRT which is equivalent to RM24.20...just for public transport.

This was taken at the Esplanade. Nice right? We placed the camera on top of an electric box to get this pic. Talk about risking lives for the perfect picture.
Does the pose look familiar?? I want nobody nobody but you!
Our failed attempts at trying to capture ourselves jumping up in the air.This was at Vivo City.

Science Centre...I like the Omni-Theatre..although a bit dizzy...It is similar to Petronas Science Centre.This was at Chinatown.

That was a summary of my 5 days 4 nights trip to Singapore. No pictures from the fifth day though.

What I've been up to after exams


Learned a lot although we didn't even manage to squeeze into the top 8. Competition was too tough. When you are there at the competition itself, then only you realise that you only know so little compared to others. My political, economical, social etc knowledge is so limited that I feel like a frog under a coconut shell. And their English are so good that I felt inferior about my own English.

Oh. I found out another thing.... I lack persuasive skills and also I'm not sharp with my words. I could not really make my opponent sound ridiculous.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Washing Machines and Snakes

I went rafting just before I came back to Peninsula. It was at Sungai Padas. It is at the Tenom-Pangi Dam. If you still remember your geography that is. It is in Sabah. The river was running really fast as it was monsoon season and the water level was high as well. The guides said that we came at the right season. Rather than during drought, you'll be feeling bored when it really should be adrenaline pumping.

Though the pictures show that the sport is dangerous, it really is not. The first time I was in the river was because I was pulled into the river by my boat guide. Then the second time, he asked if I wanted to jump into the river again and I did. It was FUN! and EXCITING!!!

We rowed for 23km down the river going pass washing machine and snake rapids and some other rapids that I forgot the name. The river is labelled Level 4. It is the highest level of difficulty that you can find in Malaysia. Any higher, you'll have to go to New Zealand for it. For Level 5 or 6 I think you'll be rowing down a waterfall according to the guide. We took about 3 hours to finish the ride.
This was the first picture taken. A few kilometers after we set out.
When you meet a rapid, you have to row harder and faster to build momentum and release your boat from being trapped in the rapids.We got panicked when 2 of our passengers got thrown overboard at the first rapid. Nothing happened. At the end of the trip we realised that falling out of the boat was something lucky and fun, to say the least.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free....not really

I finally finished my exams today. A shocking news to announce though. My room mate quit uni. She went back to her home town today. She wants to redo her A-levels and go into the course that she wants.

In my opinion, if she had knew it from earlier on, she should not have wasted her time coming to Sabah.

Anyways, another one week and I'm off to Kl then after 5 days I'll be back in Penang. I heard that gurney's new wing had opened. I can't wait to go home and eat and shop.

Penang in 13 more days!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Still Exams

It's has been a week since the exam started. The last 4 papers that I sat for, I felt they were ok, but I still haven't even taken a single paper for my major. So I'm not sure how I would fare.

What have I achieved this past 2 days? Well, except for some concerts that I managed to grab from my friends, I think that's about it. Studies have been sidelined for 'a bit'. I was watching the Asian Song Festival 2008 last night. I was shocked how Fahrenheit even became a singing group. Ok or should I say idol group. In my opinion, they were practically the worst performer on that night. I hope I don't get bashings from Fahrenheit fans for saying this.

But I did something different though. I went jogging. After saying that I would for about the past 5 months I've been here, I finally went. The feeling is just great! I sweated and actually got out of my usual routine which is eat, sleep, study, watch movie and the cycle repeats itself. I plan to go again today but it just started drizzling but the sun is still up.

Its another 3 weeks before I go back to Penang. I have so many plans that I'm afraid that I won't have enough time for everything. Actually the main thing is to eat. I miss TASTY food. Christmas is about a month's time away. Although I don't celebrate it, it does signal that the year is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin.

I have something to let out here though. Why does it seem to everyone that I'm a studious person? How come coursemates ask me what's going to come out in the exam when they are the ones that got the news and later ask me for confirmation when I myself have not even heard about the info? If I say, I don't know. will they think that I'm just some selfish brat that is unwilling to share ?

Friday, October 31, 2008


Exams are starting in TOMORROW... and I still have not studied for the subject tomorrow. I hope common sense can pull me through the exam.

I just came back from Ranau for my golf practical. I'm dead tired now. Body aching. Anyways, I hope the practical evaluation will help me for my finals(Then I don't have to study so much).

I haven't had good sleep for 2 nights already. The night before the Ranau trip, I couldn't shut my eyes for more than 2 hours...I woke up every hour...1am...3am...4am...5am...then I had to climb out of bed at 6am to prepare myself for the trip. At Ranau, they practically squeezed 6 people into a room with only ONE queen sized bed. Luckily they rented extra beds. I was the 'lucky' one that got to sleep on the bed. The other 2 girls on the bed were moving around the entire night that I couldn't sleep(sensitive me..) and the girl beside me kept coughing the entire night.....And the fan was so cold and I didn't have a blanket.

For golf, I think I walked about 5km in 2 days? Under the scorching sun.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Something called studying

Last night was debate again. Anyways, we finished at about 2am. Then walked about 20+ minutes back to the hostel. Today, I got up at about 7.15 for sports, but then it was raining, so I skipped the training. It is still raining now though.

