Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of 2008

Today is the 31st of December 2008. This year has been a roller coaster ride year for me personally. A recap?

The first 3 months were spent working at Delta. Tried to save as much as I could to make my holiday trip to Taiwan/Hong Kong possible.

February : Chinese New Year...nothing much. Had family reunion dinners..the usual stuff. Then we had a friends reunion dinner. At the end of February, 3 girls flew all the way to Taiwan/ Hong Kong. Very exciting and fun.

March : My grandmother passed away. She lived to a ripe old age of 80. I would say that she lived a full life. My STPM results came out as well.

April : Searched for a few private colleges and universities just in case I could not get a place in public universities. Went to Jakarta for 3 weeks.

May : Half of it was spent in Jakarta. I had a great time was good...eating was good as well.

June : Worried about university entrance. I got in finally. Prepared stuff for university and left Penang.

July - December : Longest time I ever left home. Stayed in Sabah for 6 months. Studied. Went sight seeing a bit in Sabah. Some days were great. Some days, not so great, but I pulled through

December : Went to Singapore with a lot of my closest friends for the very first time. A lot of relatives came to visit. Practically, I only at home just to sleep. I leave my laptop to download movies then I'm out the entire day then come back and sleep. and the cycle repeats. Ate a lot as well. All those hawker food that I missed so much. The downside, the moment I came back to Penang, everyone has been telling me that I gained so so so much weight.

Sad but true. I'll be leaving for Sabah this coming Sunday. Won't be coming back until May 2009. So, that is another 5 months away from home.

It's surprising (MAYBE) that time passes by so quickly. One moment I was worried that I would not secure a place in university and the next moment, I've already finished one semester in Sabah. Growing up (old to be exact) happens in a blink of an eye. Without noticing it, another year has come and gone.

My 2009 new year's resolution...

Top priority : Lose all those pounds that I piled on in Sabah. I've had enough of words torment from my family. But the truth is..any fatter and I'll have to start shopping for Plus Sizes.

Second : Train up my stamina so that I'll succesfully conquer Mount Kinabalu in May.

Third : Go holidaying in someplace new. Bali is in the plan somewhere. Just a matter of realising it. Kids...are you guys reading this? Start saving $$$$$$

Fourth : Improve my grades further or at the very least, maintain them. Improving is much better of an option though.

And that's a wrap for the year 2008.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope that the coming new year would be much better for everyone (despite the economic recession) $$$ money wise and healthwise. If you're low on the $$$ side, be grateful for staying healthy and being able to live and being around your loved ones. Money is not everything (but without money..there is nothing)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

12.24.08 ,12.25.08

Just before Twilight

What have I been up to on Christmas Eve? Nothing much actually. Just went to watch Twilight..I know I watched it like 3 weeks later than the rest of the world and people have been talking so much about it. For me, the movie could have done better. The scenery and music were great. It's just that it lacked the sparks to make a great and memorable movie for me but I wouldn't say that it was a total flop. Anyways, we headed to Korean Palace after that. Dinner at 9.30pm. Can you imagine? By the time our food arrived, it was nearly 10pm already. But dinner was good. Everyone enjoyed it. Luckily, because I recommended the place. I wouldn't want to spoil a christmas eve dinner now would I...
We drove all the way up to Sunset Bistro. Parked the car without even having to look for a parking space. We left 10 minutes after that though. The place was so packed even after the extension and all. So we went over to a family gathering nearby and saw a belly dance performance. Wished everyone merry christmas and then we left again as it was too scary an occasion for my friends to handle...way too many relatives of mine. Then we wanted to head home but because we all dressed up to the nines, we felt it was a waste to go home. We went to UPR. First, we went to Fame..FOC..because friends were there. Then we decided the songs were not nice, we headed across to Mois...FOC as well. But the sad part was, Mois was way too packed to even dance and everyone there were already wasted. You see people drunk and sweaty and the place was stuffy. So totally not enjoyable...I miss Singapore Clubs now. Smoke free and cleaner. After about 10minutes, we could not take it anymore. So, we left again. Next, we headed to QEII. It was nearly 3am we went in..FOC again. We actually went to look at the scenery at QEII. I know this is the lame-st christmas outing ever. We went home after that. Slept the moment I hit my bed. Ju overnighted at my place. I think it was the first time my friends actually slept at my place


