Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December 2010

Been home for two days already. All I can say is being at home is just as tiring as well. I've been going to bed at midnight to 30 minutes past midnight. I can't last any longer than that. But I'm soaking it all up and enjoying every moment of it :)

Today marks the first of December and the last month of 2010. Time really really flies. There's no other way to put it. There's too much happening in the last month of 2010 that I can't help looking forward to the entire month. But I think by the end of it all, I'll be very very tired but it will be worth all the energy. Life's short. Savour every moment of it.

The beginning marks the end and the end marks the beginning.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post Exam

Ok..Exams just ended for a day and I am thinking how I should spend my time. It's beginning to get boring for. I just can't wait to go home. At first I looked forward to the end of exams but now, there's nothing much to look forward to.

I need a sprinkle of sparkle in my life at this moment. Any idea where to find some sparkle sprinkles?

Perhaps, I just need to take it easy and do nothing as I've been doing a lot the entire semester...perhaps..

I just watched Priceless.. a french movie. It definitely shows that somethings are just matter how rich you isn't everything ( might be to some people) but there are just some things that money can ever buy.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Currently having my final exams. Come to think of it, this is my second last semester. I should be up and motivated to study but although I'm not that lazy; I'm just being me...studying at the very last moment.

So far two papers went by already. Another 4 more to go. Everything will end by next week. Yes next week...which is really soon. And then I'm going to Labuan for some alcohol and chocolates and sightseeing...then Aloha Penang!!!

I can't wait to go home. There's so many things happening this December. My cousin's coming from UK and niece from Australia. And I'm hired for a part time job. It's been about 2 years since I last worked. And then its Korea for me! Hopefully a White X-mas.

Can't wait for everything =)

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Season

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it is real. But only for a season. -Quoting some note from facebook-

I guess this is life. Things are never really permanent. They come and go. So for the moment, just enjoy the season and note them in memories after it ends. In this case, ended but was one the best seasons I've had in all my 22 years.

Vielen dank for the season =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In This Moment

Lately, I noticed that I've not been really living 'in' the moment. Why so? For the past month (yes, a month since I've been back from the raya break, all I've been thinking about are deadlines and assignments and rushing to lab and yada yada yada....I think you get the picture.

I've not been able to sit back and watch what I've been doing, what I've achieved and also forgetting to give myself a well deserved break. I know it isn't right to ask for a holiday but I seriously need a day of fun i.e. sleeping in, reading storybooks, watching movies and unwinding. I miss all those things that keep me sane.

Time really flies. There's only 2 months left to 2011. 2 weeks left to my semester..but there's still 5 more assignments to go..maybe 6...I will be out of breath before I can even start studying for my finals.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. Plan to enjoy the moment, enjoy the now and face reality when the new weeks comes. But at the moment. I want to be in this moment...short bliss...but bliss non the less..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Second Half of The Semester

The first week of uni after the raya break practically flew by. But within that short span of time, a lot happened. Luckily, the week ended as fast as it started. I'm crossing my fingers for a better new week starting tomorrow.

Wondering what happened? Well,

1. I finished an assignment but unknowingly to me, I didn't finish it. It was supposed to be 2 separate assignments but I misunderstood it as 1. I ended up squeezing my brain juice to produce another half of the assignment within 3 hours to deadline. Thanks to Ju, I managed to hand it in on time.
2. My blackberry hung and wouldn't be switched back on. And the technician was not in when I purposely rented a car and went all the way to town on a day which I didn't have any class.

The happy stuff slowly took over after half the week went by. Celebrated Mid Autumn Festival twice in a week with making my own lanterns. At the second party, I got drunk for the first time after being in the party circle for so long thanks to mixture of 5 different alcohol mixtures. Two things came out of it. I forgot about work and stress and had fun but I had a hangover almost the entire day the next day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Made It To The Peak!!!

The hike group; total of 21 person.

