Monday, July 27, 2009


Land beneath the wind
Blown laziness into me
But not yet taken over
Resisting and resisting

Books Reports Classes
All have not synced into my system
Is there a need to reboot my system?
Or add some RAM?

Weather has been moody
Rain one second
Shine in the next
And its taking a toll on this soul

Things haven't been going my way
But they never had and
I don't think they ever will
Just need to bend it my way

Time as always
Never was and never will be kind
Running is all there is do to
To not be left out of the race

Friday, July 10, 2009

Start of a new semester


There is no other word to describe what I'm feeling now.

Why .. Here's a recollection of what I did yesterday

9.30am : Woke Up
9.31am: Read story book
10.31am:Climbed out of bed
10.32am:Brushed teeth and breakfasted while watching variety show on the laptop
12.00pm: Lunched
12.30pm: Story book..yet again
2.00pm : Finished the book. Slept
5.00pm : Woke up without feeling refreshed because apparent my roommate (3 juniors) was talking on the phone non stop for the entire 3 hours.
6.00pm: Dinner and variety show again
8.00pm: Moved stuff and luggage from store room which I kept at the end of last semester

With so little going on and not one day I slept past 1am, my dark circles got worst! WTH!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Bangkok Day 2

We left really about 8.30am to travel about an hour plus to Kanchaburi to visit Damnoen Saduk, the original floating market and River Kwai..where the Dead Railway linking to Burma is built durinf WWII.

The market is good. Because our driver is affiliated with this boat company, we took a motor powered boat into the market which cost 500baht each. Its very expensive. For the true human paddle boat experience, go directly to the main market and hire the entire boat for only 600baht for not more than 6 person and not more than an hour. Trust me, an hour on the boat is more than enough the experience.

Then it was another 30 plus minutes ride to River Kwai. It was HOOOTTTTTTT!!! The sun was practically burning my skin. Anyways, the railway is just another railway..the exception is the process killed off about 20000 ang mohs and asians (POWs). The price of war and greed. Haven't the human population learned history? Why is it still happening now?

The war museum adjacent to it was more interesting. It houses pictures and relics from WWII itself. Entrance is only 40baht. The cheapest of all the places we visited in our entire trip.

After that it was back to Bangkok. TRAFFFIIICCC JJAAAAMMM yet again.

Then it was my first time seeing TVXQ but from like 100meters away although their van passed right in front of me. It was so tinted plus the curtains that you can't see a thing inside.

Next was dinner then to RCA(Royal City Avenue). Bouncers were so strict that you can't cheat your way into the clubs. They check your passports and i.d. No messing around. So ended sitting at a bar with mum and dad while listening to Michael Jackson because my two little brothers aren't old enough yet. But the clubs were so big and had nice designs.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bangkok Day 1

We hired a driver with a van to bring us around in Bangkok for 3 days.

After leaving Pattaya, we headed out to Bangkok. So the first place we went to was Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm. The farm is about 62 years old. The first crocodile in Bangkok. The condition is a bit sad for the animals but they sure have a lot of wild animals such as white tigers and hippotamus. The tigers are so so gigantic. The specialty here is that they have crocodile wrestlers.

The first day in Bangkok was not much exploration. After the crocodile farm, it was too late to do any more sight seeing so we went shopping at MBK. What did I harvest there? NOTHING!!


Since AirAsia canceled our morning flight (no surprise there), we arrived at about 9pm in Pattaya and a day was gone just like that. There was nothing much to do. So we had late dinner and walked around sight seeing.

Pattaya seemed nice enough at night until the moment we walked into the club area. The clubs are rained in pink flourescent lamps that the entire square district is shining in pink. Girls, Ladies and Grandmas are scantily clad and trying to woo in customers (farangs..ignoring Asians) Farangs are like gods to them...but the Farangs there are just old desparate uncles. If you are a lady, you'll feel strong icy cold eyes staring at you as if you are threathening their business. No pictures taken though. Picture taking task was placed in my brother's hands and he was afraid that he would be bashed if he took pictures there.

Anyways, after walking around that area, we went to Hard Rock Pattaya. The scene there is a totally different. It was very quiet except for the band. After that, we decided to call it a day.

The next day, we went to Noongnoch Tropical Gardens about 20mins outside of Pattaya. It's about 600 acres?(hectares?) big. There are lots of gardens (as you can expect) and tigers and elephants and orang utans and one leopard. The's this mini stonehenge and mini Borobudor replica thing. Lots of tourist here as well. Entrance is 650baht for adults. The entrance fees includes transportation to and from the gardens, the cultural show and the elephant show. Others like elephant rides and train rides, you still have to pay.

Before Noongnoch, we went walking around. Walked at Jomtien Beach.

Night time, we went for the infamous Tiffany's Show. Entrance ranges from 500baht to 900baht. Pattaya does produce the best looking ladyboys around the globe. Many of them won the Transexual Universe title. Before the show, they come out parading around the fountain and you can take pictures of them(for free) or with them at 40baht per person but the price is negotiable if you wanted to take together with more people. My brother and I took with 2 ladyboys but they only charged us 40baht. The show was entertaining but don't expect much. It a lot like a cabaret show. Their lyp synchings were very good. The costumes are very extravagant. The theme at the moment is around the world I guess. They were performing Chinese, English, French, Russian, Korean, Italian songs and their national costumes. It must have cost them a fortune for all those costumes and stage backdrops.
And that was 2 days at Pattaya.