Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Someone's getting MARRIED!

The first among my good friends to get married. And since it's a first, everyone's s-u-p-e-r hyped up about it. We had a bacherlorette party for her last weekend. But's she's a goody-2-shoes so there weren't much wild stuff that we managed to do. But it was fun. The club that we went to was practically empty but as the saying goes, it's not the club but the crowd that you are with. We had a good and crazy time among ourselves injected with hilarious moments in between. Some unexpected things happened but it was all in good fun.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MY HEADGIRL. Muaks! Can't wait to attend your wedding ;)

OMG It's Week 5 already?

This week has entered my fifth week in Kuala Lumpur. And I've practically spent it doing nothing much. Just going to the office and staying at home, not much exploring done. It's so untypical of me but I guess I just want to enjoy the laid back time that I am getting here. Some peace and quiet which I don't usually get elsewhere.

Just a random candid shot that my gfs took of me and I like it :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bye Bye For Good

3 years in Sabah has finally came to an end. I will definitely miss those days of fooling around, studying, rushing assignments and also sitting for exams (yea, call me crazy).

Before I left, I went to have some fun with my friends (Duh!). Enjoyed it the way we did when we first arrived in Sabah.

Looks familiar? This was exactly the same spot we took picture when we were in our first year.
These are the same people that I have been hanging out with since first year.
Some of my coursemates that I often hang with and team up for assignments. This is also one of my favourite lecturers, an eccentric person.

However, all things have an end to them (or else there would be no beginning right?)

Everything that I've saw, learnt and got to know will be cherished in my brain.

The Next Phase of Life

Location: Office

and what am I doing in the office?? Blogging...after a long time..

Currently I am standing at the crossroads of my life. I finished my undergraduate studies. Doing my internship right now; with another 7 weeks to go. Now the tricky part is deciding the path which I will thread from here. Everything in front of me is covered by a veil of mist. I know the paths are in front of me, but I fear for I cannot see clearly behind that veil. The typical 'what if' questions bog my mind daily (I tend to analyse things).

I've tried my best.Put my best effort to walk the path that I want to. But until the mist clears, I guess I'll just be standing at the junction for some time to come. But where ever I go, I try to make the best out of everything. The cup is always half full; I believe so.

What ever will be will be :)