Thursday, December 21, 2006

Smoke!!!! HELP!!!

Yesterday night I went to the pasar malam in Farlim with my two brothers and two aunts. All of us cramped into my mini. After the pasar malam, we decided to go for char koay teow in Anson Road. Suddenly smoke came out of nowhere. So I pulled my car by the roadside, just right opposite Han Chiang High School. I tried to stop the engine but the ignition key won't budge one bit. Everyone in the car panicked and rushed out of the car while I still tried to stop the engine. After few tries, I managed to stop the engine. My aunts were worried that the car might blow up. Everyone was out of the car except for me. 5 minutes after the smoke disappeared, we decided to risk our lives by driving home. Luckily our house was nearby. Today the mechanic came. He said the wiring got burnt. Luckily the engine didn't catch fire. If not, I would have a burned pig today.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ex-Georgian Annual Dinner

Pre-Christmas Clubbing

After procrastinating for the past year, my friends finally had enough courage to go clubbing with me and sp. And this time I swear that it has been the best trip ever. I went with a bunch of pretty girls, 2 air-hostesses, one who is a part-time model and and half angmoh. Everyone was all pretty and dressed up. It was fun although I saw a few incidents that I personally felt disgusted. There was this couple that was smooching right smack in the middle of the stage. Helloo...can't you do it elsewhere? You're just putting on a free show for everyone when nobody's interested and taking up a hell lot of space. I reached home nearly 4am only to find that the water supply has been cut off. So that meant I couldn't bath. All I could do was to clean my face with a make up remover. I ended up sleeping on the floor because I smelled like a walking cigarette.

This entire holiday had been hectic. Can you believe that I have been waking at 7am every morning eventhough it is a school holiday? Everyday I will be busy with either my tuition, german language class or yoga and I have to find time for my golf practice as well. And not forgetting that I also have guitar lessons. While I am busy slaving away my 24hours which is still not enough for me, my friends are having a nice holiday watching dvds and sleeping till 12pm everyday. And as if my workload is not enough, I just had to find more work for myself by helping my cousin do his assignment which I now know that it is very difficult. ARRRGGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With just 2 weeks of holidays left, I doubt I will have any relaxing time to myself before the start of a new school term which is going to be hectic as well.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nähe des Geliebten ; Nearness of the Beloved One

This is one of my favourite poems.

Ich denke dein,
wenn mir der Sonne schimmer

I think of you,
when I see the sun's shimmer
Vom Meere strahlt; Gleaming from the sea.
Ich denke dein,
wenn sich des Mondes Flimmer
I think of you,
when the moon's glimmer
In Quellen malt. Is reflected in the springs.

Ich sehe dich,
wenn auf dem fernen Wege
I see you,
when on the distant road
Der Staub sich hebt, The dust rises,
In tiefer Nacht,
wenn auf dem schmalen Stege
In deep night,
when on the narrow bridge
Der Wandrer bebt. The traveler trembles.

Ich höre dich,
wenn dort mit dumpfem Rauschen
I hear you,
when with a dull roar
Die Welle steigt. The wave surges.
Im stillen Haine geh' ich oft zu lauschen, In the quiet grove I often go to listen
Wenn alles schweigt. When all is silent.

Ich bin bei dir,
du seist auch noch so ferne,
I am with you,
however far away you may be,
Du bist mir nah! You are next to me!
Die Sonne sinkt,
bald leuchten mir die Sterne.
The sun is setting,
soon the stars will shine upon me.
O wärst du da! If only you were here!

J.W. von Goethe

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dress Up For The Festival!

Last week my brother joined a cosplay competition in Gurney in conjunction with a Tokio Festival held there. For those that are in the dark about cosplay, it is a competition where people dress up as their favourite anime or any other character. The best impersonator wins. My brother dressed up as a guy from a band by the name of Gazette(hopefully I am correct). Anyway, he and his friends didn't manage to clinch any prizes although I personally felt that they deserved to win. Actually I pity them as they really put in a lot of effort and also money for their tailor made jackets and wigs. They lost because of their lack of stage presence. Anyway here are some pictures that you rarely see.