The slopes of Mount Kinabalu

Me, at the peak. Looking like crap of all places.

Unbelievable? Believe it! Because I finally made paid homage to the legendary Mount Kinabalu. I made it to the peak at 4095.2m.

Sounds easy?? 4095.2m seems very low but it actually took me 11 hours to walk up to the peak.

Why 11 hours you might be asking...because we took the longer route up. There are 2 routes up to the mid point; 1. Timpohon Route 2. Mesilau Route. Timpohon is a 6km hike up which is steep and slightly less scenic. Mesilau, albeit longer by 2km, the 8km walk is worth it if you are nature and scenery obsessed. But taking the longer route has its downside. The extra 2km of walk actually makes your legs really tired.

At midpoint, its called Laban Rata. Here, the maximum capacity is about 100 pax. Here, they provide you buffet dinner. Eat all you can because you need the energy. I ate like nobody's business the moment I reached. After 8 hours of walking, and the mountain guides keep telling u...'lagi 500m sudah sampai' but the 500m takes like 1-1.5hours to cover! I had no time to worry over calories.

At Laban Rata, I rested in the hostel aka sleeping. They provide bunk beds and there's a kitchen. There are water heaters in each shower too but they don't work. So, the water was freezing cold. Then at 2.30am, the climb towards the peak continued. Luckily I had a headlight. I wouldn't be able to hold a torchlight while climbing all the slopes and steep staircases. It was a climb in pitch black darkness. The temperature was about 8degree Celsius with strong winds. I was shivering and freezing cold. My fingers and toes were numb when I reached the peak. Heard from one of the guides that she had never experienced such strong winds before.

At approximately 5am, I reached the peak. The sun hasn't come up yet. But the wind was too strong. I took a few staple pictures i.e. the signboard at the peak, a few with my friends and I quickly made my way back down. While walking down, the sun came up, so I did manage to catch the sunrise. It was spectacular! Makes you feel like all the walking and climbing was worthwhile.

Now, the problem is, walking down. After reaching the peak, my feet and muscles were aching. And there's another 8.7km down to Timpohon. It took me roughly 2 hours to go back down to Laban Rata. Had another buffet breakfast (5 meals provided by the management) to build up all the energy needed for climbing down.

From Laban Rata, it was a 6km walk downhill. For me, the climb down was worst than the climb up. 1. Legs were too tired. 2. Feet aching. 3. Muscles aching. 4. Lethargy. Every single step down was shaky and I slipped like at least 10 times; no exageration here. Luckily I didn't twist my ankle thanks to my walking stick. It took another 5 hours to walk down to Timpohon. Upon reaching Timpohon, another meal, buffet lunch was waiting. I took my buffet lunch at 4.00pm, right before it ended at 4.30pm.

What was really sad was that I didn't have my own camera. So my pictures are really limited. But at least I have the most important picture from the peak.

PS. It doesn't take a lot of stamina to hike up. But you NEED a LOT of DETERMINATION to reach the peak. If people aged above 50 can make it up to the peak, there's no reason why a 20yo can't make it (unless you have altitude sickness). If you can't lug your stuff up, you can hire porters for RM9/kg.

PSS. Bring thicker clothing when climbing up to the peak. I underestimated the weather (but maybe it was just me, because the foreigners made it with just long sleeved shirts and windbreakers.

PSSS. Overall, I used almost 19 hours walking. My muscles ached like hell for the next few days especially when I want to stand and sit and going up and down the staircase.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Semester Break

Finally, after eight weeks of much toiling, I'm finally having a much deserved break. Not to say that the break is a real break from uni work. I still have a lot to do but I'm putting all those behind at the moment. Stresss is really getting to me and it's driving me crazy...literally.

Cum Tuesday, I'll be making my way to Mount Kinabalu. Finally, after studying here for over 2 years, I'm making my pilgrimage there. My main concern is that I would not be able to climb up there. I'm not exactly the fit-sporty-type of person. I did make effort to jog and build up my stamina but the weather hasn't been that kind to me. It rained again today but I did aerobics indoors with my roommates. We're trying our best to compensate for all the lack of consistent exercising.

