Friday, September 26, 2008

Before Labuan/Ranau

I am in the library once again. Surfing the net and trying to finish my one last report before i go on my holidays which is tomorrow.

Anyway, two weeks ago, my friends and I went to take pictures wearing yukata organised by the Japanese Culture Club of UMS. Today, we got the pictures already. Just right before the holidays. Maybe the yukata design we're wearing are a bit outdated but who cares. We just did it out of fun. I'm going to post some of pictures here.
This is us trying to get a candid shot. The photographer was trying to make us do something more anime-ish but we kept on insisting posing our way. It took us some time to get this shot. This was the photographer's idea. We laughed so hard that we had to hold in the laughter for this pic.

These 3 girls are the ones I mix around with here. They are all in the same course except for me. The one in pink is my housemate and a huge TVXQ fan. hahahaha. She's from Kedah. The purple one is very smart. She got 3.83 CGPA for STPM. The blue one, is seriously very daring and crazy. These two came from Bintulu, Sarawak.

Off to type my report now. Adios. Have a nice holidays everyone! Selamat Hari Raya!

Oh and since I won't be around to online...I just wanna wish

HUI PING AND SIAW PING! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY. HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A NICE, WONDERFUL AND MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY. (although I know without me, it won't be as much fun) hahahhahahah....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Labuan, Ranau, I Come !!

ok..this one week Raya holidays is just going to busy busy busy for me. First up, I am going to Labuan, the tax free island of Sabah (aka Langkawi of Sabah). I will going with the Debate Club. It is a some sort of debate workshop in Labuan. So, everything is paid for, from food to transport and accomodation. The things I need to spend my money on are chocolates(lots of them) and hopefully alcohol(I don't want to be caught by the uni). I'll be there for 3days and 2nights. Hopefully, I get to do some sightseeing apart from debate training.

Second, after coming back to KK on Monday at 6pm, I'll be leaving at 7am the next day to Ranau for its famous hot spring and then the next day to Kundasang(aka Cameron Highlands). It is very nearby Mt. Kinabalu. This trip costs me RM150 for 2days 1 night inclusive of food, accomodation and transport + tour guide.

Speaking of Mt. Kinabalu, the price previously to hike up Mt. Kinabalu is Rm350-Rm400. Now the price just hiked up to RM480. I've heard rumours about the price hike but didn't expect it to be so soon.

So, by the end of the holiday trips, I'll be damn broke.

The only regret that I have now is that I don't have a camera. I searched on the internet about Ranau and Kundasang. The photos that I saw were really pretty. It's just too bad that I can't take my own pictures. I need a new camera..URGENTLY. But it is not possible to get one here as the one I'm aiming to buy is more expensive by RM200 here.

I'm off to bed now. Going to watch Mama Mia tomorrow!

and I have another good news to announce. I found out that my cousin gave birth to a baby girl on 18/9/08. Then another cousin is 4 months pregnant. Just like what Eve said, it is the baby boom season. I can't wait to see the babies soon! But they are so far away.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Life is currently on the low. Nothing much exciting except that i just had 2 mid-sem tests. speaking of tests....i just made my 30% flew away for Earth Science just because i don't know why composite volcano happens at convergent plates and shield volcanoes happen at divergent plates. This is sad. Yesterday i had TITAS test. 10 objective questions but the lecturer was so lenient that 'discussion' was allowed. it didn't take more than 20 mins to answer the paper but when we left the exam hall to go home, everyone was rushing for the bus. imagine 1000+ in my hostel all squeezing to get on the bus. it was scary..just like what happened during orientation. but luckily i managed to get on a bus.

another 2 friends left to study. one to india another to aimst. by now, reading the place youa ll should have guessed that they are going to be future doctors. i heard that they are loving it there. but the one at aimst already missed home when she gets to go home every weekend and penang is only an hour away. please think about me then jo, 3months away. totally can't go back until another 2months. now the proposed date for me to go home is on the 3rd of december after debate competition.

i just realised that debate is really taking up alot of my time but without debate my life would be too free. as in at nights i would not much things to do.except for my reports and assignments and studying which i always delay until the last minute. i still can't seem to get rid of my last minute syndrom.

i just went to eve's blog. i just realised that she changed her layout and it looks good. and she went on shopping spree. when is my turn? first it was kiddie ju and then now eve. i want it too....