Debate still hasn't got any results. UMS suddenly changed their minds. Now, they only want to send 3 teams to represent them in KL. The seniors are trying to fight for 4 teams. But the main thing is, I still can't confirm when I'm going home. This is so frustrating.

I just found out that I have to go for my golf tournament next Wednesday and Thursday at Ranau(the place I went to during the previous hols). Then, there goes my study week.

I still have 2 assignments to type. I have not even started because the lecturer decided to give the assignment at the end of the term. Another frustrating matter. With all these and the tournament, I seriously DOUBT I have any time left to myself for rest and studying. There goes my so called study break.

Since the study already started, my friends are all back in Penang. And I do mean ALL. They have already planned so many things ahead. Which, again, I'm left out again because I'm all the way here. It's not that I'm complaining about being alone and etc, but sometimes, the friends that you get here isn't just the same as the friends at home. It's similar yet different at the same time. But the good part is that all the friends I have here are really good and nice to me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally, THE 14th Week

This is the final week of the semester. (Not) Surprisingly, time really flew by. Exams are in another 2 weeks. I;m so totally not you can see, I can still find time to blog, meaning I have not really started studying..

This coming week will be Deepavali cum study break holidays for a week. Then on the 5th of November, I'll officially start my first paper. My last paper will be on the 20th of November. But here comes the problem, I have not booked my ticket home..because of debate. If I am to represent UMS for Royals Debate in KL, I'll only be back in Penang on the 4th of December which leaves me exactly one month to spend in Penang. Take away about 5-7days of holiday in Singapore, that leaves about 3 weeks in Penang.

Today, I listed a couple of things that I want to do and buy when I'm back. Top priority : CAMERA

Since I dropped mine into the sea, I haven't been able to take pictures. I have to rely on others, my phone is already so old that the camera quality is seriously lousy.

I'm having another test this coming Thursday, but I'm still here blogging and downloading. I even took time for a nap in the library in the afternoon.

The weather has been bad with strong winds and heavy rain anytime of the day but usually at night. So, it has become very stuffy in the afternoon.

Last night I found out a shocking news...which I disclosed to a few people only. I'm still surprised now. Although I need to thank the 'caring' friend that insisted on looking up the info albeit meeting a lot of language barrier and the never give up attitude. I come...Earthquakes form because of the elastic energy accumulated in the rocks due to the plate movements are released abruptly due to the breaking of the friction bond between the rocks.........

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had 2 tests within the last 4 days including today. surprisingly I managed to do quite well. One was Study skills and today was ethics.

The ethics lecturer is scary. He chased everybody out of the class yesterday just because one person flipped the exam paper without his permission. he recollected every paper and left and said that he's gonna fail everybody. Today, another guy did the same thing but then luckily he didn't chase everyone out. He just took down the name.

Anyways, yesterday was UiTM vs UMS. And UMS won!! hahahaha..I Know....I sound like a debate freak now but then, it wasn't my intention. It started because I wanted to have a place in hostel for my 2nd year, but one thing led to another, and I actually find that I enjoy debating and the circle of friends in least I have a social circle now. If not, my life would just be attending lectures and online and online and sleep and lectures again..

Anyways, I'm now in Secret Recipe to online..out of desperation. Connection is the library and the hostel sucks totally. Too many people online nowadays...Anyways, today's short update is over. 3 weeks to FINALS and 6 weeks for me to step foot on Penang!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is the ONLY picture that I took when I was in Labuan. These are all the faces of debaters. Took this picture right before leaving Labuan


Today :
Debate training at 4pm
Study skills test at 6.30pm

3pm-10pm - UiTM Debate Friendly Competition

11am-1pm - Ethics Test

8am-10am - Earth Science and Planets Test (tentative)

Saturday :
7pm-11pm - Some gala night organised by one of the schools which I'm accompanying my friend to
* Maybe going to Ranau for golf tournament since it is the 3rd week of October if the plans runs smoothly. So, it's either the gala night or a 2days 1 night golf tournament in Ranau.

Any one weekday morning, golf replacement training for today's class is canceled.

My lecturer suddenly came up with the idea of giving us an assignment with the title only coming up next week and expects us to hand it in by finals which is 2 weeks away.

Apart from all that, I need to study for the finals as well.

Whole of November : Finals Examination

So there goes ,my last 2 months in Sabah. Hectic and punishing. Now, I can't wait to go back to Penang


'Hui Ting, Aren't you going for the HACCP fieldtrip today?'.....'Huh? Is it today?'....'Yes, now to be exact. We'reall here waiting for you'...'What?!'....

Then I looked at the time. Its 8.05am. They were waiting since 7.30am. I TOTALLY forgot about the field trip. I got dressed and rushed down to catch a bus to my school. Then I ran helter skelter to the bus from the bus stop..about 200m. Luckily I wasn't the last one. Apparently, there was another 2 that didn't know that their names were submitted for the field trip.

Anyways, I went to a crackers manufacturing company. We looked at how the processing went. From making the crackers to packaging them. My duty was to keep a look out if the workers or the company broke any health rules, making sure the entire process is done under hygienic conditions and that the workers all wore gloves, caps and masks....The best thing the end of the inspection, the manager of the factory gave us each a BIG bag full of crackers. All their products were in there. We were so happy. Everyone else was so envious of the packs that we got. It suddenly felt like primary school kids again. hahahahah....Pictures from this trip will be uploaded later because, the pictures are all in another coursemate's phone.