Cross my heart and fingers and hope that I shall reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

The happiest thing about my 2 weeks semester break is that I'm going home right after the climb. I shall be home for a week or so. Family, kiddies..see you all real soon!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Into My Third and Final Year Of Uni

Week 5 just ended. And I'm already dead tired. It feels like it is already the last few weeks of the semester.

Final year is no joke. It's draining all my energy. Wondering how am I to last till the end of the semester.

I just got all my collection of pictures from China from my friends. And a lot happened last week. Went out to a party. Did the craziest thing ever. But I should say that it was all in the name of fun...
Think I've gone bonkers...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cooking Mama

Ever since I moved out of hostel, I've been alternating with my roommates to make dinner. It's my first time cooking no matter at home or anywhere else. I don't actually suck as bad as I thought.

So what have I cooked so far? Mostly korean food because of the materials that were bought. As a student, we don't have too much budget to get a lot of cooking stuff. I've successfully made dukbokki, kinchi fried rice, kimchi pancake and bibimbap. Others are the normal rice, vege and meat but mostly it is due to the help of my room mate who has more experience in the kitchen than I do.

All the food that I made are up in facebook and I'm lazy to upload them here again.

It's a Saturday and I wasted the day away by sleeping in, going for a walk around the neighbourhood and doing assignments...(lame way to spend the weekend, I know) but there's really not much to do anymore other than these.

Planning to sleep Sunday away as well

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Don't Like Hectic Hectic Life

From the moment I stepped into Sabah International Airport, I've been anything but hectic...Life's currently in emo mode. I'm tired and sleep deprived. Assignments are starting to pile up already. I already came back from a field trip and it is only my first week. Today marks the first day of the second week. If I don't get more rest, I think I will fall from fatigue...

I got kicked out of uni hostel and life been nothing much hassle and trouble. Settling down a bit already all thanks to my friends aka roommates...they cleaned and shopped while I was toiling away in school.

I seriously need a break but when will that day arrive?

I Don't Like Hectic Hectic Life

Friday, July 09, 2010

Leaving on a jetplane

Ok...This is gonna super short


dead tired now.. gonna sleep through out the entire flight!

p.s. friends please don't miss me too much. see u guys in december...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Of Friendships

Since I'll be off in no time (approximately 2 days) I been out and about meeting up with friends..maybe except for SUE that was so secretive and apparently ran down to see Usher and I don't think I can meet her before flying off.

Everyone is everywhere. Grown up and busy with their own stuff...but all the girls spared some time for a small get together at Pappa Rich (newly opened at E-gate). Although we're considered grown ups, when put in one table, we turn back to secondary school kids. I think we were very loud that day and sat there for nearly 4 hours just chit chatting about nothing.

Topics that riled us during high school still does about maturing....But its only among these people that the dummy side of us (especially me) comes out.

Too bad a few couldn't make it at the very last minute. I think the next one will be 6months away.

p.s. today i confirmed that i gained back all the weight that i lost...TTT_TTT. Note to self : urgent need to lose weight, cut down food intake

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I don't know when I will finish (or ever starting) my blog about my holiday trips in China and Singapore

Almost Coming To The End Of My Holidays

Picture from Langkawi Underwater World
Picture from Tengeli Desert, China
Big Family Holiday in Singapore
Celebrating Jane's birthday with Kiddies

In a blink of an eye, 2 months is nearly coming to an end. What have I achieved ? I can't say that I didn't achieve but I can't say that I achieved a lot. Well of course nothing educational wise that say the least my cgpa pointer dropped which is really frustrating (there's goes my 1st class honours and exemption of paying back PTPTN).

