Thursday, July 31, 2008

Its All About The Love-Hate Feeling

Today I waited an hour for the bus. I was queing for the bus since 6.45am. I only got onto the bus at 7.35am. Why? Because there were too many pathetic people cutting the queue. The line itself was already long enough without their 'good ethics'..maybe approximately 50m from the bus stop? and they cut the queue in groups! of like...5 people at a time. some guys they are smarter. they cut the queue alone. just stand right in front of you like they have been standing there all along. WTF!!!!!! I can't tolerate this anymore. People have been cutting queue like nobody's business. This is totally unfair for people like me, waiting since 6.45am and they just jump in front of you at 7.15am.

I wake up at 5.50am everyday to make sure that I am not too far from the bus stop. At around 6.50am, the queue is already maybe 100m away from the bus stop. ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

On a lighter note....Am I a TVXQ fan attracter or what? My roommate happens to be a big fan and guess what. I was in the library yesterday..surfing the internet and doing some SQ3R research. I looked at soompi which has like loads of e-news. Suddenly this malay girl came up to me and asked 'What are u looking at? Is that TVXQ? Can I see as well. I like them alot. Do you have their pics? Can I save them in my pendrive..etc' I was a bit shocked but I guess it was more of a surprise. My friend, a big fan of Ayumi Hamasaki is envious. She keeps asking how come when I look at Ayumi stuff nobody comes up to me? hahhahhahhaha...

I'm currently very busy with a lot of activities on hand. I accidentally join a committee and I'm supposed to find some company to sponsor the uni's ICT Carnival. We need to look for at least RM3000. Heck, where am I suppose to start? I', not even familiar with Sabah.

And oh, I joined UMS's English Debating Society. We had our first training last night. We have a tournament coming up. They hope to train us up in time for the cup in a month's time.

Going lunch now....Adios

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News Flash

A girl taking Forestry Course just moved into the room of this writer. She hails from Malacca. According to the girl, she will be quite often going on camping trips that lasts days in the jungles of Borneo. This means that practically, to the sole occupant of the room before she moved in, the occupant will be alone most of the times, just like the times before she moved in.

After a short interview session, it is found that this girl from Malacca is a very bubbly and chatty person. She comes a chinese educated background(another one), so the writer has to rely on Mandarin to converse. This writer is not being biased towards Mandarin but she secretly longs for Hokkien and English. Fortunately, some time around 2 weeks ago, the writer's ex-school mate arrived in Sabah to join her.

Currently, this writer is JUST starting to get busy with assignments, date lines and exams that coming up in the next 2 weeks. Life is hectic. She strongly opposes the idea that University life is free and easy. The writer is also wondering what is going on in her friends' life from her hometown.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


'You either be a hero or live long enough to be the villain' (something of that sort)

I went to catch a movie last night. Finally, after a month of abstinence from the cinema. And luckily I did the right choice but choosing to watch this movie. All I can say is that acting, the actors especially Heath Ledger as The Joker was so convincing! But at the end of the movie, I felt pity for Batman, not a hero without a face, just being what the city needs him to be. This just shows how this reality world is. Nothing is what it seems. Although this movie is one of the darkest Batman movie ever made, it has got a special edge to it(not the typical hero saves the day storyline).

Yesterday was definitely one of the higlights of my time here in Sabah. For your info, the mall next to my uni is always abuzz with activities, especially promotional event for Hong Kong artists. So far, Joe Ma, Momo Yung and Bosco Wong were here but I didn't go see them. Last week, it was a programme with Super Trio Show.

So, I just finished grocery shopping together with my friend and we were riding up this escalator. I looked around and noticed that the Adidas shop was packed for some reason. I thought it was because the sale carnival just started. So, I didn't pay much attention but then I realised that the people were wearing the same t-shirt-TVB Crew. So I looked into the shop. I saw Hung Tin Meng. At first, I forgot his name but I could remember his face. And yes, he looks much more handsome than on tv or picture. Then I saw Chin Kah Lok and then Yuen Sieu Cheung( please take note that I totally forgot everyone's name). Then my friend asked if Eric Tseng was here.

So, we stood outside the shop. A few other people spotted them as well. They were all furiously looking at clothes inside the shop. It seems like they won't leave without buying. Then suddenly came Eric Tseng. Chin Kah Lok was the first one to leave the shop. He walked right past in front of me. Then I pointed at him and said very loudly 'Eh..da!' coz I forgot his name. He looked at me and smiled and continued walking. Then everyone starting leaving the shop. The few fans that were there were asking for photos. Being the shy person that I was I didn't go up to ask for one( the crew were pushing people away as well) Then Hung Tin Meng walked out. My friend approached him but was blocked by the crew. I just suddenly blurted 'Can I take a picture with you? Just one'. Then he stopped and said 'ok, just one.'
He is actually really tall too. He was abit more friendly. His had his hands placed on our shoulders lightly.