Me, my brother and some other contestants

My brother and his friends that managed to get into the finals

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Hairstyle

Finally, after thinking about it for so long, I went to perm my hair. The first reaction that my brother gave me was...It's so ugly!!!! My mum said the curl is nice. My cousin said, you look kind of matured now. My friend and her mum said, Its nice. What the f*ck!! Why so many different reactions??!! Since my camera is broken..I can't take a photo of myself to post up here. Anyway, I'm going for a job interview tomorrow. Hopefully I will get the job. I'm in desperate need for $$$. I WANT TO GET SO MANY THINGS. Shoes, bags, dresses..girls can never have to many of these you know..So people, cross your fingers and wish me LUCK!

Friday, November 17, 2006


At last my 1 and a half month's holiday is here. I've been waiting for it for the past 3 weeks since school reopened after the Raya holidays. I have a complicated feel about school closing though. Last day of school also means that it is the last day for my friend, Subbs..She leaving to pursure nursing under a scholarship program from LWE Hospital. I will definitely miss her. She's a very bubbly person and very in tune with entertainment. I bet she sits in front of the television all day. Just like myself, addicted to tv. You can just ask her what ever series that you have missed on tv and she's there to tell you, but only English series.

Today is also sort of a historical day in my schooling life where until the very last day of school where practically the entire school population were fooling around having loads of fun, almost everyone in my class had to finish up our chemistry experiment. Every year, on the last day of school, I will be playing and chit chatting, but not today. I guess this is what people call Form 6.

But it was not all work and no play though. That is so not me. We had some sort of a small farewell party for Subbs. Ordered pizzas and took photos. Exchanged email adds and all.

This holiday, my schedule is busy to the core. I have my biology ecology project to settle. Loads of homework which I have accumulated during the past 3 weeks. My tuition homework and my chemistry tuition has doubled its classes which means I have to attend 12 classes during my school break. This also means I can't find any part time jobs to earn extra money, but I'M BROKE!!!VERY BROKE!!!

Pictures From RIMUP Day

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Wondering what is RIMUP Day? RIMUP stands for Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan. On this special day, you get to wear traditional clothes to school. Everyone is exempted from wearing their school attire. This is my first time wearing a cheongsam and samfoo and punjabi suit all in a day. And also on that very day, I performed 2 types of dances in front of the entire school. For your information, I've never danced for any programs planned by the school. I can't upload pictures for unknown reasons. Anyway I'm very tired....Lights out! Good nite

Saturday, October 21, 2006


At last my holiday has come! How was my exam you may ask? Can't be bothered, but I think I did kind of badly in my Math. Just want to enjoy my holidays now as this is seriously my very last holiday that I can enjoy. November and December holidays, my tuition are going to double and each is 3 hours long.My dad has been saying about going to Hadyai for the past few days, hopefully I can really go. I think it has been 10 years since I last went there(cross my fingers). My dad has been asking me to take up German since he say it in the newspapers 2 weeks back. I'm still pondering whether if I should.

2 grasshoppers that I have been rearing for my Bio project for the past 3 weeks. All they do is eat and shit and heck they shit a lot.

Another picture from Ping's Birthday party

And one more thing...Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Cute cute baby!!

Just watched Rob-B-Hood. Its very very funny. And the baby, Matthew, he's just SO SO SO CUTE. His eyes are so big and cute and can just melt any heart. At the ending of the movie, a guy that sat beside my friend even cried. That, I tell it's not something that you see everyday. Alive, and the just married Nicholas Tse also have some small roles in this movie.

I went for an interview some weeks ago. They just had to call me right before my exam to work. Obviously I had to reject because I still have like, stacks of books and notes to study. And what with only less than a week to exam, I will have to burn the midnight oil. This serves me right though. I have been procrastinating for the past few days and watching Princess Hours instead.

