Sunday, June 29, 2008


How my hostel building looks like. All the hostels look like this
This is the Dewan Cansellor that I was writing about
My uni pamplet

I'm currently in my hostel writing this blog. UMS stands for University Malaysia Sabah. The uni is very big and has some nice building. I especially like the Dewan Canselor with its dome design. The uni is fairly new. Only 14 years old. I'm currently staying at the newest hostel which is also the furthest. Unfortunately, I'm placed on the highest floor..4th floor without an elevator. Can you imagine me carrying my luggage and groceries up and down 4 floors? Its damn tiring. And the room isn't even permanent. After a week's orientation, the students that are assigned the Labuan Campus will leave. There is a very high probability that I will have to switch rooms. I DON"T want that to happen. I like my room now fairly enough. I already unpacked half my luggage. I already cleaned my bunk bed. I even chose a nice place and for myself. If I were to switch, all my efforts here will go to waste. And the most important thing is that, I won't get to choose my bed as I think I'm only filling in the bed of the one that left. That means that most probably I won't get a nice place in the room.

I'm using the hostel Wi-Fi which is costing me RM1 per hour. Heck this alot more expensive than subscribing Streamyx at home. I can clock up to 5 hours a day. They sell the time credit ala phone credit system. As of now, I already used RM7 in just 2 days.That is going to be so costly for me. I'm thinking of subscribing to Maxis broadband that costs RM130 for unlimited access.

Its bye bye laptop for me for a week as I'm having orientation and I don't want to leave my laptop lying in my room. Not when there is key to lock the room until next week when we have our permanent rooms. I entrusting my laptop to the uni admin for a week until the orientation is over.

Writing off for now. Adios. Chao. Bis Naschte woche

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jane!

My final dinner together with kiddies(I've come to love the word kiddies..hahah..all thanks to Ju)

It was last minute and impromptu.

Venue : Ingolf Kneipe
Mission : Surprise Mrs. Egg (Mission accomplished. She had no idea)

We went to this German Restaurant at Hillside. The food is good and the price is reasonable for its portion. We ordered a lot. We talked alot. We laughed alot. But deep in heart, I knew that I will DEFINITELY miss spending time with these crazy girls. Such a pity that I didn't use my camera for a group photo. Paging out to Ju/HP/CM. Please email me the picture the 5 of us took at the restaurant

Food comments : The soup was good. Creamy and smooth. Actually practically everything was good. We had beef, chicken, wurst(sausages), salad, lamb and lots of vege as side dish. It is no surprise that we manage to finish all that we ordered...(I think I just piled on a kilo or 2)
The most expensive would have to be the beer but it was worth it. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to Eggie Jane, Happy Birthday To you! Hope you enjoyed your early 20th birthday. I know you are so going to miss having me around and irritating you when ever I see you. I wish you all the best! May you be a year older and a year wiser! Most importantly, may all your wishes come true( and you sure damn know which wish I'm talking about ;P..hahahha)

Hello and Goodbye

As the plane engine roared
I opened the enveloped
With blessings concealed inside
The plane took off the ground
So did my body
Somehow I did not feel complete
My thoughts were still on the ground
The ground that I've stood on for the past 20years
As tears pooled within my eyes
As Penang faded from sight
As I slid close the envelope
A new phase in my life has begun

Ok..that sounded very emotional, but that was what I felt on the plane. I was so touched reading the card my kiddy friends gave me. Quoting the card message"I sure do miss you"..I guess it is describing what I'm feeling now word for word. The scenario at the airport was light and sweet. I saw my friends got teary eyed and I looked away as I didn't want to cry. Once I got onto the plane and took out the card and read the messages they wrote, it hit me right in the heart..PANG..Tears formed in my eyes. I had to tilt my head back to avoid them from rolling down. There was no way I was going to cry in a fully boarded plane. I kept thinking in my head.."It's just for ONE semester and before you know it, you're back in Penang for your holidays and its only a 3 hour flight away" Somehow, that worked, maybe I'm truly cold hearted.
Three hours later, I was standing at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food Mania

Since I'm leaving soon, I went out to a lot of places to eat and had quite a number of small farewells.

