Friday, March 13, 2009

March-Month of RushHour

This month is hectic as hell...I'm so bored of repeating this sentence over and over again....but I have to keep reminding myself that I need to keep up with time and deadlines and finish all my assignments and at the same time study for my mid-term examSSS..

Today was supposed to sit for one paper...but got cancelled. Postponed to next. Might be good news for other but not me. I have 3 deadlines to meet next week. With an already packed timetable, I don't need the exam to be postponed to add on to my already heavy burden.

This is just a quick post to RANT ALL I WANT....but what is there to say? Nothing much except to do what I'm supposed to do....

Latest Event - MAGRA 2009
A night where all excelling students are awarded. Theme was blossoming moment. Apparently, a few of us underestimated the event and was under dressed compared to the whole lot of girls that went to the dinner. Luckily I changed my mind to put on a light make up before going..or else.....
My coursemates and I. Can you spot the difference between my attire and their attire. Even the blind can tell how much effort I put into this night. Pictures of my coursemates and the lecturers from my school

People I always hang around with.