Then when I came back, I had my ethics assignment to pass up. I had class from 2.30-4.30pm. Deadline was %pm. I finished class at 4pm. So Cav and I thought that walking to pass up the assignment then take the bus back to the hostel. But due to my carelessness, I didn't realise that I didn't number the pages and didn't change the spacing to double spacing. So we wanted to reprint. One friend that wanted to reprint went to the library and told us that the queue is too long. So we decided that, I'll go back to print in the hostel and Cav will wait in front of the lecturer's office. If I don't come back by 5pm she will hand in the assignment. So, we spilt ways. I decided to try my luck at another place further away from the library. Walked there with my friend that wanted to reprint. But when we reached, the shop was CLOSED! So, now it is already 4.40pm.

We walked back to the lecturer's office. Cav was so happy I made it back on time but the thing is, I didn't reprint. So we handed in to the lecturer and told him the truth. All he said was 'How could make such a silly mistake?'. Ok, after we passed it up, we decided to try our luck in the library again(what perseverance huh). By now it is already 4.45pm. The queue at the library, to our discovery wasn't that long after all. If we had line up at 4pm, we would have managed to reprint and handed in time minus all the walking. So, we lined up and waited. It took longer than we expected because everyone was editing their things at the computer. I mean, hello, this isn't your personal computer, if you want to edit it, edit it before you come to the printing place. By the time we finished printing it was already 5.05pm. I ran all the way from the library to the lecturer's office. Climbed up a flight of stairs as well. Luckily he let us changed the assignment.

So, overall, it was a 'running' day. And all that could have been avoided if I wasn't that careless. I don't know what got into me. I'm usually not like that. So dissapointed in myself for making those silly mistakes.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Since now's the Raya holidays, the cafe food just could not get any worse than now(I hope). I didn't take dinner yesterday and no lunch and dinner today. I survived on chocolates from Labuan, biscuits and oats and milk and raisins and milo.

Enough about the bad. Now the fun part begins.

Upon arrival at the Labuan UMS campus, I was shocked. It is so small compared to the main campus. It is practically like 10% the size of the main campus. But one t hing is that is it a lot cleaner and the facilities in the school is better. The hostel is abit dirty though. It's sad to see how university students' ethics and behaviour are just like primary school children.

Anyways, it was 3 days of debate non-stop. The first day, we debated until about 11pm. But I watched Made Of Honour till 1am and I rolled on the bed till nearly 3am before sleeping. Crawled out of the bed at 7am. Debated from 9am till 1am. Actually we finished at 11pm. Then the seniors came up with a game called Mafia. It was so addictive. Before the game, the juniors were all sleepy and tired but once the game started, everyone was alive. The next day it was 7am again and debated will 11am. Then we went to Labuan city to shop. I bought a 4-liter wine box for only RM28. Then I tried Budweiser too. Its only RM2.40 a can. And I bought chocolates worth RM60.

We only took one pathetic photo at the Waterfront before leaving Labuan. We were too busy with debate.

This is Nabalu Stop. There are cultural shops there.

We went on Wednesday and came back on Thurday. We followed a tour. But it was a rip off. Next time no more following tours. But the scenery and air was totally worth it. It was way better than Genting or Cameron Highlands. I bought 2 ethnic necklaces and a musical instrument.
This was taken at the War Memorial. It was the place after the Death March of British and Australian soldiers during the Japanese Occupation. Out of 2000 soldiers only 6 survived.

We went to Poring Hot Springs as well. We climbed up a hill...went for canopy walk then went down to the hot springs.
This was the view from our homestay place. We did not stay in a hotel. We stayed at someone's house. It was comfortable. Isn't the view wonderful? I like it so much. This was at the foot of Mount Kinabalu. It was raining heavily and misty. So we couldn't see the top of the mountain.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Before Labuan/Ranau

I am in the library once again. Surfing the net and trying to finish my one last report before i go on my holidays which is tomorrow.

Anyway, two weeks ago, my friends and I went to take pictures wearing yukata organised by the Japanese Culture Club of UMS. Today, we got the pictures already. Just right before the holidays. Maybe the yukata design we're wearing are a bit outdated but who cares. We just did it out of fun. I'm going to post some of pictures here.
This is us trying to get a candid shot. The photographer was trying to make us do something more anime-ish but we kept on insisting posing our way. It took us some time to get this shot. This was the photographer's idea. We laughed so hard that we had to hold in the laughter for this pic.

These 3 girls are the ones I mix around with here. They are all in the same course except for me. The one in pink is my housemate and a huge TVXQ fan. hahahaha. She's from Kedah. The purple one is very smart. She got 3.83 CGPA for STPM. The blue one, is seriously very daring and crazy. These two came from Bintulu, Sarawak.

Off to type my report now. Adios. Have a nice holidays everyone! Selamat Hari Raya!

Oh and since I won't be around to online...I just wanna wish

HUI PING AND SIAW PING! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY. HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A NICE, WONDERFUL AND MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY. (although I know without me, it won't be as much fun) hahahhahahah....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Labuan, Ranau, I Come !!

ok..this one week Raya holidays is just going to busy busy busy for me. First up, I am going to Labuan, the tax free island of Sabah (aka Langkawi of Sabah). I will going with the Debate Club. It is a some sort of debate workshop in Labuan. So, everything is paid for, from food to transport and accomodation. The things I need to spend my money on are chocolates(lots of them) and hopefully alcohol(I don't want to be caught by the uni). I'll be there for 3days and 2nights. Hopefully, I get to do some sightseeing apart from debate training.

