Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Countdown : 13 days to STPM...

So not ready for it and yet I chose to waste my time away..e.g updating my blog, watching tv etc, doing everything but studying. School these few days has been a waste too. Did nothing except writing autograph books. Tomorrow is another aimless day in school..It's finally the last day of school. No more going to school in my entire lifetime. No more school uniform wearing days. It is FINALLY time to grow up(although I'm already grown up) because there is no more need to attend school. No more wishing 'Good morning teacher! or 'Thank you teacher' or 'Shit..I've not done my homework'(which is so typical of me). I will definitely miss my schooling life. Although form 6 is not the easiest route to take but I really enjoyed it to the core. The past 1 and a half years was just great, my friends and life excluding the homework, assignments and teachers.

I guess the growing up part is where I have a bit of difficulty facing up to. The thought of being separated from friends so dear and close to me, for some the past 13years, some 7years and some, 2years.I'm already so used to their presence that I find it hard to take the harsh reality. It's not that I don't want to grow up..but..., I just can't seem to find the right words to describe the feelings inside me.

What more with the Majlis Mohon Restu that the school organised last Friday( it seems that the school planned to make everyone cry) that was so touching and the things and hugs that the teachers gave, it has finally dawned on me that it's FINALLY over.

I will be stepping into another realm altogether..University?Working? I might not know what awaits me but I think(I hope) I'll be ready to face it when it comes.

Books, STPM, here I come! see you peeps in a month's time. Don't miss me while I'm on my hiatus! Aus wedersehen! Out of sight but not out of mind

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Integration Day Again!!

A few days back was my school's integration day again. It is a day where everyone gets to wear something other than school uniforms to school. Almost everyone wore clothings of other races instead of their own. The most popular attire of the day was sari and also punjabi suit. Most chinese, teachers included wore the 5m long cloth that is tied around the body, yours truly included.
My english teacher. She tied my sari for me...
Two Chinese that don't even own their own tradisional clothes and have to resort to wearing sari and baju kebaya

This girl is one of my best friend and DEFINITELY the horniest..

It was sort of a fun day filled with performances and drama and eating food...Lots of food..Especialy cookies and cakes what with the Raya celebration that just ended. This day is way better than having lessons. Sometimes I have to drag myself to school.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


STPM in 43 days. What have I been doing lately? Nothing much, just wasting my time away. I think my blog is getting a tad too boring. I've not been doing anything interesting that is worth blogging about. It has finally dawned on me that my life lately has been very dull, maybe except for the fact that I still am continuing my movie marathon of one movie per week. I've been watching movies every weekend since May.

The latest movie that I watched was The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. I feel that this movie is just so-so. The actions and acting was very toned down compared to all the blockbuster movies that I have watched.

I think Lust, Caution deserves to be mentioned in this blog. This supposedly erotic spy-thriller is erotic-free after going through our Censorship Board. Tony Leung and Tang Wei are really good. They were really into the movie. Lee Hom on the other hand, although he has improved alot, acting alongside the two leads, make his presence kind of shrouded. Keep an eye out for Penang(although is was just a few seconds). Try to see if you guys can spot Penang. My advice to those who are still contemplating whether to watch, please watch it in the cinema. I think if you watch a dvd, you might fall asleep as the movie is very serious and sometimes I feel the pace is kind of slow. You can appreciate the art better too, unless the only art you are interested in is looking at the erotic part. Just to let you all know, I went to the filming location in Penang. The best part is Ang Lee, Tang Wei, Joan Chen and Lee Hom all walked pass by right in front of me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

After so long

What happened to me for the past month? Well, I've been busy studying(sort of) for my trial exams. How was it after 'much' preparation? One word sums it all-BAD..I feel that my memory and concentration level has dropped tremendously compared to a few years back when all I had to do was just some revising the night before I sit for the paper. Math although you don't need any studying, yet I can't really excel as I've some sort lost passion for it. Can somebody give me a wake up call and make me realise how close the real exam is as of from now? I think I need to do some reflection and start thinking what do I want to do with my life. Today I heard a quote from a television drama...life without a dream is like a fish without brains. Does that mean I don't have brain?

