Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid Sem Break

Half of my long awaited sem break is gone. What have I done? Not much actually...except for squeezing out assignments night after night.. I didn't really achieve much. And yet I have SEVERAL upcoming mid term tests/exams which i have not studied for at all. And I still have 2 more assignments on hand and 2 more to edit before handing in nest week.

I finally got my own usb modem. But the problem is in the hostel, internet is still as slow as ever. Only really really fast when I'm using it in the library. Talking about electrical gadgets, I have a funny feeling that my laptop is going to crash for good due to some unknown reasons. It has been acting really weird the past few days. Yes, I's just my luck with electronical items.

ONE consolation out of all these set backs is that I get to sleep more.