Saturday, September 30, 2006

PARTY!! and Prada

Watched devil wears prada yesterday. The entrance was packed because Rob-b-hood was just screening and they had random bag checks. To tell the truth I don't really think these spotchecks work at all. Even before the film is in the cinemas, you can already get them at any pirated dvd stalls. Anyway, back to prada. All the stuff in the film are just so pretty.. the clothes, the bags, the shoes, can just get my eyes off them. hahahaha... I'm thinking of a career in a publishing firm now...just for the sack of all those pretty little things that you get FOC...hahahha.. Or maybe cross my fingers and pray that I will strike the jackpot soon...1 million dollar, maybe?

After the movie, went straight to Ping's birthday party. Late as usual, but there are always people that came even later..I vow from today onwards I'll try to be punctual and not be the typical Malaysia..But I doubt the change will come any time soon..

Party time over and Exam Time starts..haaiiihzzzz

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Exam blues...

I'm starting to feel the exam blues nowadays..It's just 2 weeks away and I have TONNES to remember. I have a feeling that my chemistry is going to go down the drain. As for Bio, my only hope is to be able to read through all the chapters that I have studied. These few days, I don't know why I keep falling asleep in class? Is it because my body is way too tired? I don't know. I feel so blur nowadays. I am so looking forward to this Friday, I have a movie to catch and a party to attend, but I dread Saturday as it is a schooling day.

Yesterday I accidentally cut my tumb while doing my biology project. I hurt my index finger while playing golf. Both injuries on the same hand. So my left hand has only 3 fingers that is perfectly functioning.

Monday, September 18, 2006


These are some quotes that I came upon not long ago..You can't really believe who said them

One day you may ask me which do I love more? My life or you. I will answer my life, as some day you might leave me. Then you will just leave me without asking the reason why. You will never know that YOU are my life.
-Edison Chen-

A lot of people want to ride in the limousine with you, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limousine breaks down.
-Oprah Winfrey-

The one that Edison said, I can't remember word for word. I think I remembered it correctly(hopefully).

School is again boring,especially chem. I wonder if she really did graduate and obtain her degree to even teach lower secondary studensts. My exam is just 3 weeks away! Arrgghhh....Hopefully I will be a tad more hardworking then I will be able to enjoy my DeepaRaya Holidays to the max!
I am so broke. I need to work! I want so many things. Short term-iPod and David Tao concert tickets. Long term-Holiday trips!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fun And Paint

Today played some games in school organized by our school's Anti-Crime cut the long story short why I am in the club..well I was kind of forced to join... I wasn't playing, just taking photos when suddenly Timba II can and drew my face with buncho colours...stupid..then Timba I and Candleling also came and attacked me..anyways it was fun though.....
Freshly painted faces

Mad Timba II coming!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lust, Caution-Pics

Ang Lee in Penang on Sunday..Surveying the Location

Ang Lee and his crew looking at the filming location from the opposite road

Took pictures while waiting..this is the new Church Street Pier..Nice scenery.If it weren't for the filming there, I wouldn't have gone there also...Took this illegally. I was not suposed to be standing there because they blocked the entry with a rope. After I took this pic, the guard came and told me off... ;D

The building used for filming

Lee Hom and Tang Wei and Ang Lee Having 'Fan Hap' for dinner

Flies and Crickets.

Yesterday I bought 20 crickets and squated near the big rubbish bin to catch 3 flies. Don't you think it's a bit crazy? Anyway, today I killed one cricket and 2 flies with parafin. Then using forceps, I pinned them on styrofoams and put them in the oven. Am I too cruel? This is just part of my biology experiment that is compulsory for school. Soon I'll have to kill and preserve 25 more insects. One girl in my class caught a dragonfly. After she finished pinning it to the styrofoam, it moved. She killed it again with another dose of parafin(I think).

Crickets that I bought

Flies that I caught

Soon, I will have to disect rats. I've heard lots of stories about students disecting rats. Some female rats are pregnant because they saw the babies inside its tummy. Doesn't it just sounds cruel. I have to do a lot of good deeds to cover my sin killing these insects and animals.

Lust, Caution

I went to see the filming of the new Ang Lee movie, Lust, Caution in Penang on Sunday. Only saw Ang Lee with his crews. They were surveying the filming location. No signs of Lee Hom or the lead lady, Tang Wei. Then I heard some girls beside me saying that filming will only take place the next day(Monday) from 6am-10pm. Damn, I had tuition on Mondays. Decided to go after tuition instead. Besides, I don't have to brave the heat in the afternoon. I went to Church Street together with my two brothers. They hired so many extras. How come I didn't know about it? Even ang mos, aunties and kids knew about it. We were not allowed to go near. It was very quiet. Maybe it is because my friend said that they chased people away in the afternoon because it was too noisy. So we went looking around the newly built Church Street Pier.