Went to a family friend's Christmas party. The food was good. Lots of alcohol. But what I lacked were friends. Mostly were guys there because the family friend has 4 you can imagine how friend-less I was. But I enjoyed the food and watching tele and drinking alcohol there albeit a little lonesome. Things started to heat up a little after everyone filled their tummies. Talked a bit. People were giving me career talks. Future plans etc and not to forget...Alcohol. I tried something new that night..which I like a lot. It was a mix of Red Bull and Jagermeister. You some sort like drop a shot of Jagermeister with the shot glass together into another glass half-filled with red bull. Then you just finish the drink ASAP. It was new and interesting..well as least for me. At the end of the party when they ran out of booze, they just mixed every alco that was left on the table into a coke bottle and then everyone drinks up. They had a few rounds of those. I just had 1 round but a very big glass. The taste wasn't too bad but right after you finished, you'll feel dizzy. But I wasn't drunk..guess that's the benefit of having inherited high alcohol tolerance genes.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

X-mas In Singapore

This is the first time I went on holiday with so many of friends. Finally after years of yakking about it...The theme at Orchard this year was sweets, candies and everything sweet. I have seen nicer decorations at it because of the economy downturn?

We went to a lot of places... Sentosa Island, Science Centre, Orchard Road, Bugis, Esplanade, Suntec City.
The infamous fountain at Suntec City. We all bought the similar t-shirts. I'm Mr. ironic...hahaahah

We even went clubbing..It's called The Arena. They hire a group of Black Eyed Pea wanna bes to sing live. They are actually good. And instead of girls joining dance competition, they make the guys do it. One guy actually took off his pants..with the boxers still on. The atmospere is much better than the clubs at home as they are smoke free. So for once, I didn't stink like cigarretes at the end of my night out. The cover charge is $22 for 2 drinks. And it was the baby's birthday! So it was like a birthday + party. One funny thing though, you see alot of old uncles in their 50s perhaps inside dancing to When I Grow Up.The presents to does look like present to a child doesn't it? hahahahaha

We spent a lot of money especially me.... Bought a lot unintentionally because even after converting the price back to RM it is still cheaper to shop there....The MRT is kind of expensive to me though..I think I spend nearly $10 a day just for MRT which is equivalent to RM24.20...just for public transport.

This was taken at the Esplanade. Nice right? We placed the camera on top of an electric box to get this pic. Talk about risking lives for the perfect picture.
Does the pose look familiar?? I want nobody nobody but you!
Our failed attempts at trying to capture ourselves jumping up in the air.This was at Vivo City.

Science Centre...I like the Omni-Theatre..although a bit dizzy...It is similar to Petronas Science Centre.This was at Chinatown.

That was a summary of my 5 days 4 nights trip to Singapore. No pictures from the fifth day though.

What I've been up to after exams


Learned a lot although we didn't even manage to squeeze into the top 8. Competition was too tough. When you are there at the competition itself, then only you realise that you only know so little compared to others. My political, economical, social etc knowledge is so limited that I feel like a frog under a coconut shell. And their English are so good that I felt inferior about my own English.

Oh. I found out another thing.... I lack persuasive skills and also I'm not sharp with my words. I could not really make my opponent sound ridiculous.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Washing Machines and Snakes

I went rafting just before I came back to Peninsula. It was at Sungai Padas. It is at the Tenom-Pangi Dam. If you still remember your geography that is. It is in Sabah. The river was running really fast as it was monsoon season and the water level was high as well. The guides said that we came at the right season. Rather than during drought, you'll be feeling bored when it really should be adrenaline pumping.

Though the pictures show that the sport is dangerous, it really is not. The first time I was in the river was because I was pulled into the river by my boat guide. Then the second time, he asked if I wanted to jump into the river again and I did. It was FUN! and EXCITING!!!

We rowed for 23km down the river going pass washing machine and snake rapids and some other rapids that I forgot the name. The river is labelled Level 4. It is the highest level of difficulty that you can find in Malaysia. Any higher, you'll have to go to New Zealand for it. For Level 5 or 6 I think you'll be rowing down a waterfall according to the guide. We took about 3 hours to finish the ride.
This was the first picture taken. A few kilometers after we set out.
When you meet a rapid, you have to row harder and faster to build momentum and release your boat from being trapped in the rapids.We got panicked when 2 of our passengers got thrown overboard at the first rapid. Nothing happened. At the end of the trip we realised that falling out of the boat was something lucky and fun, to say the least.