First up : 19/06/2008
Venue : Korean Palace

I suddenly had an urge for korean food. So I persuaded my couz to take to a korean restaurant that was newly open. Korean Palace is situated opposite Island Plaza. Not exactly opposite but nearby.
The food portion was big. Price is reasonable. Food tasted good but it needs to be appreciated. Either you like it or you don't. This is beef rib stew.comes with a bowl of rice

This is kimchi stew. also comes with rice These are 9 dishes of side dishes that they give FOC
You can ask for seconds for FOC as well

This is seafood pancake.DELICIOUS!

Second : 20/06/2008
Venue : Opp Sentral College. Some ramen shop

The noodles are hand made upon ordering. The dumplings are freshly made as well. Both tasted good. We have boiled dumplings and pan fried dumplings. Fried ramen and 2 bowls of soup ramen.

Third : 21/06/2008
Venue : Gurney Food Court

This has nothing really to do with food. We just hung out together. Catch up about each other.

Big group photo in front of British India

Fourth : 23/06/2008
Venue : 72 Scotland

Just happened a few hours back. I think this is the farewell of all farewell as I'm leaving, Angelyn is leaving, the rest also leaving soon. We had a pot luck. Too much food that we practically had to stuff ourselves to finish the food to avoid wastage.

The food that everyone brought! A hell lot of variety

Ice cream potong...haven't had one in a long time..Group photo again! With junk as our photographer..

Friends..please take care! I know that we are all leaving our comfort zone SOON and will seldom meet up like this again. I'll always treasure our friendship no matter where I am(I sound so pathetic..I'm just a 3 hours flight away) All the years we spent together in school will the the most memorable years in my teenage life. Heck, I'm not even a teenager now. I'm a young adult now. Sobs. No more being naive and carefree. I'll definitely miss everyone!

P.S. with all these am I going to win my bet? WTH

Monday, June 23, 2008

Adventurous June

From the very beginning of the of 1/6/ was a really exciting start. I finally came back from Jakarta. Met up with friends after a year of not seeing each other...ETC.

Why the 1st of June? That is the day Da Jie got married! Woot! Congrats! Although this post came almost a month too late. But hey, u can't blame me. I already told you it was an adventurous month. Couldn't find time to update my blog.

This particular wedding deserves a mention. It wasn't the typical chinese wedding with 8 course dinner. This was one FUN(read:FUN) wedding. When have you ever heard of someone saying that a wedding was fun. Well this wedding was! The wedding was held at LA Galaxy. Buffet was served.
At the end of it, everyone was on the dance floor! When have you seen anyone danced at a chinese wedding. Nada.. To let you have a gist of what the wedding was like. Here are some pics.

They even took instant pics(is it called instant photos?) at the wedding. Alot of things were things that I encountered for the 1st time at a wedding.

The day before we had a late night out as well. And for the first time(again) so many of us slept under the same roof(ju's palace)

We went from Sunset Bistro>Island Park>Mois>SS>Glo>Home and slept at 5am
Conclusion : Alcohol Overload for 2 days in a row

P.S Please don't be deceived. We only had one bottle each and a few sips of alcohol in Mois.
And yes, we only wore slippers, shorts and t-shirts to Mois. Scruffy..So cute!

After that, from 6/6-15/6 I worked part-time for an electronics fair in Gurney. I was selling Samsung handphones.

Then on 18/6 was a birthday party and university results day. I went to Mizi and Bed for the first time..(seems like a lot of firsts in this post)

This is a VERY short post about what happened in June..comparing to all the blogs that my friends posted about the very same outing. I'm just too lazy. Haha

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sabah...Here I Come

Do I sound excited?

Actually, I don't feel anything. It is just something like going because I have to and because I chose it. So Univeristy Malaysia Sabah is where I'll be for the next 3 years. I heard that the uni is famous for being the most beautiful uni and it is going to be big....I need a bicycle..

Does anyone has any idea what the hostel is going to be like? Feel free to enlighten me.