I'll be flying off in a few days' time. And I still have much undone i.e. my thesis proposal which I have been procrastinating for the past 2 months and I'm trying really hard to churn it out before I step on the plane.

A few things that I'm happy during my 2 months break is :
1. Holidaying -Langkawi, China and Singapore
2. Universal Studios (albeit a lil small) - I experienced the power of express pass! ;P
3. Seeing a lot of family members
4. Seeing a lot of friends
5. Amazingly nice smelling perfumes courtesy of Kiddies
6. Getting great food for a lot of nights

p.s. the only thing bugging my mine the entire hols is still the long overdue thesis proposal.
p.s.s FYI I'm entering the third and final year of my university life. Time FLIES. no joke. I'm suddenly afraid of growing up
p.s.s.s. i think i put back on all the weight i lost last semester. now i have to start all over again T_T

Thursday, June 17, 2010

To You

This Moment In Time

This moment in time

A thousand thoughts run across my mind

Many fractions are of you

How so?

Clueless myself

This moment in time

I won’t wish for time to rewind

But I wish for the future

For though the past holds laughter and tears

But I for sure know

That tomorrow will bring more than what the past holds

This moment in time

Right here right now

Listen to your heart, your soul

And I thank you for being you

For this moment in time

Always and forever

I shall always keep the faith

PS Something that I created due to a spark of inspiration from chatting with my friends

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Week of Nanjing

Nanjing, the capital of Kuomintang. Famous for its city walls which are about 600 years old. This city is a mix of the old and the new. On one side you can see part of the old city wall while on another side of the wall, there are rows of apartment blocks.

Some of the places that I went to was Nanjing Museum, Ghost-Face City, The Emperor's Summer Xanadu, ZhongShanLing and Confucius Temple. I shall rate the attractions according to my preferences.

No.1 : ZhongShanLing
China Rated : 5 A scenic attraction
What is it : This is a large reserved area of green aka the lungs of Nanjing. Here, you will find the tomb of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in the shape of a bell. Apparently, the architect that designed the tomb suicided after building this place because he was heavily indebted because of the high cost of building this place. A long time ago, this was 'the' place of all places. Song Mei Ling also lived here
once a upon a time. Her mansion is still standing and open for visits. Next to Dr. Sun's tomb is the royal tomb of the First Ming Emperor aka MingXiaoLing. Here, the emperor was buried together with all his wives and concubines as accompaniment. However, the exact location of where the emperor was buried is unknown to prevent enemies from digging up his grave.
MingXiaoLing, The Tomb of The Ming Emperor

This is the other realm (After you crossover the gate). Apparently the emperor ordered the designs to be built as if he was still living after his death.
ZhongShanLing. The design is such that from the bottom looking up, you can only see steps although there are 8 planes separating each flight of steps and from the top looking down, you can only see the planes and no steps in sight.

No. 2 : Emperor's Summer Xanadu
China rated : I'm not sure but it is one the most well conserved historical place in Nanjing
What is it: The emperor used this place as a holiday villa (if I remember correctly what the tour guide explained). The buildings and materials used were all according to fengshui and myths, i.e. the pathways are designed with coins and butterflies because coins=wealth and butterflies=beauty. Only the emperor himself can step on these pathways.

No. 3: Confucius Temple.
China rated: unknown
What is it: This is the altar of education and knowledge. Here, they display all the tools i.e. books, brushes and biographies of all the famous scholars from the past including a bronze statue of the famous Tong Pak Fu. They also showed how ppl used to cheat in the exams in the past and how small and crampy the exam squatters were.

No.4 : Ghost-face City
This is a city wall. How the ghost face came about, I have no idea. Maybe the wall became lopsided through time and eventually formed the face. There's a lake in front of the wall which makes it look as if the ghost was looking in the mirror at itself.