Second, after coming back to KK on Monday at 6pm, I'll be leaving at 7am the next day to Ranau for its famous hot spring and then the next day to Kundasang(aka Cameron Highlands). It is very nearby Mt. Kinabalu. This trip costs me RM150 for 2days 1 night inclusive of food, accomodation and transport + tour guide.

Speaking of Mt. Kinabalu, the price previously to hike up Mt. Kinabalu is Rm350-Rm400. Now the price just hiked up to RM480. I've heard rumours about the price hike but didn't expect it to be so soon.

So, by the end of the holiday trips, I'll be damn broke.

The only regret that I have now is that I don't have a camera. I searched on the internet about Ranau and Kundasang. The photos that I saw were really pretty. It's just too bad that I can't take my own pictures. I need a new camera..URGENTLY. But it is not possible to get one here as the one I'm aiming to buy is more expensive by RM200 here.

I'm off to bed now. Going to watch Mama Mia tomorrow!

and I have another good news to announce. I found out that my cousin gave birth to a baby girl on 18/9/08. Then another cousin is 4 months pregnant. Just like what Eve said, it is the baby boom season. I can't wait to see the babies soon! But they are so far away.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Life is currently on the low. Nothing much exciting except that i just had 2 mid-sem tests. speaking of tests....i just made my 30% flew away for Earth Science just because i don't know why composite volcano happens at convergent plates and shield volcanoes happen at divergent plates. This is sad. Yesterday i had TITAS test. 10 objective questions but the lecturer was so lenient that 'discussion' was allowed. it didn't take more than 20 mins to answer the paper but when we left the exam hall to go home, everyone was rushing for the bus. imagine 1000+ in my hostel all squeezing to get on the bus. it was scary..just like what happened during orientation. but luckily i managed to get on a bus.

another 2 friends left to study. one to india another to aimst. by now, reading the place youa ll should have guessed that they are going to be future doctors. i heard that they are loving it there. but the one at aimst already missed home when she gets to go home every weekend and penang is only an hour away. please think about me then jo, 3months away. totally can't go back until another 2months. now the proposed date for me to go home is on the 3rd of december after debate competition.

i just realised that debate is really taking up alot of my time but without debate my life would be too free. as in at nights i would not much things to do.except for my reports and assignments and studying which i always delay until the last minute. i still can't seem to get rid of my last minute syndrom.

i just went to eve's blog. i just realised that she changed her layout and it looks good. and she went on shopping spree. when is my turn? first it was kiddie ju and then now eve. i want it too....

Anyways, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY Kiddie MING!!!!!!! are finally 20!! hahaaha. no more spare change from 20cents. hahahah u catch what i'm trying to say?

i'm actually in the hall right now..supposingly listening to some ceramah insaniah for kokurikulum but in actual fact, i'm sitting behind tapping away on my laptop as i've been deprived of the internet for a week. i have so much to catch up on.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Money $$$

Today I went to check my CIMB bank account balance. PTPTN still hasn't given me the money. I called them in KL. It blardy cost me RM8 just for waiting and because they were giving me different instructions each time I called. I called last week as well. The person refused to check the reason. Today they told me apparently I gave them the wrong account number so they couldn't bank in the money for me. Sobs.. Anyway, they directed me to fax them my new account number and to confirm with another person from another department that was on LEAVE. They didn't tell me that until I called to ask if they gave me the wrong number as no one was asnwering the call. Arrggghhhh...RED TAPES..hate them...SO I have to call them again tomorrow to make sure they received my fax and ask when they are going to put money into my account.

Life currently is not so hectic. But there is no guarantee when it is going to change. Debate training has started after a week's break.

Since it's puasa, there are a lot of stalls in the cafe..I mean those that aren't around during normal days. I have been indulging myself these few days. Wonder if I have piled on the pounds. I had Bak Kut Teh too, last Friday after my mid-sem exam.

Speaking of my mid-sem exam, I made a stupid mistake. I wrote the right answer, then cancelled it, and wrote the wrong answer. How dumb can I get?

There has been some gruesome incidents happening lately. Then all those old stories are resurfacing. Last week, the police found the body of a 3rd year TESL student. Her body ( I heard) decomposed and had alligator/crocodile bites as they dumped her body into the river. Then the seniors started to tell us about the cases that has happened in the past (just last semester). The girl got kidnapped while on her way to church with a group of friends in front of Giant. Can you believe it? She got gang raped really badly. The police caught them while they were trying to flee and met an accident. She finally went crazy, was sent to Bukit Padang (Tanjung Rambutan of Sabah). Then rumours are circling that she suicided. Another case, which happened last week as well, there was this girl, she was walking back from the sports complex, which is very near to my hostel at 2pm, and some people tried to pull her into the car. Luckily, our cafe caterer was passing by and saved her. Then there's another one, a daughter of an inspector. She was kidnpped, gang-raped and had her genital cut and killed. How sadist can these rapist be?!!?!?!

Today I went for my english class. I heard a girl telling her friends that in her hostel there is this underwear thief. He steals underwears and leaves a note behind with his phone number on it! She called the number. It was a malay guy apparently, and he had the guts to tell her that the reason he stole the underwear was because he wanted to smell it..GROSSSSSSS. There are cases in another hostel that is outside of the university compound. He leaves a note there as well.