I have a feeling that I am going to do badly in my exam. Especially my chemistry. Have you ever heard of a teacher that comes late to school more often than her students? Have you ever heard of a chemistry teacher that doesn't even know what hybridisation is or even how to pronounce it correctly? Because she doesn't know how to teach, we have to rely on ourselves + tuition(if we even have one as some of my classmates don't take tuitions) and have to teach each other in class with the help of a laptop and a CD. Now, that very teacher is feeling a bit panicky as she is afraid that her students might fail in the exam and has to see face-to-face with the principal. Now, you know why students nowadays flock to tuition centres eventhough they are expensive some times. Hello, it is US that are sitting for STPM and our future that we're talking about here.

I fell much better now after complaining. Now, it is time for me to stare at my books.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

PARTY!! and Prada

Watched devil wears prada yesterday. The entrance was packed because Rob-b-hood was just screening and they had random bag checks. To tell the truth I don't really think these spotchecks work at all. Even before the film is in the cinemas, you can already get them at any pirated dvd stalls. Anyway, back to prada. All the stuff in the film are just so pretty.. the clothes, the bags, the shoes, can just get my eyes off them. hahahaha... I'm thinking of a career in a publishing firm now...just for the sack of all those pretty little things that you get FOC...hahahha.. Or maybe cross my fingers and pray that I will strike the jackpot soon...1 million dollar, maybe?

After the movie, went straight to Ping's birthday party. Late as usual, but there are always people that came even later..I vow from today onwards I'll try to be punctual and not be the typical Malaysia..But I doubt the change will come any time soon..

Party time over and Exam Time starts..haaiiihzzzz

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Exam blues...

I'm starting to feel the exam blues nowadays..It's just 2 weeks away and I have TONNES to remember. I have a feeling that my chemistry is going to go down the drain. As for Bio, my only hope is to be able to read through all the chapters that I have studied. These few days, I don't know why I keep falling asleep in class? Is it because my body is way too tired? I don't know. I feel so blur nowadays. I am so looking forward to this Friday, I have a movie to catch and a party to attend, but I dread Saturday as it is a schooling day.

Yesterday I accidentally cut my tumb while doing my biology project. I hurt my index finger while playing golf. Both injuries on the same hand. So my left hand has only 3 fingers that is perfectly functioning.

Monday, September 18, 2006


These are some quotes that I came upon not long ago..You can't really believe who said them

One day you may ask me which do I love more? My life or you. I will answer my life, as some day you might leave me. Then you will just leave me without asking the reason why. You will never know that YOU are my life.
-Edison Chen-

A lot of people want to ride in the limousine with you, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limousine breaks down.
-Oprah Winfrey-

The one that Edison said, I can't remember word for word. I think I remembered it correctly(hopefully).

School is again boring,especially chem. I wonder if she really did graduate and obtain her degree to even teach lower secondary studensts. My exam is just 3 weeks away! Arrgghhh....Hopefully I will be a tad more hardworking then I will be able to enjoy my DeepaRaya Holidays to the max!
I am so broke. I need to work! I want so many things. Short term-iPod and David Tao concert tickets. Long term-Holiday trips!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fun And Paint

Today played some games in school organized by our school's Anti-Crime cut the long story short why I am in the club..well I was kind of forced to join... I wasn't playing, just taking photos when suddenly Timba II can and drew my face with buncho colours...stupid..then Timba I and Candleling also came and attacked me..anyways it was fun though.....
Freshly painted faces

Mad Timba II coming!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lust, Caution-Pics

Ang Lee in Penang on Sunday..Surveying the Location

Ang Lee and his crew looking at the filming location from the opposite road

Took pictures while waiting..this is the new Church Street Pier..Nice scenery.If it weren't for the filming there, I wouldn't have gone there also...Took this illegally. I was not suposed to be standing there because they blocked the entry with a rope. After I took this pic, the guard came and told me off... ;D

The building used for filming

Lee Hom and Tang Wei and Ang Lee Having 'Fan Hap' for dinner

Flies and Crickets.

Yesterday I bought 20 crickets and squated near the big rubbish bin to catch 3 flies. Don't you think it's a bit crazy? Anyway, today I killed one cricket and 2 flies with parafin. Then using forceps, I pinned them on styrofoams and put them in the oven. Am I too cruel? This is just part of my biology experiment that is compulsory for school. Soon I'll have to kill and preserve 25 more insects. One girl in my class caught a dragonfly. After she finished pinning it to the styrofoam, it moved. She killed it again with another dose of parafin(I think).

