Saturday, October 21, 2006


At last my holiday has come! How was my exam you may ask? Can't be bothered, but I think I did kind of badly in my Math. Just want to enjoy my holidays now as this is seriously my very last holiday that I can enjoy. November and December holidays, my tuition are going to double and each is 3 hours long.My dad has been saying about going to Hadyai for the past few days, hopefully I can really go. I think it has been 10 years since I last went there(cross my fingers). My dad has been asking me to take up German since he say it in the newspapers 2 weeks back. I'm still pondering whether if I should.

2 grasshoppers that I have been rearing for my Bio project for the past 3 weeks. All they do is eat and shit and heck they shit a lot.

Another picture from Ping's Birthday party

And one more thing...Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Cute cute baby!!

Just watched Rob-B-Hood. Its very very funny. And the baby, Matthew, he's just SO SO SO CUTE. His eyes are so big and cute and can just melt any heart. At the ending of the movie, a guy that sat beside my friend even cried. That, I tell it's not something that you see everyday. Alive, and the just married Nicholas Tse also have some small roles in this movie.

I went for an interview some weeks ago. They just had to call me right before my exam to work. Obviously I had to reject because I still have like, stacks of books and notes to study. And what with only less than a week to exam, I will have to burn the midnight oil. This serves me right though. I have been procrastinating for the past few days and watching Princess Hours instead.

I have a feeling that I am going to do badly in my exam. Especially my chemistry. Have you ever heard of a teacher that comes late to school more often than her students? Have you ever heard of a chemistry teacher that doesn't even know what hybridisation is or even how to pronounce it correctly? Because she doesn't know how to teach, we have to rely on ourselves + tuition(if we even have one as some of my classmates don't take tuitions) and have to teach each other in class with the help of a laptop and a CD. Now, that very teacher is feeling a bit panicky as she is afraid that her students might fail in the exam and has to see face-to-face with the principal. Now, you know why students nowadays flock to tuition centres eventhough they are expensive some times. Hello, it is US that are sitting for STPM and our future that we're talking about here.

I fell much better now after complaining. Now, it is time for me to stare at my books.