Friday, August 29, 2008

Tiring yet fun

Debate tournament is finally over. For preliminaries, my team came out first. It was surprising and shocking as we lost 2 rounds but we had the highest cumulative points overall. Went into semi-finals. And we lost by only 1 point although officially it was 6 points. But there were 3 adjudicators. One of them was a debate senior. He explained that the lecturers didn't really knew how to give the points. In reality it was just a one point difference. We lost on the grounds that we didn't give them a good impression. We weren't very convincing as the government. We didn't have the 'aura'. Our total points were higher than the other team that won but for semi finals they only took the verdict into consideration. Not the points. Today was the finals. It was so sad to see that if we were the ones up there, we would have gave a better debate. But we did learn a lot from this tournament.The debate tournament was from 26/8-29/8.

At the same time the debate is happening, I had to pass up my assignment and had a field trip and had a mid-sem exam. So while debating, I was worrying about all these things. I managed to hand in my assignment, went for the field trip and studied for my exam. But in the end the lecturer was absent. It was good that he was absent. I didn't even finish studying as everytime I opened the notes, I fall asleep right away because I was too tired. Right after I finished debate yesterday, I collapsed onto my bed and slept the entire afternoon right after lunch.

Now that exam is postponed, it actually means that I have 3 mid-sem exams next week. I don't think (at the rate I'm studying) I'll be able to finish studying for all 3 papers...SOBS

Now my friends and I are already planning where we're going for holidays next month and also next year. All because of the Air Asia free tickets, but when we actually log into Air Asia, there is no more free seats(DUH! it's just a sales tactic)But tentatively, we're planning to go climb Mount Kinabalu next May. There are rumours circulating that the price is going to shoot up crazily after June next year. I don't know why. I'm having headaches thinking

Monday, August 25, 2008


...Ok..maybe not really sadness...

the 1st sadness... my cousin called all the from Penang while having a nice and wonderful dinner at Chillie's just to tempt me and also to tell me that their plan to come holiday in Sabah next month has failed as they are too busy with their work and could find time to squeeze in Sabah.

the 2nd sadness...after reading all my kiddies's blogs, i felt a pang in my heart. while i'm stuck here in Sabah with tonnes of work and lack of sleep etc etc...they were all having loads LOADS of fun in Penang during their one week break. why??? i felt left out all of a sudden. like what ming said..kiddies are only 2nd after family. nothing else comes in the way. but i'm glad that they liked the presents that were bought on my behalf. the principle is easy. as long as the present is functional and they like's worth it, no matter the price. so kiddies, don't worry too much about the price(although when i go back to Penang, there will be a big hole in my pocket) but like i said, u guys are only 2nd after family!!!

suddenly i miss scruffy and also jaz. yea, the dogs..surprisingly after reading ming's blog.

and got a new lappie? why didnt you tell me? not that you are supposed to report everything to me but i said i feel left out. so pity me, keep me updated about all the happenings.

i got to go study now..

debate competition is tomorrow and Earth Science ( i HOPE the only subject) mid-sem exam is on thursday...

yet another tiring weak

i'm going kaputt soon

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pictures Pictures and More Pictures

Ok, I took a lot of photos using my friend's phone and I finally got them yesterday. Although it is a little too late, it is better than nothing.

First up : SST(School of Science and Technology)Family Day...ODEC Beach. ODEC beach is in my university itself. It's really really beautiful here

These are my coursemates.
We're making a mermaid. He was more than WILLING to be the mermaid

These are the sandcastles built for sandcastle competition. Does this look like a castle to you?This was built by my coursemates. I did not do any contribution towards the building of this castle. I was busy reading shopaholic and baby under a shady tree. Heck, I didn't even went into the water as I didnt bring any extra clothing.
Second : Karambunai Lagoon Resort for Kampung E Family Day. This was the disasterous day that my camera fell into the sea water. So, no pictures. Sobsssssss

