Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Somethings that I like

since i'm procrastinating in the library, i'll do some blogging. My cousin recommended some blogs for me to browse through..and I really like them. Found another one through my friend's blog as well.

There are a lot more from these websites. I think they really do have some minor uplifting effect on me by giving me something to think about (other than assignments and deadlines and assignments)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Finals is Coming

I'm entering the last week of the semester. Time just flashed by. A quarter of the year has come and gone now. I'am at the end of my 2nd year in university. Soon, I'll be in my final year doing my thesis.

Although it's almost my final week, assignments are still mountain high. I've been spending a few of my weekends cooped up in the library for internet access to finish up my assignments (although it is also a temptation to facebook and youtube, blame it on the lack of internet access). I'm so stressed up that I've been acting weird. I refused to do anything productive (finishing assignments) for the past 3 nights. All I did was play Chuzzle and Bejeweled and drama-marathoning.

Of late, I've have a lot of temptations for materialistic wants. The biggest of them all has to be Blackberry...Most of my relatives have BB. I'm about to be persuaded to own one. The only thing stopping me now is $$$ and I just got my current phone about a year ago. And I want to go on holidays too..

A month from now, I'll be home...I seriously need to catch up on my sleep. I've been deprive of sleep for the entire semester now that I look like a panda with huge dark circles, but the chances are highly impossible with friends coming over to Penang for holidays. Yes, I'll be the tour guide again. I've been tour guiding every single semester break. I'm actually sick of the tourist spots in Penang, and I can actually memorise all the history related to those places.

Holidays, come to me ASAP!