Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm FINALLY back!!

Did anyone missed me? I doubt it. Anyway, what have I been up to for the past month? Can you believe that it has been one month since I finished STPM? I didn't do anything much...practically just pigging away on hawker food day and night and when there is time..laze around on my bed. I have not had much rest unlike all my friends. I started work the Monday right after my last paper, which means that I only had 5 days of rest. However, 3 days was spent tour guiding a family friend from KL. The next 2 days, I forgot what I did but to sum it all up, I didn't get to recharge myself and I already embarked onto a new phase-Working life. My job is really exciting. From the moment I step into the office the phone doesn't stop ringing till it is time for me to go home. There will always to deadlines to meet and customers and vendors and sales persons to please on the phone. I'm not complaining though. Times really flies when I'm in the office. And since it is the holiday season, all my relatives from near and far have decided to congregate on the Pearl Island. Going to work during the day and entertaining relatives in the night, how taxing it is for me? You go figure! Well, I can't write or more precisely type word for word what I've been up to lately, but this should sum it all up plus the pictures. As the saying goes, a pictures is worth a thousand words so with the amount of pictures that I posted it will be a few thousands words.

The first event after STPM...the little baby's birthday..A real diehard fan of mickey. I think this is the 3rd mickey mouse birthday cake in a row...

Up next : Christmas eve dinner with the whole family...we decided on steamboat
Went to church for a little while. ..just to capture the Christmas classmate

Went out for a drink with my cousins.. and I do mean a drink.. Only drank one mug of beer the entire night because I was the assigned driver..

This is QE2. I really like the atmosphere and the view alot. Such a pity the crowd isn't what I expected. Mostly saw the older generation(ahem...old enough to be called aunties and uncles)... oh where oh where have all the pretty/handsome guys gone?
Me, my ever so funny cousin, another cousin and his girlfriend, a very nice girl..i like her so much..

Taken while having hokkien mee at 12.30am in Hot Wok. So love the yam cake there
31/12/2007 : This was how i spent my last day of 2007. At my friend's house. A year has come and gone. Hopefully I will face the new year with more courage and good luck and $$$$
1/1/2008: Typical of us to hang out at Gurney. All my friends..Pretty girls in a row. Watched National Treasure 2 on the 1st day of 2008. The movie gets a 6+ out of 10.