Monday, March 03, 2008

I am finally BACK

After a 2 month hiatus, I'm finally updating my blog again. I've been busy as bee(as always). Many things have come and gone.

The latest thing that I've been up to was going on my much anticipated holiday to Taiwan and Hong Kong. The trip was fun and memorable..3 girls going holidays on their own without any tour guide, only depending on our spoken mandarin as we can't really read chinese characters. We still managed to go to some really nice places which was very kind of far from the city.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Place Food and accommodation was good too. Shopping is nice also.Can you count how many pairs of shoes we bought in a day?
Transportation is really accessible, even to places outskirts of the city. Things are cheap and pretty but not suitable for Malaysian weather as it is winter over there. The weather was really unpredictable. We did our homework by researching on the weather and preparing our winter clothings but when we arrive the wind changed its course and was blowing really strong. Temperatures in Taipei dropped to a low of 10 degrees celcius. I know it might be mild to some of you, but mind you, this was our first trip during winter. The average temperature in Malaysia is between 24-36 degrees celcius. The difference was big and plus the strong wind, we were practically shivering everyday. We brought along 3 umbrellas but 2 'died' during our trip to Yehliu Geo-Park.

With Pluto, the queue was shorter than Mickey's Avenue of Stars
I'll blog again in-depth about the places that I visited and worth highlighting about...soon