Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Part 2..

Realised my writing has been sporadic and with not much content.

Today I'm gonna write about bring away from home (Although I've been away from home for 3 years, but nobody bothered).

When I came, I was excited..felt that it's great to be in the UK. I like the place, the people, the school and even the gloomy but always cool weather.

And then, I met my flatmates, which turned out to be really nice people. Friendly and

responsible..Small chit chats to pass time and occasional flatmate dinners for get together and socialising among ourselves. It's a wonder how a house of American, Chinese and Malaysia can get along so well.

Going to classes are sometimes a bore, but interesting at the same time. They give a different feel to what I experienced back in UMS. Students are more interactive (except me) but still as last minute as ever. Guess students are all the same all over the world.

Partying? No..I've not been to any parties...Strange but true. Someone told me: But you are in the country with the highest density of pubs! Maybe I have not found a clique that will do those things with me.

Inside, I feel a little tad cut off from the world. I don't have much friends which can be a little lonely at times but I don't look at it as a bad thing. I enjoy being alone.. or rather I've gotten used to being alone.. just like how I went through my undergraduate life. Apart from that, life's been treating me good here I guess.

Tonight, we had another flatmate dinner, a Thanksgiving dinner and it made me reflect on what I have and I felt thankful for them.
Picture of the church opposite of my house on a rainy autumn day...

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Since I have not blogged for some time, I think it's time for an update.

Life in Sheffield so far has been plain Jane plain. I go to class, cook, do some work and sleep and the whole cycle restarts the next day... True, I in the highest pub density country in Europe and yada yada but I haven't got the right friends to spend some fun time with. Everyone's always locked behind their room doors or either not a social butterfly. I am not a social butterfly too but sometimes, I need to have fun too. This is the only downside to my university life here.

In my 6th week now, and I am liking my life here although there are things that I do miss back home. Realised that no man is an island. Even more when I went to visit my aunt over the weekend. The town was small with nothing fun but I totally enjoyed my 24hour stay there because of the company. Miss the foods at home as I have to make dinner for myself here and sometimes just doesn't taste right just not as delicious as what I get at home.

Weather's turning cold here. Gets colder by the day but I'm liking it. I can walk and walk and walk but need not sweat and pant. And I enjoy the autumn breeze and colors of the trees. Overall, I'm taking a liking to UK :) *hoping to befriend some fun people soon*