Thursday, June 29, 2006


For those wondering about me, this is good news! My dad didn't say much about the car, so i'm safe! haha..

This is the outcome of the picture that I took during grad night...This is taken by a PRO but I retook it with my cam as I don't have a scanner..

This is one person that really put her heart and soul into getting ready for the night. I heard she spent like RM300 just on her hair!(and also 3 hours to achieve it) and another RM300 for the dress..and even went to the make-up artist to draw the butterfly on her face!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


This must be the worst week I had to endure in my entire life. First it was the termittes. Then today, from the moment i woke up, my mum had been nagging me non stop. Then just now, when i was sending my brother to tuition i scratched my car! and not just any car.. I 'JUST' had to scratch the mercedes...DAMN..I wonder what will happen to me when my dad comes back from fishing and I think my mum will start nagging again..(why is this happening to me???!!) The repairing will definitely burn a BIG hole in my if it isn't bad enough.. for your information,i currently only have a few bucks left in my pocket...My head is spinning like crazy just by thinking about my parent's reactions and the $$$ that is going to cost....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

1st Times

Yesterday a lot of things happened for the first time on me..

#1. I woke up at 3 am in the morning to watch football! I purposely slept at 10pm just to wake up in the middle of the night to watch japan vs brasil. I'm a japan fan eventhough i know that their chances of beating the 5 times world cup chances were 'slim' but it was worth it.. And in case you didn't know, brasil won 4-1

#2. I was trying to take a nap in the afternoon after school on my bed when i saw worm on my bed!!AARRGGHH..I screamed for my mum(i'm scared of bugs). After looking at it properly..they were termittes!! My bed was infested with termittes! Now it gives me the creeps just to sleep on my bed eventhough i sprayed like..2 wholes cans of aerosol

#3. I went glo with my buddy last night for the first time after saying about it for the past half year. But I only went for a short while as i have a curfew.. It was quite fun..but i think it will be better if i went with more of my friends.

Three first times for me in a day.I can't believe that so many things can happen in day..Nothing is impossible..eventhough i would have liked it even better if the termittes didn't come

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Friends

Had a busy weekend last week, i took in 2 students from singapore for a student exchange program.. they are very cute as they were younger than i am...i took them around penang for sightseeing..all the typical tourist spots..botanical garden, youth park, gurney plaza..but the most exciting part was bringing them to nibong tebal for fireflies watching with my family..had an awesome dinner there too..

On saturday, we followed a heritage trail that was organised for all the singaporean students in the morning.. it was enriching for myself too as i found out loads of stuff that i didn't know about until that morning eventhough i have been living in penang practically my entire life...

Saturday nite was my school's grad nite..went together with my buddies..i had a seat at the VIP table thanks to my 2 new was good!great grad nite!have loads of fun...stayed out late..until nearly 3am before reaching home(i'm a good girl,seldom of me going out this late);p

Sunday, we went to alot of places...even had the time to go for durian..time for them to go back singapore...quite a teary moment..luckily i held back those tears...really sweet of them to give me teddies as a momento..

my very 1st blog

ok..i finally made up my mine to have my own blog(since it's all the rage now, i wouldn't want to be left out would i?) although it is a tad too late as everyone has already got one. anyway, i FINALLY have my own blog!yea!