Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rat Race

Tomorrow I'm going for the Penang Bridge International Run. So I have to wake up at 4am! I am joining the half marathon. So I ONLY have to run 22.3KM.. I got persuaded by my monitor to join this run. She tried to persuade the entire class to join and I tried to discourage them to join, but I myself ended up joining it. I wonder how in the world am I going to finish the run in under 3 hours. Maybe I won't be able to finish the race and have to hitch a ride on the sweeper bus instead.

My tests just ended this week. I think I am going to fail in my math because when I looked at the answer sheet that my teacher gave out after the exam, I don't remember getting the same answers as in the answer sheet. But I can't really be bothered.Just have to be a bit more hardworking in the next one, that's all...( if). Well it's off to bed now for me as I only have 7 hours to sleep and have my rest before the run tomorrow.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Yesterday's Chronology

15.00 : Washing flower pots for the school..being a slave as usual..
15.15 : Something bit me right at the butt
15.20 : Went to the toilet to check out my butt..saw the bite swelled like a 50 cent coin
15.25 : Feeling hot and itchy all over my body. Told head prefect that i'm not feeling that well and needed to go home
15.30 : Drove home while scratching every single part of my body..and feeling very hot..Looked at the mirror, my face started to swell as well
15.40 : Reached home and rushed to the toilet..squatted for like 10 minutes..asked my bro to call mum...Stood up and felt like fainting
15.45 : Bro went to call my our neighbour to send me to the hospital
15.55 : Mum reached home and sent me to Adventist herself..Straight went to ER
16.00: Felt very uncomfortable, felt like vomiting..
16.05: The nurses asked questions..asked me to sign some papers..took a look at my butt..I think at least 5 people looked at my butt yesterday..They said I am slightly feverish.
16.15: The doctor came..Asked questions again..And said I needed 2 injections. one to fight the toxins amd one for something else which i forgot. Still felt like vomiting.. but couldn't
16.20:The nurse came to inject me..One at the butt and one at the arm.
16.40: Everyone left me there..My eyes felt heavy and I was half awake and half asleep..Woken up by noises
16.50: A guy came to drew blood to check my allergies..Luckily I was in a dazed condition so I didn't really felt the pain. All I know is that he took a lot of my blood. Then I fell asleep again.
17.00: Doctor advised to stay the night for observation.
17.30: Went up to my room..My 'neighbour' was an old lady because all the wards are full so I had to stay at the old wing in the surgical department..Then the nurse came and asked if she can have a look at the bite on my butt
18.00 : My dad and bro came up to look at me...Watched some tv..Felt slightly better..The doctor came again to check on me
20.30: 2 of my buddies came to visit me..Luckily the swelling on my face had sudsided..thanks to my injection. If not they would be scared of my 'chu tao peng' face. The nurse came again to check my temperature and blood pressure
21.30: Everyone went back..I continued to watch some tv before I finally fell asleep
02.30: I woke up. Heard the nurse came to help to the old lady to the toilet.
04.30: Woke up again. It was the old lady again
07.30: The nurse came to wake me up. Told me get ready to meet the doctor as he's coming up soon.
08.30: The doctor came after I finished breakfast. Talked to my mum. Then explained my blood results to my mum. My cholesterol is slightly high and my potassium was slightly low.(Head filled with ???) Then he realised that he forgot to ask them to check my blood for hepatitis. So they had to draw some blood out again..I was that I'm awake I will surely feel the needle.
09.00: A girl came to draw my blood this time. Since this is the second time, she had to take it out from the other arm, but she couldn't locate my blood vein. Decided to take it from the same arm as the day before. She poked the needle in but no blood came out. She pulled it out a bit and tried the other direction, still nothing, then she poked it deeper..still nothing..Then she tried my other arm..Luckily this time, my blood came out..
11.00: My blood result is out. I'm hepatitis negative..yeah..Now the doctor says that I had better take injections to protect myself from hepatitis. (cold sweat dripping down)
12.00:The nurse came and injected it. I need to go back to the hospital for second and third injection...
13.30:I'm finally discharged from the hospital.
14.00:Writing this blog..

This is record breaking for me as it is my first time I experienced this kind of allergy and had to spend the night in a hospital and had 6 injections and had to skip school for the first time in my entire schooling life for being sick. And all this sums up to RM822.40

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bon Odori

Yesterday I went to Bon Odori at Padang but I felt that this year's event is quite dissapointing. The performances ended so early , it ended before I finished my dinner, and worse of all, there were no fireworks. It was such a waste of time and effort to look for parking space. Anyway, I had a haircut yesterday. Now my hair is shorter and very layered. Days to Exam : 7

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Italiani i campioni

If you are wondering what the title actually says 'Italians the champions. I'm so so happy that the Italians won but at the same time I felt pity towards the French men when they lost. How ironic of me. I purposely woke up in the middle of the night just to catch the finale. Both teams were great, but I somehow missed all the exciting moments, one of them being Zizou headbutting an Italian. For your information, I fell asleep. Haha.

Today, I painted the entire classroom together with my classmates. Blue was our choice. Actually we didn't have a choice, I don't mean the colour but painting the classroom. It was COMPULSORY. Another ridiculous thing was, we had to wrap our tables with plastic wrappers and decorate it. I feel that it is just a waste of $$$ as all the tables are brand new. Talking about ridiculous, why do some people like to think that others are jealous of them when they are being hated?Do they just assume that people envy their childish behaviour and thoughts, which I don't AT ALL think that they are some what childish.I know I sound confusing but I hope you guys out there know what I mean.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Busy as A Bee

This entire week, I've been so busy. I practically stayed back after every single day of this week. So damn tired. Can't wait for tomorrow to end. But then I'll be busy during this weekend also. Haihs. Practically the entire world is busy predicting the winner of World Cup and flocking to mamak stalls in the wee hours to support their favourite team while I on the other hand is stuck doing my pathetic homework. After finishing everything, I'm so tired that I can't even force myself to watch my favourite tv program which is absurd as tv USED to be far more important than anything else to me. I guess nothing is certain.

And there's one more thing that I want to fret about. How can some people be such a hypocrite? One minute they pretend that they are such a goody two shoe and think so highly of themselves and think that they deserve the things that they want and the next moment, surprise surprise, they'll be eating in the classroom right under the teacher's nose. How sick can that be? And how dare they come running to you asking reasons why they were rejected of their hopes? Yuck..

Happy Football

These past few days have been some happy days for me...Italy won over Germany..hehe..I don't really like Germany because I feel that the players are kind of arrogant. Italy was great and in top form against Germany..They definitely deserved to win. And the happiest thing is that Portugal LOST! yeah! yeah! yeah! I'm esthatic!overwhelmed! Kudos to France for kicking the balls out of them. I just hope that it will be another interesting match when Italy vs. France. I hope that the Italians will triumph over them and hoist the Cup.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today I was up at 7am..can you believe it? And I don't even have the weekend already(although it's just an hour more to Sunday..the last day of weekend..and school on Monday)..I totally hate Mondays because it means I have to finish my homework by tomorrow and I still haven't done any of it. Went shopping for birthday present today for Tarzan's wife(which is Jane, for your information) together with SP and ended up buying a new pair of shorts for meself ;D and there goes my $$$. Tonight I'm rooting for England! although I know that they under-achieve..but who cares..haha