Crickets that I bought

Flies that I caught

Soon, I will have to disect rats. I've heard lots of stories about students disecting rats. Some female rats are pregnant because they saw the babies inside its tummy. Doesn't it just sounds cruel. I have to do a lot of good deeds to cover my sin killing these insects and animals.

Lust, Caution

I went to see the filming of the new Ang Lee movie, Lust, Caution in Penang on Sunday. Only saw Ang Lee with his crews. They were surveying the filming location. No signs of Lee Hom or the lead lady, Tang Wei. Then I heard some girls beside me saying that filming will only take place the next day(Monday) from 6am-10pm. Damn, I had tuition on Mondays. Decided to go after tuition instead. Besides, I don't have to brave the heat in the afternoon. I went to Church Street together with my two brothers. They hired so many extras. How come I didn't know about it? Even ang mos, aunties and kids knew about it. We were not allowed to go near. It was very quiet. Maybe it is because my friend said that they chased people away in the afternoon because it was too noisy. So we went looking around the newly built Church Street Pier.

After around 20minutes, we went back to the main road. Still very quiet. I thought the filming was over as the extras were leaving in vans. However the lights were still on. So I continued waiting. Then we went to stand at the guard house. There were 2 other girls there. Then suddenly they started snapping photos. I looked. It was Lee Hom(at last..haha), together with Ang Lee and Tang Wei. They were having their break. They had 'fan hap' for dinner. Such a pity as Penang is famous for its food and they had to consume 'fan hap'. I talked to the girls. Found out that one had been there since 2pm! The other came right after work.
Then we moved nearer. We stood in the middle of the road to take picture but we were warned not to take pics with flash. Then Tang Wei stood up and went to the ladies' escorted by an assistant. I didn't know that it was Tang Wei until when she came back from toilet and the reporters started to chase after her for pics. Then the crews got angry and asked everyone to stand back at the opposite road. So we went back to the guard house. I was talking with the 2 girls when I saw 3 guys walking towards our direction. Then I said Lee Hom. The 2 girls were shocked and asked WHERE?!. THERE!! Then 2 guys escorting him said Don't Take Pics! Then the 2 girls shouted LEE HOM! He slowed down, turned and smiled and waved at us!!!!(he was good looking even in the costume and hair down. I thought he looked kinda nerdy when I read and saw his pic in the newspaper) There were only the 5 of us there!! Then he quickly went to the men's. I was ecstatic! Then when he was walking back, he walked faster as everyone now knows that he is there and they started to walk towards our place. I was so happy! It was worth waiting eventhough I didn't get to see the filming process.

no pics now. having problems uploading them. will load soon

Thursday, September 07, 2006


School is really boring..I've been dozing off in class for...(COUNTLESS)..Some teachers are just so boring except for maybe MUET and also during Biology experiments. Some just don't bother to even enter the class..So most of my time in school is spent reading newspapers or talking to beauty with brains that is sitting beside me or dozing.. How can I make my school life a 'little' more interesting?

(I know this is a stupid post but what the heck) ;D

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Beautiful boys

Day : Saturday
Date : 2/9/06
Time : 7pm

The much awaited Kangta and Vanness finally chose Malaysia as one of their promotional stops and luckily for they came down to Penang and not just KL. They straight away kicked off the event with their song Scandal with their oh-so-hot dance moves. There were fans from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. They came all prepared, armed with banners and playcards. When they stepped onto the stage, Pingpong and I got shocked because we never ever thought that they looked that good in real life. They can dance very well also. Everyone there went ecstatic! Next up was 127 days and One Day. Their voices are good. Kangta's was slightly better though. Then they sang Yong Qi in in a mix of korean and mandarin.

