Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Decade of Friendship and Counting

A long overdued photoshoot, finally it happened. The best part was it finally happened at the right time - 10th year of knowing each other. What more could we have ask for? I guess the saying 'the time will come' is true in a sense.

We hired our own photographer; Danial Yap to do the shoot according to the themes we set : At our school, at the beach and in pajamas. It took longer than expected; 5 hours plus instead of 4 hours but every single minute was fun and I believe that it is another deeply etched memory in our hearts. The pictures came out prettily as well.
To my kiddies, I heart you guys. Let's stay this way forever.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

For many singles, today is the most dreaded day of the year. A reminder that they are still single, lonely etc etc.

For me, this isn't the case. I don't see the big deal that people make out of this day...Ok..You might want to call me sourgrapes and all because I am single but I'm not. But many people around me are making it seem like being single on valentine's day is depressing and are behaving that way.

For me, I'm proud to be single and happy with the way things are right now. Everyday is valentine for me. As long as I'm doing things that I love, be with people that I care about..everyday is valentine for me. Why should you only show love and appreciation for people that you care about on this very particular day only? It's all so commercialised and full of gimmicks. I would prefer non-mainstream valentine celebration anytime. Things done with earnest sincerity is more valuable than any gifts that can be bought off shelves. Things like cooking a meal, catching a movie at home or even playing monopoly deal would be nice for me. The most important thing isn't the amount of money spent on posh restaurants, flower bouquets and chocolates; but the time spent together. That's why I say everyday can be my valentine's day if spent with the people that I care about.

Anyways, all is just my personal opinion =) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!