After around 20minutes, we went back to the main road. Still very quiet. I thought the filming was over as the extras were leaving in vans. However the lights were still on. So I continued waiting. Then we went to stand at the guard house. There were 2 other girls there. Then suddenly they started snapping photos. I looked. It was Lee Hom(at last..haha), together with Ang Lee and Tang Wei. They were having their break. They had 'fan hap' for dinner. Such a pity as Penang is famous for its food and they had to consume 'fan hap'. I talked to the girls. Found out that one had been there since 2pm! The other came right after work.
Then we moved nearer. We stood in the middle of the road to take picture but we were warned not to take pics with flash. Then Tang Wei stood up and went to the ladies' escorted by an assistant. I didn't know that it was Tang Wei until when she came back from toilet and the reporters started to chase after her for pics. Then the crews got angry and asked everyone to stand back at the opposite road. So we went back to the guard house. I was talking with the 2 girls when I saw 3 guys walking towards our direction. Then I said Lee Hom. The 2 girls were shocked and asked WHERE?!. THERE!! Then 2 guys escorting him said Don't Take Pics! Then the 2 girls shouted LEE HOM! He slowed down, turned and smiled and waved at us!!!!(he was good looking even in the costume and hair down. I thought he looked kinda nerdy when I read and saw his pic in the newspaper) There were only the 5 of us there!! Then he quickly went to the men's. I was ecstatic! Then when he was walking back, he walked faster as everyone now knows that he is there and they started to walk towards our place. I was so happy! It was worth waiting eventhough I didn't get to see the filming process.

no pics now. having problems uploading them. will load soon

Thursday, September 07, 2006


School is really boring..I've been dozing off in class for...(COUNTLESS)..Some teachers are just so boring except for maybe MUET and also during Biology experiments. Some just don't bother to even enter the class..So most of my time in school is spent reading newspapers or talking to beauty with brains that is sitting beside me or dozing.. How can I make my school life a 'little' more interesting?

(I know this is a stupid post but what the heck) ;D

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Beautiful boys

Day : Saturday
Date : 2/9/06
Time : 7pm

The much awaited Kangta and Vanness finally chose Malaysia as one of their promotional stops and luckily for they came down to Penang and not just KL. They straight away kicked off the event with their song Scandal with their oh-so-hot dance moves. There were fans from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. They came all prepared, armed with banners and playcards. When they stepped onto the stage, Pingpong and I got shocked because we never ever thought that they looked that good in real life. They can dance very well also. Everyone there went ecstatic! Next up was 127 days and One Day. Their voices are good. Kangta's was slightly better though. Then they sang Yong Qi in in a mix of korean and mandarin.

After all the performances, everyone rushed to line up to get their autograph. When I went up to the line, I was practically the last person, except those that purposely waited to be the last to get their autographs. Although the line was long, it was not long before it was my turn to get their signatures. Unexpectedly, they were very polite. I noticed that Vannes thanked each and every fan that went up and Kangta handed each and every single cd back to the fans, and I do mean each and every single cd. He has even got the courtesy to shake hands with fans although the bodyguards kept on trying to block the fans from shaking theirs hands. Kangta insisted to shake with the fans that put out their hands.(I didn't get to shake because too busy looking at them, haha). They have very fair complexion. And very nice skin, smooth and all. I bet their skin are better than some girls. At the end of the autograph session, some fans got a bit agressive though. They kept on insisting to talk to them and wanting to take photos with them. Kangta and Vanness obliged anyway.I felt that they fans were very rough. Here is a video I recorded yesterday :

Friday, September 01, 2006

Pretty memories UGLY present

Yesterday was Malaysia's 49th birthday. I had a wonderful day as well; together with all my friends. We were supposed to go Tambun for some nice seafood but ended up instead swimming and having a karaoke and cooking session at home..It was fun..especially the swimming part where 2 girls were pushing and pulling each other into the pool. Saw something weird though, a frog drowned in the pool. Have you ever seen a frog drown?.. Apart from that, everything else was nice..a perfect outing apart from gurney..Must have more of this activity once in a while

However, today is a disaster. I had biology test today. I DID NOT prepare at all. So I practically wrote all crappy answers for the test. And this carries 5% of my end year exam marks. I almost had the urge to tell my teacher that she can just forget about marking my paper as I had no idea what the questions want. Not a single clue. But I guess it serves me right for not studying for it earlier.