Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yet another lonely V's Day

Come tomorrow, it will be Valentine's Day which everyone has much awaited. It is during this time of the year that I have ever felt lonelier. What with seeing others receiving flowers, presents and etc that makes me turn into the green eyed monster. On the other hand, if I were to have another half, I think I would feel complicated. I've heard lots of things that makes me feel that love is VERY complicated. I think I'll give it a pass right now and enjoy being SINGLE! It's just another ordinary day for me.

Went for a movie last Friday after a very very long time. The Holiday is a nice movie; good script , nice scenery , romantic and beautiful language. I will recommend this movie for those that are looking for a nice and warm fuzzy movie. Can you believe that the most touching scene in the movie was when a 90 year old man walked into an auditorium filled to the brim and had a standing ovation from all that attended the ceremony. You must be wondering why is there an old man in a romantic flick. Go check it out yourselves. I like Jude Law in the movie. He's such a romantic. Reminder : This is a 2 and a half hour movie.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's RAINing!!!

Are you READY?!!! Yeah... The atmosphere in the stadium is still fresh in my mine. What am I talking about? I went to RAIN's concert last weekend. I remembered posting up a blog ranting that my life sucked and was boring. But can you believe that I only decided to go watch his concert at 12midnight on Friday. Anyway, I rushed down to KL to see him. Stayed with my cousin. It was an ADVENTUROUS weekend for me.

The concert goers comprised of Chinese, Malay, Indians that mostly spoke English (overheard them talking)...Can you believe it? The fans range from young children of 10years of age to fathers and mothers that came along with their children. The concert was indoors and had air condition. So, no sweat!

Rain's concert is one of the most enjoyable concert I went to, apart from Lee Hom's. His concert was full of nice graphics and very uniquely designed stage. Loads of big screens too.
Rain drenched in artificial rain. Too bad our censorship board banned him from showing his abs to us....haha ;P
The concert was 2 hours. Rain spoke to the audience too, with PERFECT English,with a little tinge of Korean Accent. The stadium was packed. Fans came from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and they all bought the pit tickets which cost RM1000 each(still cheaper compared to Singapore's RM2000 ticket) . Sang lots of songs, all in Korean and I only know around 10 songs but I can't sing them except for I Do. When he sang the song Friends, it was so so touching. He stood on an elevated platform and suddenly a pair of wings came out making him look like he was flying.

Lots of people were waiting in line to take pictures with this poster after the concert. I'm in the same seat as Rain. This is the first class seat in Korean Air. The stewardess adjusted the seat for me till I could lie down straight, plus a tv at the rear-end. The korean stewardesses were pretty. After the concert ended, my cousin and tried to flag down a taxi. We succeeded after waiting for around 15 minutes. When we got on to the taxi, two vans were beside our taxi. I noticed they came out from the stadium, so I stared at it thinking that I might see Rain(I know it's not that easy). Suddenly, someone waved at me and I waved back. I got so excited. But when I looked properly, it was a girl. I think she was the dancer or something. The van in front had some guys in it but the taxi was too fast that I only managed to have a glimpse. I think it must be the band or other dancers....haiiihhhh...someday.....hhahahahaha

Coming back to Penang was also exciting for me cause I almost missed my bus because I totally forgot about the time while shopping in KLCC . I reached the platform at 2.05pm for my 2.15pm bus. When I wanted to go up, he told me the bus was FULL. I was SHOCKED. He told me there will be another one leaving at the same time and not to worry. Luckily after 10minutes, he showed me and some other passengers to our bus.

After all the hustle and bustle, it was worth it because I went to Rain's concert!!! Next, I want to go to Lee Hom's concert!!! Hopefully I get to go!(crossing my fingers really hard)