Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Countdown : 13 days to STPM...

So not ready for it and yet I chose to waste my time away..e.g updating my blog, watching tv etc, doing everything but studying. School these few days has been a waste too. Did nothing except writing autograph books. Tomorrow is another aimless day in school..It's finally the last day of school. No more going to school in my entire lifetime. No more school uniform wearing days. It is FINALLY time to grow up(although I'm already grown up) because there is no more need to attend school. No more wishing 'Good morning teacher! or 'Thank you teacher' or 'Shit..I've not done my homework'(which is so typical of me). I will definitely miss my schooling life. Although form 6 is not the easiest route to take but I really enjoyed it to the core. The past 1 and a half years was just great, my friends and life excluding the homework, assignments and teachers.

I guess the growing up part is where I have a bit of difficulty facing up to. The thought of being separated from friends so dear and close to me, for some the past 13years, some 7years and some, 2years.I'm already so used to their presence that I find it hard to take the harsh reality. It's not that I don't want to grow up..but..., I just can't seem to find the right words to describe the feelings inside me.

What more with the Majlis Mohon Restu that the school organised last Friday( it seems that the school planned to make everyone cry) that was so touching and the things and hugs that the teachers gave, it has finally dawned on me that it's FINALLY over.

I will be stepping into another realm altogether..University?Working? I might not know what awaits me but I think(I hope) I'll be ready to face it when it comes.

Books, STPM, here I come! see you peeps in a month's time. Don't miss me while I'm on my hiatus! Aus wedersehen! Out of sight but not out of mind