Thursday, October 14, 2010

In This Moment

Lately, I noticed that I've not been really living 'in' the moment. Why so? For the past month (yes, a month since I've been back from the raya break, all I've been thinking about are deadlines and assignments and rushing to lab and yada yada yada....I think you get the picture.

I've not been able to sit back and watch what I've been doing, what I've achieved and also forgetting to give myself a well deserved break. I know it isn't right to ask for a holiday but I seriously need a day of fun i.e. sleeping in, reading storybooks, watching movies and unwinding. I miss all those things that keep me sane.

Time really flies. There's only 2 months left to 2011. 2 weeks left to my semester..but there's still 5 more assignments to go..maybe 6...I will be out of breath before I can even start studying for my finals.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. Plan to enjoy the moment, enjoy the now and face reality when the new weeks comes. But at the moment. I want to be in this moment...short bliss...but bliss non the less..