Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cooking Mama

Ever since I moved out of hostel, I've been alternating with my roommates to make dinner. It's my first time cooking no matter at home or anywhere else. I don't actually suck as bad as I thought.

So what have I cooked so far? Mostly korean food because of the materials that were bought. As a student, we don't have too much budget to get a lot of cooking stuff. I've successfully made dukbokki, kinchi fried rice, kimchi pancake and bibimbap. Others are the normal rice, vege and meat but mostly it is due to the help of my room mate who has more experience in the kitchen than I do.

All the food that I made are up in facebook and I'm lazy to upload them here again.

It's a Saturday and I wasted the day away by sleeping in, going for a walk around the neighbourhood and doing assignments...(lame way to spend the weekend, I know) but there's really not much to do anymore other than these.

Planning to sleep Sunday away as well

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Don't Like Hectic Hectic Life

From the moment I stepped into Sabah International Airport, I've been anything but hectic...Life's currently in emo mode. I'm tired and sleep deprived. Assignments are starting to pile up already. I already came back from a field trip and it is only my first week. Today marks the first day of the second week. If I don't get more rest, I think I will fall from fatigue...

I got kicked out of uni hostel and life been nothing much hassle and trouble. Settling down a bit already all thanks to my friends aka roommates...they cleaned and shopped while I was toiling away in school.

I seriously need a break but when will that day arrive?

I Don't Like Hectic Hectic Life

Friday, July 09, 2010

Leaving on a jetplane

Ok...This is gonna super short


dead tired now.. gonna sleep through out the entire flight!

p.s. friends please don't miss me too much. see u guys in december...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Of Friendships

Since I'll be off in no time (approximately 2 days) I been out and about meeting up with friends..maybe except for SUE that was so secretive and apparently ran down to see Usher and I don't think I can meet her before flying off.

Everyone is everywhere. Grown up and busy with their own stuff...but all the girls spared some time for a small get together at Pappa Rich (newly opened at E-gate). Although we're considered grown ups, when put in one table, we turn back to secondary school kids. I think we were very loud that day and sat there for nearly 4 hours just chit chatting about nothing.

Topics that riled us during high school still does about maturing....But its only among these people that the dummy side of us (especially me) comes out.

Too bad a few couldn't make it at the very last minute. I think the next one will be 6months away.

p.s. today i confirmed that i gained back all the weight that i lost...TTT_TTT. Note to self : urgent need to lose weight, cut down food intake

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I don't know when I will finish (or ever starting) my blog about my holiday trips in China and Singapore

Almost Coming To The End Of My Holidays

Picture from Langkawi Underwater World
Picture from Tengeli Desert, China
Big Family Holiday in Singapore
Celebrating Jane's birthday with Kiddies

In a blink of an eye, 2 months is nearly coming to an end. What have I achieved ? I can't say that I didn't achieve but I can't say that I achieved a lot. Well of course nothing educational wise that say the least my cgpa pointer dropped which is really frustrating (there's goes my 1st class honours and exemption of paying back PTPTN).

I'll be flying off in a few days' time. And I still have much undone i.e. my thesis proposal which I have been procrastinating for the past 2 months and I'm trying really hard to churn it out before I step on the plane.

A few things that I'm happy during my 2 months break is :
1. Holidaying -Langkawi, China and Singapore
2. Universal Studios (albeit a lil small) - I experienced the power of express pass! ;P
3. Seeing a lot of family members
4. Seeing a lot of friends
5. Amazingly nice smelling perfumes courtesy of Kiddies
6. Getting great food for a lot of nights

p.s. the only thing bugging my mine the entire hols is still the long overdue thesis proposal.
p.s.s FYI I'm entering the third and final year of my university life. Time FLIES. no joke. I'm suddenly afraid of growing up
p.s.s.s. i think i put back on all the weight i lost last semester. now i have to start all over again T_T