After all the performances, everyone rushed to line up to get their autograph. When I went up to the line, I was practically the last person, except those that purposely waited to be the last to get their autographs. Although the line was long, it was not long before it was my turn to get their signatures. Unexpectedly, they were very polite. I noticed that Vannes thanked each and every fan that went up and Kangta handed each and every single cd back to the fans, and I do mean each and every single cd. He has even got the courtesy to shake hands with fans although the bodyguards kept on trying to block the fans from shaking theirs hands. Kangta insisted to shake with the fans that put out their hands.(I didn't get to shake because too busy looking at them, haha). They have very fair complexion. And very nice skin, smooth and all. I bet their skin are better than some girls. At the end of the autograph session, some fans got a bit agressive though. They kept on insisting to talk to them and wanting to take photos with them. Kangta and Vanness obliged anyway.I felt that they fans were very rough. Here is a video I recorded yesterday :

Friday, September 01, 2006

Pretty memories UGLY present

Yesterday was Malaysia's 49th birthday. I had a wonderful day as well; together with all my friends. We were supposed to go Tambun for some nice seafood but ended up instead swimming and having a karaoke and cooking session at home..It was fun..especially the swimming part where 2 girls were pushing and pulling each other into the pool. Saw something weird though, a frog drowned in the pool. Have you ever seen a frog drown?.. Apart from that, everything else was nice..a perfect outing apart from gurney..Must have more of this activity once in a while

However, today is a disaster. I had biology test today. I DID NOT prepare at all. So I practically wrote all crappy answers for the test. And this carries 5% of my end year exam marks. I almost had the urge to tell my teacher that she can just forget about marking my paper as I had no idea what the questions want. Not a single clue. But I guess it serves me right for not studying for it earlier.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Twins in Genting

I went up to Genting on Saturday to watch Twins' concert, although I'm not their fan. Their concert was very vibrant, crazy outfits, hairdos..But honestly, their singing were not very outstanding..It was more of their showmanship and they really do know how to 'tam' their fans' hearts by giving out presents and all. We had an extra concert ticket but luckily we managed to sell it right before the concert started. So in the end Juju and I sat separately because I had the RM150 tickets and she had the RM350 tickets. I ended up sitting in between 2 male fans. They knew every single song that was sung that night. I felt a bit out of place as I couldn't sing any songs..maybe just 3 out of all the songs they sang that night. Juju was very happy because she was way up front and got to shook hands with Twins. I thing I have to admit is that Twins are very pretty in real life...

A picture before we went to the concert.. Take note of our shirt and cap!

Twins encompasses all : Young, Old, Married, Single

Twins doing their opening act

The next day..

At breakfast..

And off to the theme park! I went on all the thrill just name it..I even went on the shot thing..the spiderman roller coaster(which I paid RM10 because its not included in the entrance fee)

This 4D motion master is a rip off..Sucks loads...might be fun for kids though..And it cost me RM8!! isshhh..

At the end of the day, I can declare myself broke...And this is where all my money went

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Today is the first day of my school holidays. Although I'm just off for a week, I'm going to enjoy it to the max! haha.. It's now 6.45am and I'm getting ready to go up to Genting for Twins' Concert..I think this concert is going to have lots of special effects..Can't wait to see them perform.. My bagpack is stuffed with these foods..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


These are the pictures that I took during TAR College Odyssey Night last Saturday..

At Goodall Cafe after the odyssey...we were just too hungry
The Odyssey thing wasn't too bad. Hey, what do you expect from RM3? It was just like a concert. I was freezing cold in the hall and I didn't even take my dinner. The air condition was so cold, I was practically shivering.What was I doing there?Just jumping on the bandwagon and went there to cuci mata...hahahahah. One thing that I couldn't stand was their spoken english, full of errors and so colloquial that even me, who don't speak perfect english coudn't really catch what they said. My advice to those vying to be MCs: please make sure that you people buck up your english before trying to do the slang thing because it really just turns people off when they can't understand you at all.

Happy Birthday to my Bro

Down with a little flu because of walking in the rain then straight into an air conditioned place.Today is my youngest brother's 13th birthday. Just came back from dinner. We had japanese food..yum..yum..It has been a long time since I last had Jap food.Life nowadays is so, home, tuition, homework and sleep. That is my daily routine. Can't wait for my holidays to arrive although it is just a week.Going to be very busy within the next few days as I have two assignments to complete by the end of this week.