Laziness kills. Laziness is me. I killed myself

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Dinner

Yesterday went for dinner at Revolving(it's on the highest level of Georgetown Bayview Hotel) together with the Student's Council Committee. Surprisingly HP and I were the first ones to reach, which is seldom of me. Anyway, the dinner buffet was nice. The view and the revolving restaurant added ambiance to the surroundings. I had a taste of everything. I especially liked the cakes and the main dish that had cheese in it together with seafood(I forgot the name). However, my friend was allergic to it as right after she ate it, she felt awkward and her lips began to swell. Luckily, she didn't take a lot of it. First picture of the night
View from the top

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sssshhh... It's Secret

I'm sure most of have heard of Jay Chou's latest movie. It's aptly titled Secret. I had some doubts about watching his movie but after reading and hearing comments from people, celebrities and friends, I decided to go for it. I did not regret a single beat going for the movie. It's good. The storyline is also special in its own way. However, the highlight of the show was all the piano playing scenes. I salute their ability to play the piano with so much grace and speed. I read that ALL the piano scenes were taken in One take. If someone played a wrong key some where, they will have to record right from the start again. The ending was very touching. I ALMOST cried. The website they created for this movie is nice too. I'm on a week of holidays now. I VOW to at least finish studying 2 books that are 400 pages thick each

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today is my youngest brother's 14th birthday. His friends bought him a cake and pressed his face on the cake when he blew the candle...From what I heard, the practically the entire canteen was filled with the singing of birthday song. Anyway, enough about him.

My parents are away for week leaving behind my brothers and I. I had to practically take care of everything as in doing all the washing and cooking(only rice as we cater food) and ironing and stuff. It is really taking a toll on me. Imagine waking up at 6am to get ready for school. School ends at 2pm. Then it is time to take on the driver's job. Driving my brothers to tuition and to and from school. Even my homework has taken a back seat.

One thing that I would like to recommend you readers out there is to watch a film called Red Cherry. It's a movie about war and it revolves around a chinese girl and boy sent to Russia during the communist regime in China to study in an international school. Then one day, German troops came and invaded Russia. The special thing about this movie is that it really shows you what war is really about. It shows you directly how cruelly the Russian civilians were treated and bullied and killings of the young and the old that are weak. Mind you, there is no censorship or cut out parts that deny you from watching EXACTLY how the soldiers kill. You witness the cruelty and disaster war can bring about. This film is directed by a Chinese called Ye Ying. However, the catch is, the entire film is in Russian and German with bits of Chinese here and there. I had to depend on the subtitles to understand the film. Lesson learned(quoting from my teacher) : In the worst of times, it brings out the best in people, which is what the film is trying to convey to its viewers. You see sacrifices at the most noble and peculiar way. I really salute the director for coming up with this film. It really makes you think and reflect about independence and patriotism.

In conjunction with Malaysia's 50th independence, let's shout MERDEKA!!! with pride and glory and be thankful that Malaysia is a peaceful and war free country...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My teeth and gums on the right side of my mouth have been aching for the past week. It is getting better though. I think my wisdom tooth is growing. Does anyone know how many wisdom tooth we will have? I thought mine grew last year, just not as painful as this one. I have not been able to chew my food thoroughly and just force myself to swallow the entire chunk. It's driving me up the wall! Arrghhh... Anyone with some good advice regarding toothache?

Penang World Music Festival

Although this event was two weeks ago, it's worth a mention. The event was GREAT even with the rain pouring cats and dogs. I stood in the rain for almost an hour. It was no drizzle. It was heavy with lightings striking over head every now and then. Luckily the rain stop after an hour of downpour. You see lots of Penangnites and also foreigners. The tickets are cheap too. RM40 per person and only RM20 for students. The turnout was good, parents even brought along their children and you can also spot some babies. I stood for a whole 5 hours throughout the entire show. Although the performers were fewer than the ones at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak, they were great. I especially liked the throat singers from Tuva. It is really something that you don't usually listen to on the radio or download. I bet most of the people don't even know there is such a place as Tuva. The Tuvanians( that's what they call themselves) have only a population size of 300 000. So, it's no wonder that you have not heard of them. Anyways, there is also another band that i really liked. They are called the Inka Marka, playing music from Peru, Chile. What i envy the most is that they are so adapt at playing musical instruments. Each of them knows at least how to play 2 different instruments. Some even plays instruments at a time.This group is from the UK. They sing really nice Spanish songs. But I forgot the band's name.

