Thursday, August 24, 2006

Twins in Genting

I went up to Genting on Saturday to watch Twins' concert, although I'm not their fan. Their concert was very vibrant, crazy outfits, hairdos..But honestly, their singing were not very outstanding..It was more of their showmanship and they really do know how to 'tam' their fans' hearts by giving out presents and all. We had an extra concert ticket but luckily we managed to sell it right before the concert started. So in the end Juju and I sat separately because I had the RM150 tickets and she had the RM350 tickets. I ended up sitting in between 2 male fans. They knew every single song that was sung that night. I felt a bit out of place as I couldn't sing any songs..maybe just 3 out of all the songs they sang that night. Juju was very happy because she was way up front and got to shook hands with Twins. I thing I have to admit is that Twins are very pretty in real life...

A picture before we went to the concert.. Take note of our shirt and cap!

Twins encompasses all : Young, Old, Married, Single

Twins doing their opening act

The next day..

At breakfast..

And off to the theme park! I went on all the thrill just name it..I even went on the shot thing..the spiderman roller coaster(which I paid RM10 because its not included in the entrance fee)

This 4D motion master is a rip off..Sucks loads...might be fun for kids though..And it cost me RM8!! isshhh..

At the end of the day, I can declare myself broke...And this is where all my money went

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Today is the first day of my school holidays. Although I'm just off for a week, I'm going to enjoy it to the max! haha.. It's now 6.45am and I'm getting ready to go up to Genting for Twins' Concert..I think this concert is going to have lots of special effects..Can't wait to see them perform.. My bagpack is stuffed with these foods..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


These are the pictures that I took during TAR College Odyssey Night last Saturday..

At Goodall Cafe after the odyssey...we were just too hungry
The Odyssey thing wasn't too bad. Hey, what do you expect from RM3? It was just like a concert. I was freezing cold in the hall and I didn't even take my dinner. The air condition was so cold, I was practically shivering.What was I doing there?Just jumping on the bandwagon and went there to cuci mata...hahahahah. One thing that I couldn't stand was their spoken english, full of errors and so colloquial that even me, who don't speak perfect english coudn't really catch what they said. My advice to those vying to be MCs: please make sure that you people buck up your english before trying to do the slang thing because it really just turns people off when they can't understand you at all.

Happy Birthday to my Bro

Down with a little flu because of walking in the rain then straight into an air conditioned place.Today is my youngest brother's 13th birthday. Just came back from dinner. We had japanese food..yum..yum..It has been a long time since I last had Jap food.Life nowadays is so, home, tuition, homework and sleep. That is my daily routine. Can't wait for my holidays to arrive although it is just a week.Going to be very busy within the next few days as I have two assignments to complete by the end of this week.

Friday, August 04, 2006


H=Happy to know you
A=Always miss you
T=Take you in my mind
E=Everyday remember you

So to all my friends out there, I HATE you!! Haha

Went shopping with my friends today and got myself 2 shirts. Am I a spendrift? I think I am because nowadays I am already so broke but I still spend money like water. Anybody interested to spare me some money? One more thing that has been bugging me for some time. Am I really that fat? Can somebody please tell me? People around me keep telling me that I am fat. But honestly, I think I DID put on weight. haaaiiihhh.. Should I go on a diet? or turn into a herbivour?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leg Aching

Two days after I finished the Penang Bridge Run, my legs are still aching like hell. After the race, my legs were shaking and worn out. I practically had to use my hands to move my legs up my bed. Can you imagine how painful is that?I managed to finish the race in 4hours. I know it took me a long time because the winner for this marathon just clocked 2hour and 35 minutes for the entire race which is 44.5km. I think he must have ran like the wind. Although it was tough, I still find it fun and I might join again.The view on the Penang Bridge is awesome especially during sunrise(will upload the pics soon cos busy now). And it is very windy.I didn't feel tired but my legs just couldn't take it I guess.I feel proud of myself for completing the race because I was very tempted to give up and just take the sweeper bus to the finishing line, but I persevered.

I followed my mum to her yoga class pot luck. Met a couple that is very interesting there.They are mat salehs.They have been travelling around the world for 5 whole years in their very own sailing boat.How wonderful isn't it, to be able to travel to so many places.Talked about their adventures and experiences in different countries.It is my dream to go round the world but I wonder when will the time come.