Monday, September 28, 2009

Again & Again

Helloo from Singapore ya all...its 12.45am...and I'm still wide awake...

Hmmpphhh....guess how I spent my Raya Holidays here..

Arrived Friday 18/9 - Nothing much
Saturday 19/9 - Batam Island (Pictures coming soon)
Sunday 20/9 - Back from Batam

Here comes the best part
Monday - WINDOW Shopping in orchard, back home dinner, online, sleep
Tuesday-Today- Wake up=online, eat, online, assignment, online, assignment, online, eat, online assignment, online.....

Yup that's the way I spent the entire hols. Hurray for me. Officially a nerd now. My eyes seem to be a lil problematic because I stare at the monitor for way too long.

How much have I achieved/managed to finished? Not even 50% of my workload as I spent 80% of my time watching youtube or reading some useless e-news rather than rushing my assignments. Kudos to ME

Departing Singapore in 3 days' time and still so much to do. And still much more coming when I go back to uni. So dreading the day I leave here.

PS: Internet is evil (Lack of self control 99%)
Nae Ga Mi Cheo (I'm crazy)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back with Yet Another Celebrity Sighting

Most of you ( that I sms-ed) would already know by now that the latest celebrity that I saw in Sabah is SS501. For those that do not know them, SS501 is a 5 member boy group from Korea. The leader is the second male lead in Boys Over Flowers.

Since I couldn't go online for the past 2 weeks, I wasn't very updated about whose coming to Sabah. All thanks to Ju, I got to know.

Long story short(you wouldn't be interested to know how I found out and how fast I tried looking for a rental car), my friends and I spent an hour plus driving around KK town to look for them. But they were no where to be sighted. So, we finally gave up and decided to go to a korean restaurant that we always frequent for dinner.

When we arrived at the restaurant, there were a bunch of tourist like people at the entrance. We sensed that something was wrong. One friend went down to check out the restaurant. She went and came running out and waved and we knew we found SS501. (very blood vomiting effort trying to look for them around Sabah when they were all along having dinner at the place we wanted to eat at).

Went down for dinner, started sms-ing my friends telling them that I was in the same restaurant as SS501. As I was busy answering phone calls, my friends were already busy looking at them. The first person that I recognised was Hyun Joong as he was facing the door where we stood. Second person I recognised was Kyu Joong. Third person was Hyung Joon. Sorry to the other 2 members but I only got a glimpse of their face.

In my opinion, the 3 persons' faces that I think that they looked manlier but beatiful at the same time. I'm not a big fan of them as I think that from their music videos and pictures that they are too girlish but they arae nothing like that in real life.

But according to my friends that saw all 5 of them, all in unison agreed that real life person better than watching on screen. All 5 had really small faces and all 5 are really really thin.

Not many fans were there. Maybe about 15 including me and my 3 friends. Yes..that little fans. The 5 guys were all but a meter away from me. I even said bye-bye to Hyung Joon which he replied. Hahahaha...I know die hard fans would kill for this oppurtunity. They didn't have their managers or bodyguards excort them to the WC or protecting from us.

Those who are curious. This is their picture(not the most flattering one. if interested just google them up)
From left : Hyung Joon, Young Saeng, Hyun Joong, Kyu Joong, Joong Min

I wonder which celebrity is next. First we had Solbi, then a lot of TVB artists then SS501. Friend of a friend said they saw Aaron Kwok during our semester break. Whose next?