Friday, December 18, 2009

Frohe Weinachten

Merry Christmas!! Season of love and joy..

In actual fact, I've not really celebrated Christmas before. Just dinner on the eve together with friends and family. Then loiter around trying to figure out where to spend the rest of the night till midnight. Sad but true, although it's does not sound as boring as mentioned.

From this X-mas, what I truly want is not any material presents. Deep down, all I want is just warmth, honesty and sharing the joy of love and sharing. Cuddling in bed with my blankie with a book in hand or watching Christmas movies doesn't seem like a bad idea as well (minus the crowd and save $$)

I noticed that I grow older, the people that I've come to meet is not as what they seem anymore. This might sound like a pessimist speaking but time and time again circumstances have proven me right. One minute they're telling you one thing and the next, they're sneaking behind your back and twisting whatever things that they've said. Why do I say so? Someone knocked my car yesterday and told me 'I'll bear full responsibility for all the damages that I've done etc etc' and within 24 hours, she's making her way to the police station to make a report and ignored me all the way. Secondly, someone picked up my brother's mobile and decided to stand by finder's keeper's principle. Pity my bro. He worked so hard to get that phone. Why can't just some people give back what isn't theirs to keep? And I don't just mean can be anything.

What's past is past. I believe that this will all be a good lesson to learn. Never to so easily trust people anymore. It's no wonder that the world is becoming more selfish...just to protect themselves.

Well, I'm looking forward to watching Sherlock Holmes and Avatar.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trois Semaines

21 days of

8 days of touring penang
5 meals a day
3 hikes around penang
3 birthday parties
a trip down to kl
And nearly daily shopping but total harvest is disappointing

weight gain - unknown due to fear of knowing the fact that I've gained weight