Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fan Talk

Ok, although I am uncertain about how authentic LeeHom's twitter account is but I got 2 replies from him when I replied his tweet!!! Yes, not 1 but 2 replies. This must have been the best thing that happened to me in January. January in Uni was a drag..I was just counting down the days till I come back home again for chinese new year. And here I am blogging from home =))

Just to show off..Here's proof of his replies
This is the first reply to my tweet
This is his second reply

Thursday, January 20, 2011


First of all, why the question why? Lately, I've been thinking about this a lot. Firstly, my roommate got hitched. Yay congrats etc etc but why must they think that I'm little miss lonely and they are responsible to find me a partner ASAP. I know they mean good but sometimes it's a tad too overwhelming. I mean come on.. I get along fine on my own. I'm not angry but sometimes it gets a lil frustrating. I don't do self pity because to me, being single is great. I do have times that I adore people in love and wish that I could be in their shoes but that's all there is to it. Fullstop. No more and no less.

Secondly, why do people keep on asking if I'm dating. Ok...this is totally related to the first question but you get the idea right. People keep asking the same question over and over and over.

Ok. Feeling slightly better after ranting. This is just a random feeling.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Finally I am sitting down to blog about South Korea. YES! Finally I went to Korea after thinking about it for the past 2 years. Went there with my uni mates/room mates and crazy Ah Ping. My travel mates couldn't make it this time :(

Took Air Asia to South Korea amid fears of a cold war between the North and South. Despite all the fears globally, the South Koreans don't show any signs of worry. Instead, everyone was in Christmas and New Year mood with lots of shopping and festivities.

We arrived on 21st December at about 9pm. By the time we fumbled our way to the
hostel it was about 11.30pm. Nothing much to blog about there.

The next day after Ah Ping arrived, we went MyeongDong for some 10 hour shopping. Yes..10 long hours but we only came back with lots of make up Etude House, Innisfr
ee, Nature Republic, Missha.

If you aren't familiar with Korea, get one thing straight. They are very singer idol obsessed. Hence, everything and I do mean relatively everything is advertised by some idols..Make up products, ski resorts, the subway etc etc.

And I got my first free hug in Korea too! From a German guy and girl in Korea. Talking about going global.

THE Unexpected

What do happens when the unexpected happens? Usually, I just sit and stare and this line keeps repeating in my mind...'Why?? How did it turn out that way?'..

Have you encountered anything unexpected? I bet at some point in your life, something unexpected turned up. I'm not just talking in a negative pretext here...positive unexpected(s) happen as well...

Of late, I got the news that some one I know of passed away in a car crash. I'm not sure of the exact reasons he crashed but the main point is he's only 24. There's a lot more of life that he hasn't seen or tasted.

It always has to be something drastic to make us realise that life isn't forever and life is full of the unexpecteds...Of course good things make life feel greater and enjoyable. Humans are ignorant..and they always ignore the negative things..when something tragic happens, we stop short in our steps and feel shocked because we only acknowledge the good stuff, never the bad.

The news made me realise 2 things which I already know but often forget.
1. Life isn't forever and full of unexpected stuff.
2. Don't take things for granted. Cherish every moment. It counts be it the bad or the good because that is the package that life comes with. It is how you lived that is important. Not making a picture perfect life.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Although 6 days have rolled by in 2011, I don't think it is too late to make a new year's resolution....I try to keep it simple so that it doesn't become impossible to keep to my resolution.

So this year, it's going to be different as I (hope) I will be graduating and transition into the working world.

Resolution 1: Graduate!
Resolution 2: Lose some weight? (been at this for many many years but I don't think I've been successful)
Resolution 3: Do what ever that makes me happy! Life's short and I'm not getting any younger. I still have a lot to achieve..

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Remembering 2010

I suddenly feel that sitting down and doing a recap of how I spent my year is a good thing. Makes me realise how much I've achieved (or not) to make me feel thankful for my year and promise to make the next year a better one. Looking back...2010 has been a really really great year for me. I love it so much that I'm a little sad that it's over now...

On new year's day of 2010, I made a resolution to embrace 2010 with anticipation and I did it alright!

February was some kind of reunion for family and friends and lovers (although I'm not included in this category) over chinese new year and valentine's day. It has dawned on me that I can't seem to spend enough time with my family and friends. There's always endless chats about nothing and time seems to tick by too quickly.

All through March I was toiling away at assignments and midterms..not much highlight there.

Come April, my friends gave a surprise birthday just a day before exams...Heck..I was 22 before I knew great pressies for my birthday as well

May and June were great! I got a finally after procrastinating about it for the entire first half of 2010. And I went to Langkawi with friends, China to meet friends and Singapore with family. 2 months of full travel and sightseeing and enjoying with family and friends.

July..I started my final year in UMS. Yes, my final year and I can't believe it. Life was much more hectic than the previous semesters with assignments, labs and fieldtrips and FYP. I got kicked out of the hostel as well. But now, looking back, I think it was good that I got kicked out. I have more freedom, made more friends and learned how to cook.

August...did something crazy at the club which was fun!

September...I finally conquered Mount Kinabalu and went home for raya break where I got to meet up with lots of friends which I have not seen in a long time except for Sue. Got drunk for the first time in my life during house party over MidAutumn Festival.

October...continued to toil over reports assignments etc...finally I got to enjoy it on house halloween party and enjoyed halloween night in the club with friends and cousin all the way from Penang. Was a crazily fun night..

November...Exams and saying farewell to a friend...There's always an end to all things and the end also signifies a new beginning.

December..Worked part time after not working for almost 2 years. Went down to Batu Pahat for the first time due to work. 8 days of cold cold fun in Korea..with snows and clubs and shopping! Spending time with family and cousins from UK and Australia and hanging out with friends..

Before you know it, 2010 is over and all the 365 days of it can be summarised into a short blog. Whaddaya know right?

PS After writing this blog, I realised that I shall miss 2010 very much. All the first times doing crazy stuffs and travelling and etc etc...

So dear 2010, I shall keep u embedded in my heart for always =)

New Year has come and gone

Speak of the devil and 2010 is gone and 2011 is here. I haven't found the time to blog on the eve of new year as I always do. But I'm now back to catch up on it.

Anyways, it's just the fifth day of 2011 and I'm down with flu, cough, sore throat and fever. What a good beginning to 2011 for me.

The past one month of semester seemed like a dream for me. And in total, I think I only spent like 10days at home out of the 30 days break. It's even more hectic than when I was studying in uni. Time really flew by. I was looking forward to my much awaited Korea trip and now it's over and I'm back in Sabah. I shall try to find time to blog about my Korea trip soon...before my classes start and assignments start pouring in like crazy since this is my final semester already. YES..I'm graduating really soon and it just seemed like I just step foot into uni not long ago.