Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Lately ME

Since MDO ended, life is a hell more relaxing because most of the assignments are already hande up. There's only 20 more days to my final examinations. Then I'm on my way to Miri and Kuching!!! Can't wait. I'm so tired already. I need to recuperate.

Currently sitting in Secret Recipe while TVB is filming some drama in this very mall. I know that Gallen Lo is here, another guy I forgot what's his name and apparently an actress just walked past Secret Recipe and I missed it. But I doubt I can recognise her.

These pictures were taken in Melaka during the Malaysian Debate Open

This was taken at Jonker Walk on the first night. The three guys on the far left are from Tokyo University. They flew all the way just to join in the tournament. There were teams from Jakarta and Bangkok too.
This is my team. Red shirt girl is First Speaker. Guy is Second Speaker and I'm the third speaker.
This is the entire UMS debating people that went to Melaka. This was the final dinner. Anyways, MMU themselves were the champion of the tournament. I really liked the way their First speaker spoke.

Note to Self : Start Studying !!