Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FINALLY!!#$%$#@$%^&%^* TVXQ

Finally I saw the people that I've been watching off from youtube and read on almost daily basis and keeping me sane in uni.

26th June. Press Conference. Saw them for the first time after much struggle and wait. But my view was so far away because, again, I was late because I went sight seeing outside Bangkok but the boys arrived even later. There were at least 10k fans waiting for them.
Just part of the crowd at the press conference. Just the back part of the stage.

27th June. Concert Day
I was so excited + scared because I went to the concert alone.

4pm : Arrived right after sight seeing around Bangkok. I thought the traffic jam would make it worse..but luckily it didn't. I was not surprised at all when I saw the swarms of fans that were already there. Made a beeline for the ticketing counter. Saw many Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean and Philippines fans queuing up as well. It was about 4.40pm when I got my ticket. Went around wandering to see the official goods and took a look at the fans that were already lining up at the gates.
The concert ticket. The good that I bought. Very expensive. SM Ent very good at making money.
The crowd waiting for the gate to open.

5pm : I went into the Arena. The security was so strict. No cameras allowed. There were a lot of fans that were taken outside to safe keep their camera before being allowed back into the concert arena. Some escaped but had to take pictures as if they were hiding in mice holes. Some got caught while filming and were also dragged outside to be taken away their cameras.
I met these fans from Soompi. Really nice people. Kwan and Kim

Picture before the concert started.
Insa. The first song that made me noticed TVXQ. Put into my ipod by Eve.
This was how close I was to each and every one of them.
Love in The Ice. My favourite song of all time. They sang it very well. Amazed at Junsu's voice.My favourite guy of among all 5 members.

Concert review :

Over all the concert was good. Except that the audios were not very good in terms of the music was so loud because the music was too loud that it covered the members' voices. They performed very well though. The solos that they sang were exceptionally good. and Micky rapped the part for Junsu's solo. It was a surprising match up. The best and memorable part was Hug, bossanova style and Wrong Number and their solo songs. Oh..and I forgot....Junsu flew right above me!!!

However, there is one thing I hope to get from their future concerts. I hope that they would rearrange their songs so that I don't have to listen to the exact same cd versions..I like how Lee Hom produces his concerts...he rearranges everything and shows you all his talent. TVXQ's talents are all over shadowed by mainstream concert genres. If only TVXQ would do a full acappella concert sans fancy costumes and dances.

There were too much fan screaming though. Sometimes, it is a bit annoying when all you wanted to do was concentrate on their singing.


JaeJoong - Very good vocals. Shone very well in his solo song. Can see that his vocal range is really big and very stable. His skin and complexion is also very good, very fair. Better than mine. Can't really see his face because his hair kept so blocking out his face but it was his voice that mattered.

Yunho - Tall and thin. Thinner than I expected. Fair as well. Very good dancer. And interacted alot with the fans, even posed for the fan to take his picture. Voice is better than in cd. His live is better than recorded cd.

YooChun - Singing Love Bye Love was great. His new interpretation of the song is good and there's more life to the song than compared to cd as well. Real person is also tall, thin and fair. Alot of interaction with fans as well. He is always teasing the fans.

Junsu - Best vocals among all 5 members. Stage performance and presence also the best. Less interaction with fans. But very good looking. The pictures that I've seen all this time does not do him justice. Tall and thin and fair also.

ChangMin - The rumoured high pitch vocal is no joke. He can really sing all the high notes with much accuracy. He is really tall and good looking, just as everyone said after seeing him. Very little interaction with the fans as well.

My observations are very unobservant compared to other fan accounts that I've read.

PS>These pictures were taken with only my mobilephone! I too can't really believe that the pictures that came out are actually of good quality.

Lastly, I'll include excerpts from a musician.

Marty Friedman, former lead guitarist of heavy metal band Megadeth and Japanophile recently shared his thoughts on TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki:

(translation cr: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net / sharingyoochun@wordpress)

"They would sell even if they weren’t good looking! TVXQ’s singing ability is worth its value in money.

TVXQ, an accapella dance group from Korea, and who attended last year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen, can be said to be the representative of “Global J-pop” with their impressive harmonizing.

Maybe fans will say it’s b*llsh*t, but to me, if you can sing, you’ll be able to sell even if you weren’t good looking, right?

Their song [Bolero], is a great ballad that showcases their super vocals.
What surprised me was that compared to other J-pop ballads, the feeling for this song is dark. The beat is slow, and there was no usage of guitars etc. Even so, the song gave off a dark and haunting vibe to me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leaving on A Jetplane...

or Airbus to be more precise
Later this evening I'll be taking off to Siam for a week...

Things to look forward to (in accordance to ranking) :

1. Mirotic Concert!!!
2. Temples and Palaces and Historical Places
3. Food
4. Pattaya Beach
5. Tiffany Show
6. Tigers and elephants...lots of them
7. Shopping
8. Muay Thai...(I hope)

See you guys in a week!

Thursday, June 18, 2009



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Click & Snap

Flash - Flash

Click - Click




See you next week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Seems a bit blurry,
Couldn't recognise it,
But it was there,
Truly there all this time.

Madly difficult to acknowledge,
Its growing from within,
Can't be deterred,
Its fearsome shadow.

Finally, an image,
A figure,
So Deeply etched within,
Within the frail frail heart,
A figure that enunciates evil,
That shudders that frail heart.