Third : Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sapi. I went to these 3 islands 2 days ago. We were there for the entire day. 8am-5pm. A few hours at each island. We went snorkelling. The water is very very clear. The 3 islands have different types of fish and beach. Manukan is the biggest island, I think it is affiliated with Sutera Harbour, therefore you'll see a lot of foreigners. The sand is courser and the current is very strong. Mamutik is slightly smaller, it has a mix of local and foreign tourist. Sapi is the smallest, but it has a lot of foreigners as well. All 3 islands offers watersports which were so expensive(read:poor student) that we didn't play any of them. At sapi, the life guard took us very far out to the sea, to the place that divers pay RM250 to dive there, but we all swam there. However, all of us didnt have any flippers and he only took care of those that didn't know how to swim, so I was kinda neglected. I got lots of 'kisses' from the fishes at the 3 islands. Halfway through, I was already tired plus the snorkeling goggles wasn't so good that I had to keep on stopping to adjust it, I gave up and swam back. A guy, he accidentally stepped on a sea urchin. My friend had to rely on another guy to practically drag her back to shore. That was how tiring it was, but according to them it was worth it. The corals there were really beautiful. And when you sit at the beach in the water, there will be lots and lots of tiny little fishes swimming all around you.

At 7.30am at Jesselton Point
At one of the island. Not sure which one. But I think it is Pulau Mamutik

See the fishes?

This was at the first island, Pulau Mamutik.Burying people in the sand seems like the 'in' thing to do..

This was at the third island, Pulau Sapi. Can you see how clear the water is?
This was at the third island, all ready to go back to Jessselton Point(the jetty), Kota Kinabalu
On the way back from the islands

Monday, August 18, 2008

Holiday Time

My holiday has officially started. I have a week to 'enjoy'. Let me see. I just have 3 lab reports to write. One Ethics and one TITAS assignment to go. I have to study TITAS, Earth Science and Planets and Environmental Science to study as the mid-sem exams are right after the one week holiday. And tomorrow I'm going to Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan for a day trip. I think around 17 of us are going.

My ONE regret-here comes the truth...I slipped and fell when I went for my hostel Family Day at Karambunai Water Resort last Saturday. When I fell, the camera dropped into the sea. So it is soaked in sea water. I've not switched it on since then. I don't dare to expect anything from it. So I CAN'T bring my camera for my island trip tomorrow. What a pity for me.

Today I went to hand in my draft for Ethics together with my friend. The lecturer just rubbished it without even going past the introduction paragraph just because we did not out in 'In this essay, I would argue that morality is relative and cannot be absolute'. Ok, to be fair here, he did insist that we included a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph but here's the thing- we wrote 'Our stand is that morality is relative and can never be absolute'. My friend was a bit disappointed as she wrote till 6am this morning and the lecturer just went through the essay while rubbishing our essay and said that we wasted his time for handing him that draft It we were going to hand in that as our final work, he would grade our paper as D.

On a lighter note, to those who are fans of Lin You Jia, Pan Yu Wen, Zhou Ting Wei and I forgot the other one's name. The 4 of them came to One Borneo on Saturday and performed although I didn't go. But I went yesterday for their autoraph session. What do I think of them? They are just very normal looking guys. I like Pan Yu Wen the best although I did not hear them all sing. Some of my friend's friends are so crazy over them that they followed them to the hotel (which is just next to One Borneo) and shot videos of them leaving. The 4 of them waved to the camera. I'll try to get the video and upload it in my blog if possible. Another friend went to get their autographs.

*hoping that the weather will be all bright and sunny tomorrow*

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I sat in the library for 6 hours today. I don't know what I did. I just know that I searched up info for my debate motions ie Free Trade, Veto-Power, Sex Education and Proton(yes, our Malaysian car). But I just saved up all the info. Didn't even read them. Surfed a bit more. Read news. Did a bit of my environmental health report. Oh, i remembered I went for a tour around the library. It is compulsory that all 1st years join this tour. They bring you around the library and teaches you how to use the library. Then I had my ethics group assignment meeting where all my group members, including myself racked our brains to come up with a paper with the title 'Is morality absolute or relative. State your stand'. Although it sounds easy, but trust me it's not. Luckily we had a bit of help from Cav's dad. It made things whole lot easier.

Then I Looked at Olympics Official Website and I went to read my brother's blog. I seldom read his blog. But today I did. I was surprised that he wrote such a good blog about his trip to Sabah. If you guys are interested to know more about Sabah. just go read his blog, it's very detailed. Unlike his sister's blog that is so *ahem* boring. He told me he got National Service as well when I chatted with him last night.

I am now counting down to my one week's holiday. Tomorrow is Friday!! WOOHOOO...

Going back to hostel now. Have to fight to get on the bus again..haaiiihhhhssss...and feeling hungry too. Had a very early brunch at 10am today. Now it is already 6.30pm.