Can't really take the etika pakaian thing...Only formal to lectures? WTH..Where am I suppose to find so many 'formal' clothes. All I have are t shirts and jeans and shorts. And NO SHORTS/SKIRTS shorter than knee length is allowed. That does not even exist in my wardrobe. DAMN

June is definitely one of the most exciting month in my life...Hectic and Adventurous..Quoting Ju.."Kiddies" reading this will definitely understand. hahahhah

Counting down to Sabah : 3 days

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yet another Post

Another post? you have got to be kidding yourself. Three posts in a single night is a shock..even for myself...

Just wanted to comment on the petrol price increase. Although I don't agree that raising the price by 40% is the way to overcome the price increase in crude oil which currenty stand at approximately USD177 per barrel, however at the moment there is just no other way. After the price increase, Malaysians are still enjoying one of the cheapest petrol prices around Asia, perhaps maybe the world(I will clarify it once I get my facts right)

On the contrary, I beg to differ myself. Looking from another aspect, price increase is just a norm. 20years ago, a bowl of hokkien mee costs 5cents, now a bowl of the same size costs RM2.50. Apply the same principle to petrol. Ok, now that we can all see that the increase is in fact inevitable, we should have slowly cut down our dependence on petrol..i.e. BUCK UP the damn public transportation. If it was reliable, one household wouldn't see the need to own a minimum of 2 cars.

Stick to the 3Rs-Reduce, reuse, recycle
Asians especially, need to stop their plastic fanatism. One trillion plastic bags a year? Are you crazy? And STOP taking food for granted. Stop wastage. Has it ever occured to you that everytime you throw your bowl of rice or vegetable away, there are thousands starving away in some corner in this world? People are starving of hunger and yet there are people that purposely starve themselves to achieve that sickly frail thin look.(i just deviated from what i started with)

Perhaps the increase comes just in time to make people realise that and be a little more appreciative

The Current Me

Gonna work starting this Friday until 15/6/08 which is next Sunday. Got to earn some extra money to bear my expenditure or at least what people always it for a rainy day.

Before I start to rant about my life, I want to wish a special someone HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you be a year wiser as you get a year older. That's one of the perks of growing old. I doubt you know of my existence but it is the thought that count...(I sound like some freakish stalker, hahahah)

Recently got to know that the local university results will be out on the 20/6/08, which means I only have about 5days after I finished working to prepare myself to brace the outcome, orientation is on 29/6/08. Life just reverted to fast forward mode. I suddenly felt afraid? it's not what I feel but I don't know..afraid to grow up? maybe..My best friend left for Singapore to gain exposure be it life or work wise. She seemed to have grown up. I guess it is my turn next.

However, I feel unzufrienden(unsatisfied, learnt it in german class earlier) about the state of my life right now. I'm undecided about MY own life and the direction I want to go(without being influenced by my family) I don't have a job right now. I'm not earning money. I don't go to university as well. I'm not even piling up knowledge. I am not achieving anything at the moment, there is no self satisfaction? I suppose.... I know, people have been telling me to enjoy the moment right now as it would be difficult to be so carefree once uni life is over. It's going to be responsibility all the way .

I seriously hope that I find my path that I want soon. There is just too many 'I don't knows'

I think tonight has got to be the lowest I have felt in a long time.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Since I don't have pictures to upload to narrate to you guys what I have been up to during the I've come up with an update although less interesting but at least it is something!

A big THANK YOU to Er Jie!! Bought this back for me (actually another 6 of my best friends as well) So we all have got our very own pair of chopsticks. Maybe now I'll seriously stop using disposable chopsticks and carry this instead. It is cute. Don't you think so? Although i'm not a big fan of cats but this is cute. There are other designs as well, especially the mickey ones but my hands didn't grab quickly enough ;P

Another special thing that she bought for us all is this bubble gum. The catch is you need to mix and match the colours to get the flavour that you want. i.e a pink + a yellow = strawberry

That's the guideline on the back of the box

p.s. I'm munching on the gums now as I'm writing this

This is another souvenir. This flew all the way back from Canada. It's a pencil holder. Must bring it where ever I'm going to study in the near future, to be exact in 20days' time. THANKS Yeap!! I like it so much