I also had a culture shock that night. I know it is just common to see teens and young adults dancing and swaying to the music (although the music is really foreign and you don't know what they are singing) but on that night it was a night for people of all AGES. You don't just see young people dancing, you see them dancing with along with THEIR children. The PARENTS were the ones that screamed for encores and definitely outshone themselves compared to their children. That night I not only enjoyed myself listening to the music but also enjoyed people watching. All those dance moves really tickled me. I know I have no right to judge ( I myself don't dance that well) but it was really a sight to behold.

I intended to go on the last night but the rain was just too heavy and it didn't stop till 9 or 10pm.
I read from the website that they intend to make it a yearly event. I for one will definitely be attending next year. One reminder though, I have to drag my friends along with me as I went with my family that night. Somehow we got separated and I stood alone, together with my dad's friend(he's not that old) but we didn't talk much the entire night. My brother, went wandering around out of boredom and never returned until the show ended. He went dancing with the more happening crowd. If I was around my friends the night would have been more memorable.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back For Good

After being busy for the past month, I now finally have all the time in the world to focus on my studies, homework and catch up on some rest. However, I'm still slow at picking up where I last left about things concerning my homework. Many events took place for the one month that I have not been blogging.

Highlight #1
Prom Night : Stars Of Elegance, 23/06/2007, Gurney Hotel
After 6 months of toiling and fund raising, the night has finally arrived. The week itself was very hectic. We had to go to the hotel a few days before the night to make sure that everything was alright, but all of us were very satisfied with the outcome. All the hardwork paid off.
The ballroom. Can you see the balloons?My classmates and I. Every one turn into pretty girls that night. A far cry from the school uniform. Even some of our teachers could not recognize their students. My friends and I. The photo is quite dark though. No time to edit.
See the balloons behind us? Its a star-shaped arch made from balloons. It cost us RM200 which by the end of the night, only balloons were left. She is the one that worked with me from during the musical concert until now. Finally, the both of us can have some peace and quiet. No more worries.

Highlight #2
Just after two weeks the prom ended, I packed my bags and left for Singapore for a week under the Singapore-Malaysia Twinning Program. We went to Methodist Girls' School(MGS). I heard that they have 7 MGS in Singapore. The one we went to was in Blackmore Drive. The school and some of the students we befriended there.

We stay at NACLI. The place is nice for a community leadership institute. The room there could accommodate 10 person to a room but we squeezed in 11. You know how the saying goes, the more the merrier. However, it's really a torture when have have to wait for your turn to bath whether it is at night when everyone is so tired but still needs to wait for their turn eventhough it's already 12 midnight or in the wee hours of the morning around 5am to shower before we leave for school which starts at 7.20am. However, I really enjoyed sharing the same room with all those wackos. Every night they have a routine of screaming, laughing like hyenas and more screaming before they went to bed. Every night, all of us would come back dead tired and some of us already fell asleep in the bus while on the back to NACLI. However, after everyone had their baths, all the energy would be revived and the entire room will be filled with noise like there is no tomorrow. Many secrets were revealed and gossips spread. You get to see the different sides of the friends that you have never seen before. Its really memorable.

We went to the Mangrove Reserve and Newater. We shopped at Vivocity, the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. The mall even has a park of its own which is 3 stories high which overlooks Sentosa Island.A fountain that is outside Vivocity. Its one of those kind that you can run into.Some sort like the ones we see on tv all the time.

