Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to School

First day of school, only one word to describe : Devastating. Just like an earthquake just happened in my brain. Results are just as bad...nine on Richter scale. Duties and commitments piling up at hurricane speed. Assignments to be handed up. Arrhhhhhggggg!!!! Sponsorship hunting...I think I am the hunted one..I always never learn from my mistakes. NEVER EVER DO LAST MINUTE WORK. However, I seem to be getting lazier as the day goes by and doing VERY VERY LAST MINUTE WORK. Its mind boggling how I manage to stay so calm although the deadline is in 3 days' time and I don't see anything being done. Holidays are way better. I spent my entire holiday watching tv and going to the cinema at least once a week. Did nothing except that. No homework no studying. Did I spend my holidays wisely?