Friday, August 04, 2006


H=Happy to know you
A=Always miss you
T=Take you in my mind
E=Everyday remember you

So to all my friends out there, I HATE you!! Haha

Went shopping with my friends today and got myself 2 shirts. Am I a spendrift? I think I am because nowadays I am already so broke but I still spend money like water. Anybody interested to spare me some money? One more thing that has been bugging me for some time. Am I really that fat? Can somebody please tell me? People around me keep telling me that I am fat. But honestly, I think I DID put on weight. haaaiiihhh.. Should I go on a diet? or turn into a herbivour?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leg Aching

Two days after I finished the Penang Bridge Run, my legs are still aching like hell. After the race, my legs were shaking and worn out. I practically had to use my hands to move my legs up my bed. Can you imagine how painful is that?I managed to finish the race in 4hours. I know it took me a long time because the winner for this marathon just clocked 2hour and 35 minutes for the entire race which is 44.5km. I think he must have ran like the wind. Although it was tough, I still find it fun and I might join again.The view on the Penang Bridge is awesome especially during sunrise(will upload the pics soon cos busy now). And it is very windy.I didn't feel tired but my legs just couldn't take it I guess.I feel proud of myself for completing the race because I was very tempted to give up and just take the sweeper bus to the finishing line, but I persevered.

I followed my mum to her yoga class pot luck. Met a couple that is very interesting there.They are mat salehs.They have been travelling around the world for 5 whole years in their very own sailing boat.How wonderful isn't it, to be able to travel to so many places.Talked about their adventures and experiences in different countries.It is my dream to go round the world but I wonder when will the time come.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rat Race

Tomorrow I'm going for the Penang Bridge International Run. So I have to wake up at 4am! I am joining the half marathon. So I ONLY have to run 22.3KM.. I got persuaded by my monitor to join this run. She tried to persuade the entire class to join and I tried to discourage them to join, but I myself ended up joining it. I wonder how in the world am I going to finish the run in under 3 hours. Maybe I won't be able to finish the race and have to hitch a ride on the sweeper bus instead.

My tests just ended this week. I think I am going to fail in my math because when I looked at the answer sheet that my teacher gave out after the exam, I don't remember getting the same answers as in the answer sheet. But I can't really be bothered.Just have to be a bit more hardworking in the next one, that's all...( if). Well it's off to bed now for me as I only have 7 hours to sleep and have my rest before the run tomorrow.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Yesterday's Chronology