We also went to Orchard Road where I practically shopped till I drop. I was only left with $5 after we went to The Night Safari. Its actually really nice for first timers. The place is clean and stink-free(obviously). The workers there were helpful and friendly. We even had seats reserved for us for the animal show. When we went into the theater, most of the seats were already taken. Only one row was empty and that was for us. Everyone else looked enviously and puzzled, even the mat sallehs and tourist from which ever country that they came from. I think they thought we were some kind of VIP.Hahaha..how I wish..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to School

First day of school, only one word to describe : Devastating. Just like an earthquake just happened in my brain. Results are just as bad...nine on Richter scale. Duties and commitments piling up at hurricane speed. Assignments to be handed up. Arrhhhhhggggg!!!! Sponsorship hunting...I think I am the hunted one..I always never learn from my mistakes. NEVER EVER DO LAST MINUTE WORK. However, I seem to be getting lazier as the day goes by and doing VERY VERY LAST MINUTE WORK. Its mind boggling how I manage to stay so calm although the deadline is in 3 days' time and I don't see anything being done. Holidays are way better. I spent my entire holiday watching tv and going to the cinema at least once a week. Did nothing except that. No homework no studying. Did I spend my holidays wisely?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dog Sitter

Holidays are here again. This time its for a good 2 weeks. Just finished exams but the teachers are rushing so fast that they have already finished marking the papers and some already gave out the marks. Sad to say my math badly needs some rescuing. Anyone out there willing to give me some tuition on math? Teachers really spoiled my holiday. Now I feel guilty for not taking my studies seriously.

For the past 2 days, I've been a dog sitter for my cousin as the whole family went down to KL to my cousin's convo. I had to feed, comb and pick up the poo. Now I realise that if you own a pet, you will be the pet's 'slave'. Something that I really love about having a pet is that when ever you open your door, it will always be very excited to greet you. How often do you have someone waiting you to return single everyday without fail and still be very excited about it?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Two weeks ago on a sunny afternoon, I did my first dissection. The animal; A white rat. These white rats are bred for the sole purpose of being 'sacrificed' for the sake of us students. I wasn't feeling nausea when I saw the dead rats, but I actually felt afraid that it would come back alive and jumped at me. First we had to choose one rat and then dip it into a Dettol filled bucket. After whirling a few rounds in the bucket, I actually felt excited to dissect it. Practically everyone in the class was excited. The first thing to do was to pin the rat to the dissecting board using our hands but of course we wore gloves except for one girl as she said she was not used to doing things hands gloved. She did the entire dissection experiment bare handed!

This is a picture of my rat
Me dissecting
The insides of a ratAt the end of the experiment

Monday, April 30, 2007

Compulsive Hoarder

On Saturday, I sat for my MUET exam. I found out that I'm a compulsive hoarder while doing the listening paper. Hoarders are people who keep lots of things like papers, magazines, etc because they can't decide if they still want that item or not. They are also sometimes very untidy and their belongings are all over the place. They also don't like to be judged about their piles of rubbish. While doing the exam, I was laughing especially when one of the questions sounded like this.."Do you know of anyone that is a compulsive hoarder?".

So while doing the exam, I was diagnosed as a compulsive hoarder. Strange but true. I have always had a thing for keeping things like newspaper cuttings, magazines and sometimes even spoiled stuff as I don't have the heart to throw them away. My room is always a mess. Books, papers, stationery, bags are strewn all over the table. My dad keeps bugging me to clear up the mess but it always end up all messed up again in a week's time after I clean up. the more I think about it. The more obvious it dawns on myself that I truly am a hoarder since my childhood days.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Long Since Last Updated

Have been hectic for the past few weeks doing preparations for the musical concert which was a SUCCESS. Too bad for those of you that missed out. All the effort really paid off. Still busy now...with exams around the corner and my school food fair next Sunday, 29/4/2007. Interested? Drop by next Sunday, lots of food and activities. Will update pictures from the concert real soon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yamaha Guitar Clinic By Wes Borland

To Wes Borland fans out there, eat your heart out. For those that are in the dark, let me enlighten you a little. He used to be the guitar player in Limp Bizkit, the one that put on loads of make up before going on stage. He came down to Penang to have a guitar clinic. He played a couple of songs and interacted with crowd answering questions and requests. He started off in a special way, by drawing a picture of something and some fan got to keep the drawing. Another kid got his guitar pick that said dumb stupid pig. After that he had a small autograph session. Fans also got to take pictures with him. He's very humble I should say. Although I got his autograph he got my name half wrong. Well what the heck. At least I have his autograph. Haha. He's really good at playing the guitar. I especially liked the part where he played the guitar like a violin. It really sounded like a violin. I was so impressed.

