Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Integration Day Again!!

A few days back was my school's integration day again. It is a day where everyone gets to wear something other than school uniforms to school. Almost everyone wore clothings of other races instead of their own. The most popular attire of the day was sari and also punjabi suit. Most chinese, teachers included wore the 5m long cloth that is tied around the body, yours truly included.
My english teacher. She tied my sari for me...
Two Chinese that don't even own their own tradisional clothes and have to resort to wearing sari and baju kebaya

This girl is one of my best friend and DEFINITELY the horniest..

It was sort of a fun day filled with performances and drama and eating food...Lots of food..Especialy cookies and cakes what with the Raya celebration that just ended. This day is way better than having lessons. Sometimes I have to drag myself to school.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


STPM in 43 days. What have I been doing lately? Nothing much, just wasting my time away. I think my blog is getting a tad too boring. I've not been doing anything interesting that is worth blogging about. It has finally dawned on me that my life lately has been very dull, maybe except for the fact that I still am continuing my movie marathon of one movie per week. I've been watching movies every weekend since May.

The latest movie that I watched was The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. I feel that this movie is just so-so. The actions and acting was very toned down compared to all the blockbuster movies that I have watched.

I think Lust, Caution deserves to be mentioned in this blog. This supposedly erotic spy-thriller is erotic-free after going through our Censorship Board. Tony Leung and Tang Wei are really good. They were really into the movie. Lee Hom on the other hand, although he has improved alot, acting alongside the two leads, make his presence kind of shrouded. Keep an eye out for Penang(although is was just a few seconds). Try to see if you guys can spot Penang. My advice to those who are still contemplating whether to watch, please watch it in the cinema. I think if you watch a dvd, you might fall asleep as the movie is very serious and sometimes I feel the pace is kind of slow. You can appreciate the art better too, unless the only art you are interested in is looking at the erotic part. Just to let you all know, I went to the filming location in Penang. The best part is Ang Lee, Tang Wei, Joan Chen and Lee Hom all walked pass by right in front of me.