Kiddy Ju has bought me an alarm right after she heard the story from me. She worries so much about me(THANKS!). Even Eve also wanted to buy me an alarm when she heard the stories. And she gave me some advise as well. Fatten up or be aneroxic so that you won't be kidnapped. But I think these kidnappings are just random.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


After the debate finals ended, the whole debate club decided to go out dinner at a place called Gayang Seafood. It is some where in the outskirts. The road is tarred but no lamp post. So it was really dark. But it is famous, even among tourist. It's cheap and good(anything that tastes slightly better than hostel food is considered good). We ordered lots of dishes namely fish and prawns. Chit chatted alot. It was a fun night out.

These are all the junior debators, meaning all my opponents during the tournament. My team member are sitting in the front, the first 2 from the right. Both are pretty girls right. Don't you guys agree???

Notice the shirt I'm wearing? I bought it the day before. It burned a big hole in my pocket but I happen to like it a lot. It is limited edition Nike for Olympics Beijing. The special thing about it is the sleeve. One side is printed with chinese motives and written China. During the entire 3 day merdeka weekend..I spent like a total of nearly RM250. Talk about budgeting...always a failure for me. I ate a RM10 char koay teow here as well. It tasted similar. That was all I got nearest to home here. I plan to stay in the hostel for the next 2 weekends. If I don't go out, I won't spend money.

Today is the second day of puasa. Although the cafes are open as usual, the choices during lunch are a lot lesser.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tiring yet fun

Debate tournament is finally over. For preliminaries, my team came out first. It was surprising and shocking as we lost 2 rounds but we had the highest cumulative points overall. Went into semi-finals. And we lost by only 1 point although officially it was 6 points. But there were 3 adjudicators. One of them was a debate senior. He explained that the lecturers didn't really knew how to give the points. In reality it was just a one point difference. We lost on the grounds that we didn't give them a good impression. We weren't very convincing as the government. We didn't have the 'aura'. Our total points were higher than the other team that won but for semi finals they only took the verdict into consideration. Not the points. Today was the finals. It was so sad to see that if we were the ones up there, we would have gave a better debate. But we did learn a lot from this tournament.The debate tournament was from 26/8-29/8.

At the same time the debate is happening, I had to pass up my assignment and had a field trip and had a mid-sem exam. So while debating, I was worrying about all these things. I managed to hand in my assignment, went for the field trip and studied for my exam. But in the end the lecturer was absent. It was good that he was absent. I didn't even finish studying as everytime I opened the notes, I fall asleep right away because I was too tired. Right after I finished debate yesterday, I collapsed onto my bed and slept the entire afternoon right after lunch.

Now that exam is postponed, it actually means that I have 3 mid-sem exams next week. I don't think (at the rate I'm studying) I'll be able to finish studying for all 3 papers...SOBS

Now my friends and I are already planning where we're going for holidays next month and also next year. All because of the Air Asia free tickets, but when we actually log into Air Asia, there is no more free seats(DUH! it's just a sales tactic)But tentatively, we're planning to go climb Mount Kinabalu next May. There are rumours circulating that the price is going to shoot up crazily after June next year. I don't know why. I'm having headaches thinking

Monday, August 25, 2008


...Ok..maybe not really sadness...

the 1st sadness... my cousin called all the from Penang while having a nice and wonderful dinner at Chillie's just to tempt me and also to tell me that their plan to come holiday in Sabah next month has failed as they are too busy with their work and could find time to squeeze in Sabah.

the 2nd sadness...after reading all my kiddies's blogs, i felt a pang in my heart. while i'm stuck here in Sabah with tonnes of work and lack of sleep etc etc...they were all having loads LOADS of fun in Penang during their one week break. why??? i felt left out all of a sudden. like what ming said..kiddies are only 2nd after family. nothing else comes in the way. but i'm glad that they liked the presents that were bought on my behalf. the principle is easy. as long as the present is functional and they like's worth it, no matter the price. so kiddies, don't worry too much about the price(although when i go back to Penang, there will be a big hole in my pocket) but like i said, u guys are only 2nd after family!!!

suddenly i miss scruffy and also jaz. yea, the dogs..surprisingly after reading ming's blog.

and got a new lappie? why didnt you tell me? not that you are supposed to report everything to me but i said i feel left out. so pity me, keep me updated about all the happenings.

i got to go study now..

debate competition is tomorrow and Earth Science ( i HOPE the only subject) mid-sem exam is on thursday...

yet another tiring weak

i'm going kaputt soon

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pictures Pictures and More Pictures

Ok, I took a lot of photos using my friend's phone and I finally got them yesterday. Although it is a little too late, it is better than nothing.