Musical Concert

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Exams Again

Another hectic week over. Sports Days is also over and done with. Homework stacked up to the ceiling. And most important of all, I have not done any revision for my exam next week. Tomorrow is already Sunday and I doubt I will have time to revise everything in time for next Wednesday. After that, it will be a week of holidays and after that it will be hectic weeks ahead until the musical ends. It seems that my workload will only increase as the days pass by. In the blink of an eye, Chinese New Year is ending tomorrow. I don't think I will be throwing any mandarin oranges into sea at the moment as I don't even have to time to sit and relax and just do nothing at all. It is also already in the month of March. Which means another 7 months till STPM and yet I don't feel that I am prepared. I don't study. I don't have time to even finish up my homework. Maybe I am not sacrificing enough, just like what my chemistry teacher says, "You have time for everything. You just have to be disciplined and be willing to sacrifice your time, e.g: sleep" I think I will sacrifice my sleep today

If there is a will, there is always a way

Musical Concert

St George's Girls' School's Students' Council in Collaboration with USM's Arts and Crafts Department Presents A Musical Concert on the 7th of April 2007, Saturday. There will be two sessions, Session One from 2.30pm-4.30pm and Session Two from 9pm-11pm. Tickets are priced at RM10 for children below 12years and RM20 for adults. Performances include hip hop dances, quartet acapella, tradisional dances and instruments. It will be a night filled with interesting performances by students of SGGS and USM. Get your tickets now as there are only limited tickets available!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yet another lonely V's Day

Come tomorrow, it will be Valentine's Day which everyone has much awaited. It is during this time of the year that I have ever felt lonelier. What with seeing others receiving flowers, presents and etc that makes me turn into the green eyed monster. On the other hand, if I were to have another half, I think I would feel complicated. I've heard lots of things that makes me feel that love is VERY complicated. I think I'll give it a pass right now and enjoy being SINGLE! It's just another ordinary day for me.

Went for a movie last Friday after a very very long time. The Holiday is a nice movie; good script , nice scenery , romantic and beautiful language. I will recommend this movie for those that are looking for a nice and warm fuzzy movie. Can you believe that the most touching scene in the movie was when a 90 year old man walked into an auditorium filled to the brim and had a standing ovation from all that attended the ceremony. You must be wondering why is there an old man in a romantic flick. Go check it out yourselves. I like Jude Law in the movie. He's such a romantic. Reminder : This is a 2 and a half hour movie.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's RAINing!!!

Are you READY?!!! Yeah... The atmosphere in the stadium is still fresh in my mine. What am I talking about? I went to RAIN's concert last weekend. I remembered posting up a blog ranting that my life sucked and was boring. But can you believe that I only decided to go watch his concert at 12midnight on Friday. Anyway, I rushed down to KL to see him. Stayed with my cousin. It was an ADVENTUROUS weekend for me.

The concert goers comprised of Chinese, Malay, Indians that mostly spoke English (overheard them talking)...Can you believe it? The fans range from young children of 10years of age to fathers and mothers that came along with their children. The concert was indoors and had air condition. So, no sweat!

Rain's concert is one of the most enjoyable concert I went to, apart from Lee Hom's. His concert was full of nice graphics and very uniquely designed stage. Loads of big screens too.
Rain drenched in artificial rain. Too bad our censorship board banned him from showing his abs to us....haha ;P
The concert was 2 hours. Rain spoke to the audience too, with PERFECT English,with a little tinge of Korean Accent. The stadium was packed. Fans came from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and they all bought the pit tickets which cost RM1000 each(still cheaper compared to Singapore's RM2000 ticket) . Sang lots of songs, all in Korean and I only know around 10 songs but I can't sing them except for I Do. When he sang the song Friends, it was so so touching. He stood on an elevated platform and suddenly a pair of wings came out making him look like he was flying.