This is XuanWu lake. I didn't rate this place because I felt that the scenery was already tampered with all the renovations works taking place around it. Apparently, nanjing in undergoing a huge makeover in preparations for Winter Olympics in 2014.
This is just another typical city wall. They are all over the city, usually near their parks. Parks are actually a common occurrence all over China because of the culture of strolling and hanging out in parks especially the old generations whereby they pass their time away playing chess and poker and singing chinese operas.

PS. For more pictures, go see my facebook. I uploaded most of my pics there

5 Cities Later

A whole BBQ lamb. One of the famous dishes in Ningxia
In Front of Tiananmen Square
Tongli, Suzhou
China Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010
I'm back home once again after a long trip around China. Had a great time there thanks to my hospitable course mates. I went to Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Ningxia. The first four cities might be familiar to everyone, the last city Ningxia might sound foreign. Ningxia is a northern province bordering Mongolia. Most of its people are Muslims aka the Hui people.
A City Wall in Nanjing.

I've tasted a lot of foods around China, some looked so foreign to me but they all tasted good. In
Ningxia, I think I consumed my entire lifetime's lamb portion within 8 days. Apparently the sheep there are famous all over China for its tender meat.

Shanghai was really packed with tourist especially at the World Expo. And Shanghai is very costly. Burned a big hole in my pocket just after 3 days.

Suzhou was much more relaxed and laid back. I got to sleep in a 300 year old house and on an antique bed that we only see in museums. The surroundings were really nice and ancient as well.

Beijing, although I didn't spend much time there, I managed to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. These 2 places are right next to each other and they are massive. The entire Forbidden City is as big as an entire Georgetown.

Lastly, the mysterious Ningxia. Mysterious it might be to us commoners but not to film makers worldwide. Many films like Treasure Hunter and The Mummy 3 was filmed right here.

These are my short intro for the cities that I've set foot on. Will write soon on each of the places I went to soon~Zai Jian!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Trip of My Sem Break

Langkawi was where I went. Two uni mates met me at Langkawi for a short two days one night trip. A surprise guest appeared at the pier. I was not aware of him joining 3 girls on a trip. Anyways, I spent 2 hours waiting for them at Langkawi Jetty in KFC and I befriended a Korean guy whose on a backpacking trip across SEA and China.

Long story short, I think I only managed to down some amount of alcohol and bought chocolates and entered Underwater World. The Cable Car was shut for maintenance. I wanted to go visit the Anna and The King filming site but apparently it was destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. What a pity. I really liked that place. Langkawi improved a lot from the last time I went there about 6-8 years ago.

Tonight seems to be blogging night. This is the third post already.

A New Addition to My Tech Collection

Although this is not considered the latest technology, it is a new member to my must-take-alongs during holidays/trips.

I have a sudden urge to name all my stuff so that I can find them easily (but it's not like they are going to come running when I call them).

This was courtesy from my cousin sisters : Eve and Lisa. Thanks! love you guys!

My Birthday

To say the least...It was a surprise but the real surprise was the number of friends that turned up. So many unexpected faces...and because of the number of people there, I was so shy because 1. I just finished bathing and was in my pjs 2. I was *ahem*-less the whole time everyone was in my room.

But nothing beats having my friends putting aside their exams for a few moments to celebrate with me. And I LOVED the durian cake. Yes...I love durian... after the celebration I played monopoly on the computer. The game sucked. Would take up the board monopoly anytime.

Of Tweetering and Blackberrying

I finally got a blackberry for myself...after nearly 6 months of non-stop recommendation from people around me about the greatness/efficiency of this handheld device. Although it is just a normal one, after using it for just 3 days, I acknowledge its efficiency-ness and I will get a better one soon (when I have the dough for it..which is not anytime soon).

Since I have nothing much to do at home ( or just plain procrastinating) I recently opened a tweeter account....and I've been following a lot of celebrities...and heck do they twitter like mad...

Today I did something I haven't done in years...I went to play badminton..yes...the irony was I still could play..maybe there's just some things that you never forget once you learned them...I was flat out on my bed the whole afternoon after the game.