15.00 : Washing flower pots for the school..being a slave as usual..
15.15 : Something bit me right at the butt
15.20 : Went to the toilet to check out my butt..saw the bite swelled like a 50 cent coin
15.25 : Feeling hot and itchy all over my body. Told head prefect that i'm not feeling that well and needed to go home
15.30 : Drove home while scratching every single part of my body..and feeling very hot..Looked at the mirror, my face started to swell as well
15.40 : Reached home and rushed to the toilet..squatted for like 10 minutes..asked my bro to call mum...Stood up and felt like fainting
15.45 : Bro went to call my our neighbour to send me to the hospital
15.55 : Mum reached home and sent me to Adventist herself..Straight went to ER
16.00: Felt very uncomfortable, felt like vomiting..
16.05: The nurses asked questions..asked me to sign some papers..took a look at my butt..I think at least 5 people looked at my butt yesterday..They said I am slightly feverish.
16.15: The doctor came..Asked questions again..And said I needed 2 injections. one to fight the toxins amd one for something else which i forgot. Still felt like vomiting.. but couldn't
16.20:The nurse came to inject me..One at the butt and one at the arm.
16.40: Everyone left me there..My eyes felt heavy and I was half awake and half asleep..Woken up by noises
16.50: A guy came to drew blood to check my allergies..Luckily I was in a dazed condition so I didn't really felt the pain. All I know is that he took a lot of my blood. Then I fell asleep again.
17.00: Doctor advised to stay the night for observation.
17.30: Went up to my room..My 'neighbour' was an old lady because all the wards are full so I had to stay at the old wing in the surgical department..Then the nurse came and asked if she can have a look at the bite on my butt
18.00 : My dad and bro came up to look at me...Watched some tv..Felt slightly better..The doctor came again to check on me
20.30: 2 of my buddies came to visit me..Luckily the swelling on my face had sudsided..thanks to my injection. If not they would be scared of my 'chu tao peng' face. The nurse came again to check my temperature and blood pressure
21.30: Everyone went back..I continued to watch some tv before I finally fell asleep
02.30: I woke up. Heard the nurse came to help to the old lady to the toilet.
04.30: Woke up again. It was the old lady again
07.30: The nurse came to wake me up. Told me get ready to meet the doctor as he's coming up soon.
08.30: The doctor came after I finished breakfast. Talked to my mum. Then explained my blood results to my mum. My cholesterol is slightly high and my potassium was slightly low.(Head filled with ???) Then he realised that he forgot to ask them to check my blood for hepatitis. So they had to draw some blood out again..I was that I'm awake I will surely feel the needle.
09.00: A girl came to draw my blood this time. Since this is the second time, she had to take it out from the other arm, but she couldn't locate my blood vein. Decided to take it from the same arm as the day before. She poked the needle in but no blood came out. She pulled it out a bit and tried the other direction, still nothing, then she poked it deeper..still nothing..Then she tried my other arm..Luckily this time, my blood came out..
11.00: My blood result is out. I'm hepatitis negative..yeah..Now the doctor says that I had better take injections to protect myself from hepatitis. (cold sweat dripping down)
12.00:The nurse came and injected it. I need to go back to the hospital for second and third injection...
13.30:I'm finally discharged from the hospital.
14.00:Writing this blog..

This is record breaking for me as it is my first time I experienced this kind of allergy and had to spend the night in a hospital and had 6 injections and had to skip school for the first time in my entire schooling life for being sick. And all this sums up to RM822.40

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bon Odori

Yesterday I went to Bon Odori at Padang but I felt that this year's event is quite dissapointing. The performances ended so early , it ended before I finished my dinner, and worse of all, there were no fireworks. It was such a waste of time and effort to look for parking space. Anyway, I had a haircut yesterday. Now my hair is shorter and very layered. Days to Exam : 7

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Italiani i campioni

If you are wondering what the title actually says 'Italians the champions. I'm so so happy that the Italians won but at the same time I felt pity towards the French men when they lost. How ironic of me. I purposely woke up in the middle of the night just to catch the finale. Both teams were great, but I somehow missed all the exciting moments, one of them being Zizou headbutting an Italian. For your information, I fell asleep. Haha.

Today, I painted the entire classroom together with my classmates. Blue was our choice. Actually we didn't have a choice, I don't mean the colour but painting the classroom. It was COMPULSORY. Another ridiculous thing was, we had to wrap our tables with plastic wrappers and decorate it. I feel that it is just a waste of $$$ as all the tables are brand new. Talking about ridiculous, why do some people like to think that others are jealous of them when they are being hated?Do they just assume that people envy their childish behaviour and thoughts, which I don't AT ALL think that they are some what childish.I know I sound confusing but I hope you guys out there know what I mean.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Busy as A Bee

This entire week, I've been so busy. I practically stayed back after every single day of this week. So damn tired. Can't wait for tomorrow to end. But then I'll be busy during this weekend also. Haihs. Practically the entire world is busy predicting the winner of World Cup and flocking to mamak stalls in the wee hours to support their favourite team while I on the other hand is stuck doing my pathetic homework. After finishing everything, I'm so tired that I can't even force myself to watch my favourite tv program which is absurd as tv USED to be far more important than anything else to me. I guess nothing is certain.

And there's one more thing that I want to fret about. How can some people be such a hypocrite? One minute they pretend that they are such a goody two shoe and think so highly of themselves and think that they deserve the things that they want and the next moment, surprise surprise, they'll be eating in the classroom right under the teacher's nose. How sick can that be? And how dare they come running to you asking reasons why they were rejected of their hopes? Yuck..