First up : SST(School of Science and Technology)Family Day...ODEC Beach. ODEC beach is in my university itself. It's really really beautiful here

These are my coursemates.
We're making a mermaid. He was more than WILLING to be the mermaid

These are the sandcastles built for sandcastle competition. Does this look like a castle to you?This was built by my coursemates. I did not do any contribution towards the building of this castle. I was busy reading shopaholic and baby under a shady tree. Heck, I didn't even went into the water as I didnt bring any extra clothing.
Second : Karambunai Lagoon Resort for Kampung E Family Day. This was the disasterous day that my camera fell into the sea water. So, no pictures. Sobsssssss

Third : Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sapi. I went to these 3 islands 2 days ago. We were there for the entire day. 8am-5pm. A few hours at each island. We went snorkelling. The water is very very clear. The 3 islands have different types of fish and beach. Manukan is the biggest island, I think it is affiliated with Sutera Harbour, therefore you'll see a lot of foreigners. The sand is courser and the current is very strong. Mamutik is slightly smaller, it has a mix of local and foreign tourist. Sapi is the smallest, but it has a lot of foreigners as well. All 3 islands offers watersports which were so expensive(read:poor student) that we didn't play any of them. At sapi, the life guard took us very far out to the sea, to the place that divers pay RM250 to dive there, but we all swam there. However, all of us didnt have any flippers and he only took care of those that didn't know how to swim, so I was kinda neglected. I got lots of 'kisses' from the fishes at the 3 islands. Halfway through, I was already tired plus the snorkeling goggles wasn't so good that I had to keep on stopping to adjust it, I gave up and swam back. A guy, he accidentally stepped on a sea urchin. My friend had to rely on another guy to practically drag her back to shore. That was how tiring it was, but according to them it was worth it. The corals there were really beautiful. And when you sit at the beach in the water, there will be lots and lots of tiny little fishes swimming all around you.

At 7.30am at Jesselton Point
At one of the island. Not sure which one. But I think it is Pulau Mamutik

See the fishes?

This was at the first island, Pulau Mamutik.Burying people in the sand seems like the 'in' thing to do..

This was at the third island, Pulau Sapi. Can you see how clear the water is?
This was at the third island, all ready to go back to Jessselton Point(the jetty), Kota Kinabalu
On the way back from the islands

Monday, August 18, 2008

Holiday Time

My holiday has officially started. I have a week to 'enjoy'. Let me see. I just have 3 lab reports to write. One Ethics and one TITAS assignment to go. I have to study TITAS, Earth Science and Planets and Environmental Science to study as the mid-sem exams are right after the one week holiday. And tomorrow I'm going to Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan for a day trip. I think around 17 of us are going.

My ONE regret-here comes the truth...I slipped and fell when I went for my hostel Family Day at Karambunai Water Resort last Saturday. When I fell, the camera dropped into the sea. So it is soaked in sea water. I've not switched it on since then. I don't dare to expect anything from it. So I CAN'T bring my camera for my island trip tomorrow. What a pity for me.

Today I went to hand in my draft for Ethics together with my friend. The lecturer just rubbished it without even going past the introduction paragraph just because we did not out in 'In this essay, I would argue that morality is relative and cannot be absolute'. Ok, to be fair here, he did insist that we included a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph but here's the thing- we wrote 'Our stand is that morality is relative and can never be absolute'. My friend was a bit disappointed as she wrote till 6am this morning and the lecturer just went through the essay while rubbishing our essay and said that we wasted his time for handing him that draft It we were going to hand in that as our final work, he would grade our paper as D.

On a lighter note, to those who are fans of Lin You Jia, Pan Yu Wen, Zhou Ting Wei and I forgot the other one's name. The 4 of them came to One Borneo on Saturday and performed although I didn't go. But I went yesterday for their autoraph session. What do I think of them? They are just very normal looking guys. I like Pan Yu Wen the best although I did not hear them all sing. Some of my friend's friends are so crazy over them that they followed them to the hotel (which is just next to One Borneo) and shot videos of them leaving. The 4 of them waved to the camera. I'll try to get the video and upload it in my blog if possible. Another friend went to get their autographs.

*hoping that the weather will be all bright and sunny tomorrow*

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I sat in the library for 6 hours today. I don't know what I did. I just know that I searched up info for my debate motions ie Free Trade, Veto-Power, Sex Education and Proton(yes, our Malaysian car). But I just saved up all the info. Didn't even read them. Surfed a bit more. Read news. Did a bit of my environmental health report. Oh, i remembered I went for a tour around the library. It is compulsory that all 1st years join this tour. They bring you around the library and teaches you how to use the library. Then I had my ethics group assignment meeting where all my group members, including myself racked our brains to come up with a paper with the title 'Is morality absolute or relative. State your stand'. Although it sounds easy, but trust me it's not. Luckily we had a bit of help from Cav's dad. It made things whole lot easier.

Then I Looked at Olympics Official Website and I went to read my brother's blog. I seldom read his blog. But today I did. I was surprised that he wrote such a good blog about his trip to Sabah. If you guys are interested to know more about Sabah. just go read his blog, it's very detailed. Unlike his sister's blog that is so *ahem* boring. He told me he got National Service as well when I chatted with him last night.

I am now counting down to my one week's holiday. Tomorrow is Friday!! WOOHOOO...

Going back to hostel now. Have to fight to get on the bus again..haaiiihhhhssss...and feeling hungry too. Had a very early brunch at 10am today. Now it is already 6.30pm.

I'm dreading to do my laundry and continuing my lab reports and assignments...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You got Tagged

1. At what age you wish to marry?
at least after 25

2. Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?
i will not say no but that doesnt mean yes

3. Do you smoke?
Definitely no

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
a new handphone..mine is nearing 4years old...anyone care to get me a new one?
a usb modem? so that i can online 24/7? for the sake of being connected to the outside world

5. Who did you text most lately?
non..only emails

6. How old are you?
it's for me to know and for you to calculate..1988

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
i just bought fried bee hoon and a bottle of herbal tea

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to your mind. Who will you most likely date?
Alex..listening to his songs now
Summer Boy

9. Where do you wish to get married ?
In Europe? I like the buildings there

10. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by love?
i dont know

11. How many kids do you want?
2? A boy and a girl would do it

12. Are you in love?
As of now? no..

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
Err...NONE for the past 6 weeks??