Tomorrow I'm doing a movie marathon of Shrek Forever After 3D and Robinhood. Looking forward to both movies!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally back home. But still with a lot to do.. Two days and I still cant find time to laze around at home like always. Going for Iron Man 2 later.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Somethings that I like

since i'm procrastinating in the library, i'll do some blogging. My cousin recommended some blogs for me to browse through..and I really like them. Found another one through my friend's blog as well.

There are a lot more from these websites. I think they really do have some minor uplifting effect on me by giving me something to think about (other than assignments and deadlines and assignments)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Finals is Coming

I'm entering the last week of the semester. Time just flashed by. A quarter of the year has come and gone now. I'am at the end of my 2nd year in university. Soon, I'll be in my final year doing my thesis.

Although it's almost my final week, assignments are still mountain high. I've been spending a few of my weekends cooped up in the library for internet access to finish up my assignments (although it is also a temptation to facebook and youtube, blame it on the lack of internet access). I'm so stressed up that I've been acting weird. I refused to do anything productive (finishing assignments) for the past 3 nights. All I did was play Chuzzle and Bejeweled and drama-marathoning.

Of late, I've have a lot of temptations for materialistic wants. The biggest of them all has to be Blackberry...Most of my relatives have BB. I'm about to be persuaded to own one. The only thing stopping me now is $$$ and I just got my current phone about a year ago. And I want to go on holidays too..

A month from now, I'll be home...I seriously need to catch up on my sleep. I've been deprive of sleep for the entire semester now that I look like a panda with huge dark circles, but the chances are highly impossible with friends coming over to Penang for holidays. Yes, I'll be the tour guide again. I've been tour guiding every single semester break. I'm actually sick of the tourist spots in Penang, and I can actually memorise all the history related to those places.

Holidays, come to me ASAP!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


still busy. think will be so till the end of the semester which is just 2 weeks away. then it's my finals. will be going home on the 5th of may.

current state of to go home ASAP. very very tired mentally and physically.

need a break from all these madness

Monday, March 08, 2010

Busy Days

The title speaks for itself. B-U-S-Y!!!

My current condition
Almost burned out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post CNY

Back in uni for about 2 days...I should be doing my assignments or studying at this moment but instead, here I am blogging...

I just took a mid term yesterday..and assignments due tomorrow + quiz. I don't know which to prioritize more. WTF...

Yesterday's exam was the worst one ever because the amount of studying I did was ZERO. Could some one just hit me on my head?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year Sightseeing

Some of the places that I took my coursemates from university to during their short visit to Penang.

Destination No 4: Khoo Kongsi, Armenian Street
Comments : I actually like this place a lot. The carvings and statues and drawings are classically old with a tinge of old China nostalgia. Each and every carving of animals, deities and drawings carries a meaning and have functions of their own, usually to ward of evil or as a sort of advice to the mortals on Earth. At night, when the lights are turned on, the place looks like a shimmering golden house.
Entrance fee : RM 5 or RM 1 for students and children
Number of times visiting : Since Dec 08 till now....5X

Destination No 3: Pinang Peranakan House aka Green Mansion, Church Street
Comment : This place is also very special. Just newly opened last year. My second time here. I expect to step my feet inside this place for many more times, not because I love it but because I have to bring someone visiting Penang here. This house belong to an old man from China (which I forgot the name) and currently owned by some antique collector. All the walls, doors, floors are restored to their original glory. The antique pieces belong to the current owner. There are a lot of displays showing the past and evolving culture of the Baba and Nyonya living in Penang. The famous Singaporean drama series Little Nyonya was filmed here as well. For those that have no inkling about Baba and Nyonya and Chinese home architecture should pay this place a little visit. Another similar house in Penang would be the Blue Mansion aka Cheong Fatt Tze on Leith Street. The house is a good place for understanding chinese architecture combined with feng shui.
Entrance fee : RM 10
Number of times visiting : 2X