I'm dreading to do my laundry and continuing my lab reports and assignments...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You got Tagged

1. At what age you wish to marry?
at least after 25

2. Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?
i will not say no but that doesnt mean yes

3. Do you smoke?
Definitely no

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
a new handphone..mine is nearing 4years old...anyone care to get me a new one?
a usb modem? so that i can online 24/7? for the sake of being connected to the outside world

5. Who did you text most lately?
non..only emails

6. How old are you?
it's for me to know and for you to calculate..1988

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
i just bought fried bee hoon and a bottle of herbal tea

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to your mind. Who will you most likely date?
Alex..listening to his songs now
Summer Boy

9. Where do you wish to get married ?
In Europe? I like the buildings there

10. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by love?
i dont know

11. How many kids do you want?
2? A boy and a girl would do it

12. Are you in love?
As of now? no..

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
Err...NONE for the past 6 weeks??

14. Name the latest book you bought?
Environmental Science by Botkins, 6th Edition

15. Do you believe in God?
Am I allowed to say 50-50?

16. Name your favourite game or sport.
I don't play games but if i have to name a sport..maybe swimming

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
Lee Hom (one world one dream playing in the background)

18. The most exciting place you want to go?

19. Hugs or Kisses?
a big bear Hug anytime

20. How do u judge someone? Is appearance important?
Looks in the beginning but after I get to know that person, if they are tin kosong etc. then're out of the game

21. Point out 5 things about the person who tag you.
smart(future doctor)
kind hearted

22. Tag 3 person who you can think of
Hui Ping
Chia Ming

Jo..happy now? I purposely did this tag thing and didn't read up for my debate tonight. If during training, my seniors bash me, you are responsible. hahahahaha
2 more days to holidays...woohooo but assignments are mountain high....

Monday, August 11, 2008


I just finished my exam this morning. Surprisingly, I could answer most of the questions although I didn't finish studying. Anyways, another burden off my shoulder, assignments next. I still have a lot of assignments and reports to type and print.

My cousin purposely sms-ed me last night when the entire family back home went out for a nice good dinner. I have forgotten when was the last time a had a nice meal. It was way too long ago that I can't recall.

Another thing is, although I've been complaining that food is not good here, I still have not lost any weight. Here, I eat even more as I get hungry really easily. The amount of rice that I take is double the amount I take at home but I never fell full. Why is that?

And oh..I watched the opening of Olympics. Anyone watched it? I feel that the opening was really creatively done and special. They must have spent loads of money and time and planning and hard work to achieve that kind of effect

Friday, August 08, 2008

Wie Gehts

I just read my chatbox and my friends said i was MIA..

So I'll just show you readers what my schedule is like for today until Monday

Friday 08/08/08 ( nice date)
7am-walked 30mins to the office to pass up ptptn forms
9.30am-finally got my waiting number. i waited 2 hours to get a number under the hot sun while sitting on the floor under the shade of my umbrella while sending emails
10am-in the library(where i'm writing this and searching for info for my lab report)
12pm-lab report meeting
2.30-4.30pm- environmental science lecture
6pm-10pm-english debate meeting
10pm-high possibility of walking another 30mins back to hostel because the bus service stops at 10pm.
8.30pm-i'm supposed to be in the hostel to collect my ticket to family day tomoro
Hope for t

Saturday 09/08/08
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little bro. He's finally 15 this year
7am-8pm-Family Day at Karambunai Water Resort
9pm-sleeping on my bed?? or face buried in bio book??

Sunday 10/08/08
7am-high possibility of walking for 30mins to the libfrary to board bus for golf practice outside uni
11.30am-early lunch i guess..
12pm-3.30pm-if nothing comes up at the last minute i think i finally have time to catch up on my sleep or stare at bio again
4pm-8pm-debate meeting again

Monday 11/08/08
8-10am-Bio lecture and mid-sem exam
11am-1pm-Titas(Tamadun Islam dan Asia)
4-7pm-Academic Reading and writing

Please note that during the few hour intervals i usually refuse to go back to the hostel as it takes me at least 30mins trying to fight for a place to get on the bus to go back to my hostel. I rather just stay in the library and doze or surf the net. I usually get a cubicle and catch a few winks. Nobody can see me in the cubicle

Now, I'm just waiting to go back to the office to pass up my ptptn form. i wonder what number is being called right now. when i left it was no.24. my number is no.369. It took them an hour to get to no.24.

So, readers, can you see how life is for me here?