14. Name the latest book you bought?
Environmental Science by Botkins, 6th Edition

15. Do you believe in God?
Am I allowed to say 50-50?

16. Name your favourite game or sport.
I don't play games but if i have to name a sport..maybe swimming

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
Lee Hom (one world one dream playing in the background)

18. The most exciting place you want to go?

19. Hugs or Kisses?
a big bear Hug anytime

20. How do u judge someone? Is appearance important?
Looks in the beginning but after I get to know that person, if they are tin kosong etc. then're out of the game

21. Point out 5 things about the person who tag you.
smart(future doctor)
kind hearted

22. Tag 3 person who you can think of
Hui Ping
Chia Ming

Jo..happy now? I purposely did this tag thing and didn't read up for my debate tonight. If during training, my seniors bash me, you are responsible. hahahahaha
2 more days to holidays...woohooo but assignments are mountain high....

Monday, August 11, 2008


I just finished my exam this morning. Surprisingly, I could answer most of the questions although I didn't finish studying. Anyways, another burden off my shoulder, assignments next. I still have a lot of assignments and reports to type and print.

My cousin purposely sms-ed me last night when the entire family back home went out for a nice good dinner. I have forgotten when was the last time a had a nice meal. It was way too long ago that I can't recall.

Another thing is, although I've been complaining that food is not good here, I still have not lost any weight. Here, I eat even more as I get hungry really easily. The amount of rice that I take is double the amount I take at home but I never fell full. Why is that?

And oh..I watched the opening of Olympics. Anyone watched it? I feel that the opening was really creatively done and special. They must have spent loads of money and time and planning and hard work to achieve that kind of effect

Friday, August 08, 2008

Wie Gehts

I just read my chatbox and my friends said i was MIA..

So I'll just show you readers what my schedule is like for today until Monday

Friday 08/08/08 ( nice date)
7am-walked 30mins to the office to pass up ptptn forms
9.30am-finally got my waiting number. i waited 2 hours to get a number under the hot sun while sitting on the floor under the shade of my umbrella while sending emails
10am-in the library(where i'm writing this and searching for info for my lab report)
12pm-lab report meeting
2.30-4.30pm- environmental science lecture
6pm-10pm-english debate meeting
10pm-high possibility of walking another 30mins back to hostel because the bus service stops at 10pm.
8.30pm-i'm supposed to be in the hostel to collect my ticket to family day tomoro
Hope for t

Saturday 09/08/08
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little bro. He's finally 15 this year
7am-8pm-Family Day at Karambunai Water Resort
9pm-sleeping on my bed?? or face buried in bio book??

Sunday 10/08/08
7am-high possibility of walking for 30mins to the libfrary to board bus for golf practice outside uni
11.30am-early lunch i guess..
12pm-3.30pm-if nothing comes up at the last minute i think i finally have time to catch up on my sleep or stare at bio again
4pm-8pm-debate meeting again

Monday 11/08/08
8-10am-Bio lecture and mid-sem exam
11am-1pm-Titas(Tamadun Islam dan Asia)
4-7pm-Academic Reading and writing

Please note that during the few hour intervals i usually refuse to go back to the hostel as it takes me at least 30mins trying to fight for a place to get on the bus to go back to my hostel. I rather just stay in the library and doze or surf the net. I usually get a cubicle and catch a few winks. Nobody can see me in the cubicle

Now, I'm just waiting to go back to the office to pass up my ptptn form. i wonder what number is being called right now. when i left it was no.24. my number is no.369. It took them an hour to get to no.24.

So, readers, can you see how life is for me here?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Its All About The Love-Hate Feeling

Today I waited an hour for the bus. I was queing for the bus since 6.45am. I only got onto the bus at 7.35am. Why? Because there were too many pathetic people cutting the queue. The line itself was already long enough without their 'good ethics'..maybe approximately 50m from the bus stop? and they cut the queue in groups! of like...5 people at a time. some guys they are smarter. they cut the queue alone. just stand right in front of you like they have been standing there all along. WTF!!!!!! I can't tolerate this anymore. People have been cutting queue like nobody's business. This is totally unfair for people like me, waiting since 6.45am and they just jump in front of you at 7.15am.

I wake up at 5.50am everyday to make sure that I am not too far from the bus stop. At around 6.50am, the queue is already maybe 100m away from the bus stop. ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

On a lighter note....Am I a TVXQ fan attracter or what? My roommate happens to be a big fan and guess what. I was in the library yesterday..surfing the internet and doing some SQ3R research. I looked at soompi which has like loads of e-news. Suddenly this malay girl came up to me and asked 'What are u looking at? Is that TVXQ? Can I see as well. I like them alot. Do you have their pics? Can I save them in my pendrive..etc' I was a bit shocked but I guess it was more of a surprise. My friend, a big fan of Ayumi Hamasaki is envious. She keeps asking how come when I look at Ayumi stuff nobody comes up to me? hahhahhahhaha...

