Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Glimpses of 2011

Another has come and gone... and because I was inspired by a video I watched on youtube called move where the guy took 1 second footage around the places he backpacked around the globe, I'm gonna do it with a lil twist to my yearly looking back post with a picture for each month that went by in my 2011

I kick started the year with my dear family all around the world.. Call them quirky, weird..young and old, I still love them non the less.

The highlight February... 10 years of friendship with my dear Kiddies.. I hope that our friendship will continue for many more 10 years...

It might a lil too late for some people, but love found me at age 23. We're never too old for anything if you ask me.
I finally turned 23! Time flies. I feel like I haven't grown since I turned 21

Saying goodbye to my coursemates of 3 years and bye bye to undergraduate life
Sekinchan with a not so familiar yet familiar gang of fun people

Taking the lead as Head Girl, she took the big leap forward in life in July 2011
August took me to 2 polar opposite countries. My almost yearly pilgrimage to Singapore except this time with an addition ;)

A weird but fun combination of family travel to Hatyai in August
Hello UK! Continuing life as a student once more

My dearest family in UK made my arrival even sweeter.. I just love my cute niece so much!

Experiencing the true Halloween spirit for the first time on 31 October 2011
Seems like I've always been in weird combinations.. This time 4 guys and a girl as a laboratory group.
Finally, a great ending to a roller coaster 2011...Christmas in London. A real western affair.

2011 was an interesting year. Things happened. Things that I wouldn't have imagined happened. But altogether, it was great and I will definitely miss it. Come to think of it, I happen to go somewhere every year. And crossing my fingers, I hope this tradition will continue on for many more years.

New Year's Resolution: Be happy in spite of what people might think about me and just be me. I realise as I grow older, I strongly feel that nothing is more important than being content. So simple, yet so difficult to attain sometimes.

P.S. Looking back at the resolutions I made last year... I achieved all of them! Woohooooo! *pats myself on the back*