Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Dinner

Yesterday went for dinner at Revolving(it's on the highest level of Georgetown Bayview Hotel) together with the Student's Council Committee. Surprisingly HP and I were the first ones to reach, which is seldom of me. Anyway, the dinner buffet was nice. The view and the revolving restaurant added ambiance to the surroundings. I had a taste of everything. I especially liked the cakes and the main dish that had cheese in it together with seafood(I forgot the name). However, my friend was allergic to it as right after she ate it, she felt awkward and her lips began to swell. Luckily, she didn't take a lot of it. First picture of the night
View from the top

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sssshhh... It's Secret

I'm sure most of have heard of Jay Chou's latest movie. It's aptly titled Secret. I had some doubts about watching his movie but after reading and hearing comments from people, celebrities and friends, I decided to go for it. I did not regret a single beat going for the movie. It's good. The storyline is also special in its own way. However, the highlight of the show was all the piano playing scenes. I salute their ability to play the piano with so much grace and speed. I read that ALL the piano scenes were taken in One take. If someone played a wrong key some where, they will have to record right from the start again. The ending was very touching. I ALMOST cried. The website they created for this movie is nice too. I'm on a week of holidays now. I VOW to at least finish studying 2 books that are 400 pages thick each

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today is my youngest brother's 14th birthday. His friends bought him a cake and pressed his face on the cake when he blew the candle...From what I heard, the practically the entire canteen was filled with the singing of birthday song. Anyway, enough about him.

My parents are away for week leaving behind my brothers and I. I had to practically take care of everything as in doing all the washing and cooking(only rice as we cater food) and ironing and stuff. It is really taking a toll on me. Imagine waking up at 6am to get ready for school. School ends at 2pm. Then it is time to take on the driver's job. Driving my brothers to tuition and to and from school. Even my homework has taken a back seat.

One thing that I would like to recommend you readers out there is to watch a film called Red Cherry. It's a movie about war and it revolves around a chinese girl and boy sent to Russia during the communist regime in China to study in an international school. Then one day, German troops came and invaded Russia. The special thing about this movie is that it really shows you what war is really about. It shows you directly how cruelly the Russian civilians were treated and bullied and killings of the young and the old that are weak. Mind you, there is no censorship or cut out parts that deny you from watching EXACTLY how the soldiers kill. You witness the cruelty and disaster war can bring about. This film is directed by a Chinese called Ye Ying. However, the catch is, the entire film is in Russian and German with bits of Chinese here and there. I had to depend on the subtitles to understand the film. Lesson learned(quoting from my teacher) : In the worst of times, it brings out the best in people, which is what the film is trying to convey to its viewers. You see sacrifices at the most noble and peculiar way. I really salute the director for coming up with this film. It really makes you think and reflect about independence and patriotism.

In conjunction with Malaysia's 50th independence, let's shout MERDEKA!!! with pride and glory and be thankful that Malaysia is a peaceful and war free country...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My teeth and gums on the right side of my mouth have been aching for the past week. It is getting better though. I think my wisdom tooth is growing. Does anyone know how many wisdom tooth we will have? I thought mine grew last year, just not as painful as this one. I have not been able to chew my food thoroughly and just force myself to swallow the entire chunk. It's driving me up the wall! Arrghhh... Anyone with some good advice regarding toothache?

Penang World Music Festival

Although this event was two weeks ago, it's worth a mention. The event was GREAT even with the rain pouring cats and dogs. I stood in the rain for almost an hour. It was no drizzle. It was heavy with lightings striking over head every now and then. Luckily the rain stop after an hour of downpour. You see lots of Penangnites and also foreigners. The tickets are cheap too. RM40 per person and only RM20 for students. The turnout was good, parents even brought along their children and you can also spot some babies. I stood for a whole 5 hours throughout the entire show. Although the performers were fewer than the ones at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak, they were great. I especially liked the throat singers from Tuva. It is really something that you don't usually listen to on the radio or download. I bet most of the people don't even know there is such a place as Tuva. The Tuvanians( that's what they call themselves) have only a population size of 300 000. So, it's no wonder that you have not heard of them. Anyways, there is also another band that i really liked. They are called the Inka Marka, playing music from Peru, Chile. What i envy the most is that they are so adapt at playing musical instruments. Each of them knows at least how to play 2 different instruments. Some even plays instruments at a time.This group is from the UK. They sing really nice Spanish songs. But I forgot the band's name.

I also had a culture shock that night. I know it is just common to see teens and young adults dancing and swaying to the music (although the music is really foreign and you don't know what they are singing) but on that night it was a night for people of all AGES. You don't just see young people dancing, you see them dancing with along with THEIR children. The PARENTS were the ones that screamed for encores and definitely outshone themselves compared to their children. That night I not only enjoyed myself listening to the music but also enjoyed people watching. All those dance moves really tickled me. I know I have no right to judge ( I myself don't dance that well) but it was really a sight to behold.

I intended to go on the last night but the rain was just too heavy and it didn't stop till 9 or 10pm.
I read from the website that they intend to make it a yearly event. I for one will definitely be attending next year. One reminder though, I have to drag my friends along with me as I went with my family that night. Somehow we got separated and I stood alone, together with my dad's friend(he's not that old) but we didn't talk much the entire night. My brother, went wandering around out of boredom and never returned until the show ended. He went dancing with the more happening crowd. If I was around my friends the night would have been more memorable.