I'm currently very busy with a lot of activities on hand. I accidentally join a committee and I'm supposed to find some company to sponsor the uni's ICT Carnival. We need to look for at least RM3000. Heck, where am I suppose to start? I', not even familiar with Sabah.

And oh, I joined UMS's English Debating Society. We had our first training last night. We have a tournament coming up. They hope to train us up in time for the cup in a month's time.

Going lunch now....Adios

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News Flash

A girl taking Forestry Course just moved into the room of this writer. She hails from Malacca. According to the girl, she will be quite often going on camping trips that lasts days in the jungles of Borneo. This means that practically, to the sole occupant of the room before she moved in, the occupant will be alone most of the times, just like the times before she moved in.

After a short interview session, it is found that this girl from Malacca is a very bubbly and chatty person. She comes a chinese educated background(another one), so the writer has to rely on Mandarin to converse. This writer is not being biased towards Mandarin but she secretly longs for Hokkien and English. Fortunately, some time around 2 weeks ago, the writer's ex-school mate arrived in Sabah to join her.

Currently, this writer is JUST starting to get busy with assignments, date lines and exams that coming up in the next 2 weeks. Life is hectic. She strongly opposes the idea that University life is free and easy. The writer is also wondering what is going on in her friends' life from her hometown.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


'You either be a hero or live long enough to be the villain' (something of that sort)

I went to catch a movie last night. Finally, after a month of abstinence from the cinema. And luckily I did the right choice but choosing to watch this movie. All I can say is that acting, the actors especially Heath Ledger as The Joker was so convincing! But at the end of the movie, I felt pity for Batman, not a hero without a face, just being what the city needs him to be. This just shows how this reality world is. Nothing is what it seems. Although this movie is one of the darkest Batman movie ever made, it has got a special edge to it(not the typical hero saves the day storyline).

Yesterday was definitely one of the higlights of my time here in Sabah. For your info, the mall next to my uni is always abuzz with activities, especially promotional event for Hong Kong artists. So far, Joe Ma, Momo Yung and Bosco Wong were here but I didn't go see them. Last week, it was a programme with Super Trio Show.

So, I just finished grocery shopping together with my friend and we were riding up this escalator. I looked around and noticed that the Adidas shop was packed for some reason. I thought it was because the sale carnival just started. So, I didn't pay much attention but then I realised that the people were wearing the same t-shirt-TVB Crew. So I looked into the shop. I saw Hung Tin Meng. At first, I forgot his name but I could remember his face. And yes, he looks much more handsome than on tv or picture. Then I saw Chin Kah Lok and then Yuen Sieu Cheung( please take note that I totally forgot everyone's name). Then my friend asked if Eric Tseng was here.

So, we stood outside the shop. A few other people spotted them as well. They were all furiously looking at clothes inside the shop. It seems like they won't leave without buying. Then suddenly came Eric Tseng. Chin Kah Lok was the first one to leave the shop. He walked right past in front of me. Then I pointed at him and said very loudly 'Eh..da!' coz I forgot his name. He looked at me and smiled and continued walking. Then everyone starting leaving the shop. The few fans that were there were asking for photos. Being the shy person that I was I didn't go up to ask for one( the crew were pushing people away as well) Then Hung Tin Meng walked out. My friend approached him but was blocked by the crew. I just suddenly blurted 'Can I take a picture with you? Just one'. Then he stopped and said 'ok, just one.'
He is actually really tall too. He was abit more friendly. His had his hands placed on our shoulders lightly.

Then my friend was determined to take a photo with Eric as she was a big fan and have been watching The Super Trio Show since god knows when. So we walked around the mall, all the time carrying a 5litre water that she bought from Giant. It was darn heavy and I helped her carry it abit while hunting for Eric. Anyway, we came up infront of Quiksilver as there were a few fans outside. This time my friend was a bit more daring and went up directly to Chin Kah Lok and asked for a picture. He was ok with it too. He is kinda

Then we went back to hunting for Eric. We practically walked the entire mall. All its' 3 floors and almost gave up coz it was getting dark. We usually go back before the sky gets dark. It is a bit dangerous here, even in broad daylight. My friends they got threathened while in KK, in the middle of the road in broad daylight and They were walking in group of 3.

Finally, we found them in an Apple shop. According to my friend, they bought 2 ipods. She went in to look at mac books while waiting for them to come out of the shop while I just waited outside.

Can you just see how brightly she is smiling? I missed my chance of taking a photo with him as there were a number of fans outside and the crew stopped me again. So I just let it go. He is seriously short though. Compare the pictures that my friend and I took with other artists then compare this picture. You can do the math, right?

He was shopping with Eric. He stood by the side. There were people asking him to take photo as well, so I took one as well. I was so shy and I told him 'Sorry... Chor Chu Lei Mai Yeh'(in cantonese-sorry for disturbing you while you are shopping) and he said something like 'Mm chor or mm kan you'(it is ok).

So that is my most exciting week here yet(I hope).. to the future Mrs. Egg.. I hope you are reading this, this week I met the Entau wan almost every day in uni. But yesterday, he lost to Batman and Hung Tin Meng..hahahahaha and I found out about his name as well. Can you believe it? I finally did it.

I just realized that I look very round in my pictures. I need to lose some fat although I doubt it will work. The food here sucks but I don't see myself losing any weight the past month I'm here. The pictures are the proof.