Lots of people were waiting in line to take pictures with this poster after the concert. I'm in the same seat as Rain. This is the first class seat in Korean Air. The stewardess adjusted the seat for me till I could lie down straight, plus a tv at the rear-end. The korean stewardesses were pretty. After the concert ended, my cousin and tried to flag down a taxi. We succeeded after waiting for around 15 minutes. When we got on to the taxi, two vans were beside our taxi. I noticed they came out from the stadium, so I stared at it thinking that I might see Rain(I know it's not that easy). Suddenly, someone waved at me and I waved back. I got so excited. But when I looked properly, it was a girl. I think she was the dancer or something. The van in front had some guys in it but the taxi was too fast that I only managed to have a glimpse. I think it must be the band or other dancers....haiiihhhh...someday.....hhahahahaha

Coming back to Penang was also exciting for me cause I almost missed my bus because I totally forgot about the time while shopping in KLCC . I reached the platform at 2.05pm for my 2.15pm bus. When I wanted to go up, he told me the bus was FULL. I was SHOCKED. He told me there will be another one leaving at the same time and not to worry. Luckily after 10minutes, he showed me and some other passengers to our bus.

After all the hustle and bustle, it was worth it because I went to Rain's concert!!! Next, I want to go to Lee Hom's concert!!! Hopefully I get to go!(crossing my fingers really hard)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Busy Busy Busy.........

Been very busy lately. Maybe that's the main reason I fell sick last weekend. Down with fever and flu. Why am I so busy? I too wonder myself. Everyday, stay back in school foe meetings, sports practice and still going for tuition, where the hell do I find time to finish up my homework? and rest? It's either this or that. NOT both. So I pick the latter. Furthermore, my classroom is at the very end of the school, so by the time I get to the canteen everyday, recess is almost over. Life sucks. Now with the weekend here, most of the time are already dedicated to finishing my homework and catching up on my sleep. My life really sucks loads.

Another thing on my mind...MONEY.. I can't seem to have enough of it. I want to get more CNY clothes. I want to go to so many concerts especially Rain and Lee Hom's. I so wanna go so badly. Students are poor people. Why are these two problems always bugging me?? I now these are just minor problems but they pose a big obstacle for me........why...why...tell me why....Maybe it's because I don't know how to appreciate all the things that I already have and take things for granted. My head is so heavy now. I need some break... I'm like a volcano just waiting to erupt, you know, like the volcanoes in Sinking of Japan..... I need something new in my pathetic life. I need some sleep..noww...


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

THE Wedding

Finally the long awaited wedding of the eldest cousin in Penang took place with relatives coming from as far as Jakarta and Australia and friends from Singapore. All I can say is that is was a joyous occasion with lots of drama, pictures and memories to be remembered( and also a good excuse to dress up ;P)

The bride and her family and friends

The groom coming to 'fetch' the bride in the morning.
The wedding reception
All dressed up for the occasion
Why do I have to carry your heavy train??!! UGGHHHH!!! The end.....

Although there an after-party at Momo. Went with me cousin and the bride's friends. Momo was quite nice and the friends were really partying, but the club was kind of empty. Maybe next time, I should head down there with my friends. Took a picture in there but it was too dark and couldn't see the interior..

Went home at 2am. Slept at 3am and woke up at 7am to do gotong-royong in school which was a failure and made me sacrificed my beauty sleep for nothing...iiiissssshhhhhh

New Year

How did I celebrate my new year you may ask.. Let me tell you. I spent my very last day of 2006 falling sick. I had a bad tummy from the moment I woke up. I was walking around like a zombie feeling slightly feverish and ended my day by sleeping early and all alone at home. I was terrified that I will fell worse on the 1st day of 2007 as it was a new year and also my cousin's wedding. I couldn't afford to be sick. Luckily I felt better, but I had diarrhea. Still do now....

I think this will be the most memorable new year ever. On 30/12/2006 my brother was admitted into the hospital for food poisoning. A few other of my relatives also had diarrhea plus vomiting. Today in school I heard Jean also had fever and also vomited yesterday. What happened? How com everyone is suffering from this disease?

Anyway today is the first day of school and I already felt sleepy in class, have tonnes of homework and projects to complete. ARRGGHHH!!!! and also.. I just fought with my mum.....haaiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........what on earth is happening to me??????????????????????????????????????????????????