Happy Football

These past few days have been some happy days for me...Italy won over Germany..hehe..I don't really like Germany because I feel that the players are kind of arrogant. Italy was great and in top form against Germany..They definitely deserved to win. And the happiest thing is that Portugal LOST! yeah! yeah! yeah! I'm esthatic!overwhelmed! Kudos to France for kicking the balls out of them. I just hope that it will be another interesting match when Italy vs. France. I hope that the Italians will triumph over them and hoist the Cup.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today I was up at 7am..can you believe it? And I don't even have the weekend already(although it's just an hour more to Sunday..the last day of weekend..and school on Monday)..I totally hate Mondays because it means I have to finish my homework by tomorrow and I still haven't done any of it. Went shopping for birthday present today for Tarzan's wife(which is Jane, for your information) together with SP and ended up buying a new pair of shorts for meself ;D and there goes my $$$. Tonight I'm rooting for England! although I know that they under-achieve..but who cares..haha

Thursday, June 29, 2006


For those wondering about me, this is good news! My dad didn't say much about the car, so i'm safe! haha..

This is the outcome of the picture that I took during grad night...This is taken by a PRO but I retook it with my cam as I don't have a scanner..

This is one person that really put her heart and soul into getting ready for the night. I heard she spent like RM300 just on her hair!(and also 3 hours to achieve it) and another RM300 for the dress..and even went to the make-up artist to draw the butterfly on her face!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


This must be the worst week I had to endure in my entire life. First it was the termittes. Then today, from the moment i woke up, my mum had been nagging me non stop. Then just now, when i was sending my brother to tuition i scratched my car! and not just any car.. I 'JUST' had to scratch the mercedes...DAMN..I wonder what will happen to me when my dad comes back from fishing and I think my mum will start nagging again..(why is this happening to me???!!) The repairing will definitely burn a BIG hole in my if it isn't bad enough.. for your information,i currently only have a few bucks left in my pocket...My head is spinning like crazy just by thinking about my parent's reactions and the $$$ that is going to cost....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

1st Times

Yesterday a lot of things happened for the first time on me..

#1. I woke up at 3 am in the morning to watch football! I purposely slept at 10pm just to wake up in the middle of the night to watch japan vs brasil. I'm a japan fan eventhough i know that their chances of beating the 5 times world cup chances were 'slim' but it was worth it.. And in case you didn't know, brasil won 4-1

#2. I was trying to take a nap in the afternoon after school on my bed when i saw worm on my bed!!AARRGGHH..I screamed for my mum(i'm scared of bugs). After looking at it properly..they were termittes!! My bed was infested with termittes! Now it gives me the creeps just to sleep on my bed eventhough i sprayed like..2 wholes cans of aerosol

#3. I went glo with my buddy last night for the first time after saying about it for the past half year. But I only went for a short while as i have a curfew.. It was quite fun..but i think it will be better if i went with more of my friends.

Three first times for me in a day.I can't believe that so many things can happen in day..Nothing is impossible..eventhough i would have liked it even better if the termittes didn't come

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Friends

Had a busy weekend last week, i took in 2 students from singapore for a student exchange program.. they are very cute as they were younger than i am...i took them around penang for sightseeing..all the typical tourist spots..botanical garden, youth park, gurney plaza..but the most exciting part was bringing them to nibong tebal for fireflies watching with my family..had an awesome dinner there too..

On saturday, we followed a heritage trail that was organised for all the singaporean students in the morning.. it was enriching for myself too as i found out loads of stuff that i didn't know about until that morning eventhough i have been living in penang practically my entire life...

Saturday nite was my school's grad nite..went together with my buddies..i had a seat at the VIP table thanks to my 2 new was good!great grad nite!have loads of fun...stayed out late..until nearly 3am before reaching home(i'm a good girl,seldom of me going out this late);p

Sunday, we went to alot of places...even had the time to go for durian..time for them to go back singapore...quite a teary moment..luckily i held back those tears...really sweet of them to give me teddies as a momento..

my very 1st blog

ok..i finally made up my mine to have my own blog(since it's all the rage now, i wouldn't want to be left out would i?) although it is a tad too late as everyone has already got one. anyway, i FINALLY have my own blog!yea!