Destination No 2 : Kek Lok Si Temple, Air Itam
Comment : For me, I only come here during CNY celebrations because of the lightings. At night the scenery is good and the newly built Kuan Yim statue behind the Pagoda is a good visit as well. What I hate about this place is that there is only one way up to the temple and it is always jammed during CNY. I drove my friends here at about 11.30pm and the jam was still horrible and the lights are off at 12 midnight. That only left us 20mins to look around.
Entrance fee : Free to certain areas, Access to certain areas would cost RM2
Number of times visiting : Lost count
Destination No 1: Penang Butterfly Farm, Teluk Bahang
Comment : If you like insects and butterflies and reptiles, this is the place to visit. They have scorpions, mandarin ducks, turtles, insects and many many butterflies flutting around near you. If you smell like a flower, the butterfly might even make you as its pit stop. If you like insect photography you should come too. Although my photography skill aren't superb, the pictures of butterflies below are captured by moi.
Entrance fee : RM 10 for Malaysians and Retirees. RM 20 for foreigners. I forgot the price for children.
Number of times visiting : Lost count. But from Dec O8 till now I think maybe 4X

These places, I didn't rank them. I just arrange them according to the sequence that I visited them. So friends (or strangers) reading this, have you been to these places eventhough you are a Penangite?

My New Year...

I think my new year celebrations have finally ended..or at least it should end so that I can concentrate on completing my assignments.

What have I done so far? The usual...eating a lot (seriously a lot) and gambling (only once). So far I've had chinese new year dishes, steamboat, japanese food, hawker food, german food and many more. The list is ended. I'm amazed at my tummy's capability to input so much within one week.

I spent time with friends and family and also enjoyed myself sightseeing with uni mates. Went to my worst club night ever too.

What I have NOT done and should be doing are my assignments and studying. I keep on rambling and reminding myself to do it but my willpower isn't strong enough for me to stick my butt down to start doing any serious work.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another 2 in 1

Watched Valentine's Day and All's Well Ends Well 2010 today. The cinema ticketing counter queue was sooooo loooonnggg.. from the time I arrived to collect tickets for the first movie and when I left after 2 movies and dinner and some story book hunting.

Valentine's Day had so many top stars acting in it. And I like how they portrayed how people perceive Valentine's Day and Love. Sometimes love just happens. But Sometimes when you thought it was there all this time but it actually wasn't. Quoting V Day 'You don't step into love. You fall head over heels in love'.

As for All's Well Ends Well 2010...In my opinion, it is just the typical chinese new year movie that is churned out by the HK Film Industry year after year. Gives you some good laughs and you forget about it after new year's over.

I'm actually looking forward to watch Hot Summer Days but I think that would have to wait till I go back to Land Beneath The Wind.

What I'm dreading is also..going back because then I would have to face reality of mid terms and dead lines. My work progress so far is 0%. And half of my hols are gone. DAMN.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Double Celebration...Double Happiness

Although I'm not celebrating valentine's but it's also an occasion note worthy...

So guys and girls....enjoy yourself to the max...before normal daily live activities resume..

Au Revoir!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Come CNY

I'm back again.In the fourth week of the semester..going into the fifth week. 20 days back in sabah but another 20 days to go home for Chinese New Year.

Studying mode is still not sinking in. All I've been thinking about is to go home and meet up with my friends and family during the new year!

And the sun doesn't shine when I need it to.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Second Year Second Sem

Things kicked off nicely for me. Had loads of laughs with my friends before we all left for uni. I have loads to blog about my semester break but time does not allow. Maybe during my chinese new year break in a month's time.

Things are starting to pile up. All due before chinese new year...dang it. Internet is going be difficult for me again. But since I came back on Sunday, I've managed about an hour of internet daily.

Friday, January 01, 2010


The new year has arrived...My resolution>>EMBRACE IT with anticipation! Bring it on 2010!