Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back For Good

After being busy for the past month, I now finally have all the time in the world to focus on my studies, homework and catch up on some rest. However, I'm still slow at picking up where I last left about things concerning my homework. Many events took place for the one month that I have not been blogging.

Highlight #1
Prom Night : Stars Of Elegance, 23/06/2007, Gurney Hotel
After 6 months of toiling and fund raising, the night has finally arrived. The week itself was very hectic. We had to go to the hotel a few days before the night to make sure that everything was alright, but all of us were very satisfied with the outcome. All the hardwork paid off.
The ballroom. Can you see the balloons?My classmates and I. Every one turn into pretty girls that night. A far cry from the school uniform. Even some of our teachers could not recognize their students. My friends and I. The photo is quite dark though. No time to edit.
See the balloons behind us? Its a star-shaped arch made from balloons. It cost us RM200 which by the end of the night, only balloons were left. She is the one that worked with me from during the musical concert until now. Finally, the both of us can have some peace and quiet. No more worries.

Highlight #2
Just after two weeks the prom ended, I packed my bags and left for Singapore for a week under the Singapore-Malaysia Twinning Program. We went to Methodist Girls' School(MGS). I heard that they have 7 MGS in Singapore. The one we went to was in Blackmore Drive. The school and some of the students we befriended there.

We stay at NACLI. The place is nice for a community leadership institute. The room there could accommodate 10 person to a room but we squeezed in 11. You know how the saying goes, the more the merrier. However, it's really a torture when have have to wait for your turn to bath whether it is at night when everyone is so tired but still needs to wait for their turn eventhough it's already 12 midnight or in the wee hours of the morning around 5am to shower before we leave for school which starts at 7.20am. However, I really enjoyed sharing the same room with all those wackos. Every night they have a routine of screaming, laughing like hyenas and more screaming before they went to bed. Every night, all of us would come back dead tired and some of us already fell asleep in the bus while on the back to NACLI. However, after everyone had their baths, all the energy would be revived and the entire room will be filled with noise like there is no tomorrow. Many secrets were revealed and gossips spread. You get to see the different sides of the friends that you have never seen before. Its really memorable.

We went to the Mangrove Reserve and Newater. We shopped at Vivocity, the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. The mall even has a park of its own which is 3 stories high which overlooks Sentosa Island.A fountain that is outside Vivocity. Its one of those kind that you can run into.Some sort like the ones we see on tv all the time.

We also went to Orchard Road where I practically shopped till I drop. I was only left with $5 after we went to The Night Safari. Its actually really nice for first timers. The place is clean and stink-free(obviously). The workers there were helpful and friendly. We even had seats reserved for us for the animal show. When we went into the theater, most of the seats were already taken. Only one row was empty and that was for us. Everyone else looked enviously and puzzled, even the mat sallehs and tourist from which ever country that they came from. I think they thought we were some kind of VIP.Hahaha..how I wish..