Anyways, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY Kiddie MING!!!!!!! are finally 20!! hahaaha. no more spare change from 20cents. hahahah u catch what i'm trying to say?

i'm actually in the hall right now..supposingly listening to some ceramah insaniah for kokurikulum but in actual fact, i'm sitting behind tapping away on my laptop as i've been deprived of the internet for a week. i have so much to catch up on.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Money $$$

Today I went to check my CIMB bank account balance. PTPTN still hasn't given me the money. I called them in KL. It blardy cost me RM8 just for waiting and because they were giving me different instructions each time I called. I called last week as well. The person refused to check the reason. Today they told me apparently I gave them the wrong account number so they couldn't bank in the money for me. Sobs.. Anyway, they directed me to fax them my new account number and to confirm with another person from another department that was on LEAVE. They didn't tell me that until I called to ask if they gave me the wrong number as no one was asnwering the call. Arrggghhhh...RED TAPES..hate them...SO I have to call them again tomorrow to make sure they received my fax and ask when they are going to put money into my account.

Life currently is not so hectic. But there is no guarantee when it is going to change. Debate training has started after a week's break.

Since it's puasa, there are a lot of stalls in the cafe..I mean those that aren't around during normal days. I have been indulging myself these few days. Wonder if I have piled on the pounds. I had Bak Kut Teh too, last Friday after my mid-sem exam.

Speaking of my mid-sem exam, I made a stupid mistake. I wrote the right answer, then cancelled it, and wrote the wrong answer. How dumb can I get?

There has been some gruesome incidents happening lately. Then all those old stories are resurfacing. Last week, the police found the body of a 3rd year TESL student. Her body ( I heard) decomposed and had alligator/crocodile bites as they dumped her body into the river. Then the seniors started to tell us about the cases that has happened in the past (just last semester). The girl got kidnapped while on her way to church with a group of friends in front of Giant. Can you believe it? She got gang raped really badly. The police caught them while they were trying to flee and met an accident. She finally went crazy, was sent to Bukit Padang (Tanjung Rambutan of Sabah). Then rumours are circling that she suicided. Another case, which happened last week as well, there was this girl, she was walking back from the sports complex, which is very near to my hostel at 2pm, and some people tried to pull her into the car. Luckily, our cafe caterer was passing by and saved her. Then there's another one, a daughter of an inspector. She was kidnpped, gang-raped and had her genital cut and killed. How sadist can these rapist be?!!?!?!

Today I went for my english class. I heard a girl telling her friends that in her hostel there is this underwear thief. He steals underwears and leaves a note behind with his phone number on it! She called the number. It was a malay guy apparently, and he had the guts to tell her that the reason he stole the underwear was because he wanted to smell it..GROSSSSSSS. There are cases in another hostel that is outside of the university compound. He leaves a note there as well.

Kiddy Ju has bought me an alarm right after she heard the story from me. She worries so much about me(THANKS!). Even Eve also wanted to buy me an alarm when she heard the stories. And she gave me some advise as well. Fatten up or be aneroxic so that you won't be kidnapped. But I think these kidnappings are just random.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


After the debate finals ended, the whole debate club decided to go out dinner at a place called Gayang Seafood. It is some where in the outskirts. The road is tarred but no lamp post. So it was really dark. But it is famous, even among tourist. It's cheap and good(anything that tastes slightly better than hostel food is considered good). We ordered lots of dishes namely fish and prawns. Chit chatted alot. It was a fun night out.

These are all the junior debators, meaning all my opponents during the tournament. My team member are sitting in the front, the first 2 from the right. Both are pretty girls right. Don't you guys agree???

Notice the shirt I'm wearing? I bought it the day before. It burned a big hole in my pocket but I happen to like it a lot. It is limited edition Nike for Olympics Beijing. The special thing about it is the sleeve. One side is printed with chinese motives and written China. During the entire 3 day merdeka weekend..I spent like a total of nearly RM250. Talk about budgeting...always a failure for me. I ate a RM10 char koay teow here as well. It tasted similar. That was all I got nearest to home here. I plan to stay in the hostel for the next 2 weekends. If I don't go out, I won't spend money.

Today is the second day of puasa. Although the cafes are open as usual, the choices during lunch are a lot lesser.