Then my friend was determined to take a photo with Eric as she was a big fan and have been watching The Super Trio Show since god knows when. So we walked around the mall, all the time carrying a 5litre water that she bought from Giant. It was darn heavy and I helped her carry it abit while hunting for Eric. Anyway, we came up infront of Quiksilver as there were a few fans outside. This time my friend was a bit more daring and went up directly to Chin Kah Lok and asked for a picture. He was ok with it too. He is kinda

Then we went back to hunting for Eric. We practically walked the entire mall. All its' 3 floors and almost gave up coz it was getting dark. We usually go back before the sky gets dark. It is a bit dangerous here, even in broad daylight. My friends they got threathened while in KK, in the middle of the road in broad daylight and They were walking in group of 3.

Finally, we found them in an Apple shop. According to my friend, they bought 2 ipods. She went in to look at mac books while waiting for them to come out of the shop while I just waited outside.

Can you just see how brightly she is smiling? I missed my chance of taking a photo with him as there were a number of fans outside and the crew stopped me again. So I just let it go. He is seriously short though. Compare the pictures that my friend and I took with other artists then compare this picture. You can do the math, right?

He was shopping with Eric. He stood by the side. There were people asking him to take photo as well, so I took one as well. I was so shy and I told him 'Sorry... Chor Chu Lei Mai Yeh'(in cantonese-sorry for disturbing you while you are shopping) and he said something like 'Mm chor or mm kan you'(it is ok).

So that is my most exciting week here yet(I hope).. to the future Mrs. Egg.. I hope you are reading this, this week I met the Entau wan almost every day in uni. But yesterday, he lost to Batman and Hung Tin Meng..hahahahaha and I found out about his name as well. Can you believe it? I finally did it.

I just realized that I look very round in my pictures. I need to lose some fat although I doubt it will work. The food here sucks but I don't see myself losing any weight the past month I'm here. The pictures are the proof.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm now writing from my university library. Yes, I know that I'm supposed to be studying in the library. What was I thinking about blogging. Anyways, I have ONE good news to post. That is (drum rolls please) CAVINA is here in UMS. Guess what, she is taking the same course as I am. It could have been a happier news if the admin allowed her to move into my room. But it didn't. But now at least I have a friend and when I mumble stuff in hokkien, at least some one understands me. hahahahaha

Life is starting to get busy with assignments piling up. Internet connection is still a pain in the arse. I discovered that the only time to go online is in the morning when everyone goes to lectures. My lecturer is in Korea so class was cancelled. I slept till 8am and online on msn, talked to Bola. At least there is a soul that wakes up in the morning(she is working/msn)

Mid-sem exams are coming up soon. It feels like the sem just started and exams are already coming up. The only good thing that comes with poor internet connection is that, it makes me study to pass the time. When have you ever heard of yours truly here studying? Never in my entire schooling life I revise almost on nightly basis.

I had a quiz on Monday. I did revise but I didn't do so well. I studied but I did not look at the diagrams and the question was to draw 2 cell diagrams. What is past is past. No use crying over spilt milk.

I have a new hobby now since I came to Sabah. That is to write emails. Internet and Msn, with frequent disconnection, I have resorted to writing emails to keep up with news with friends. The condition is so bad that I have to write my emails at night with microsoft word and save it, then email it when I wait for the lecturers to arrive in the morning using the uni's wireless.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Apa kamu rasa?

Classes started on Monday. I have classes everyday in the morning. Mostly until 1pm only. Fridays no classes. Actually uni life is kinda laid back, you need to put int the effort yourself. Not just wait for the lecturers to spoon feed us. I hope I get into study mode ASAP. No more devastating results for me. Once was more than enough.

Anyways, life is kinda platonic for me right here, repetitive..everyday. Wake up at 6am everyday, wait for shuttle bus at 7, enter class from 8-10 and 11-1, then I'm free to do what ever I want.

Internet is still an obstacle for me. I found out that if I were to subscribe to Celcom I need to pay RM297 for the first month and RM99 per month afterwards. If I were to apply to Maxis, then I only need to pay RM138 every month. By the looks of it, the long term solution is to apply to Celcom, but that would mean I need to cut back on my pocket money by RM100 monthly. I'm so confused right now. Yes, I get to go online FOC in other uni buildings except for my hostel, but then they blocked out MSN, Youtube, both my staple entertainment and route to the outside world. Going online in my hostel costs me RM10 for only 8 hours valid for only 7days or RM30 for 40hours valid for 30days and it id only limited to 500users. I think I can only decide after the hostel cyber cafe upgraded their server from 2Mb to 10Mb.

For your information, I still don't have any room mate and honestly, I feel quite happy having the room all to myself. I can just leave my things lying around in my room, no qualms.

Friends, I found a few(mostly from Sarawak-Chinese) that click very well with me, but somehow, the feel is never the same as the feel when I am around my secondary school friends and kiddies, especially. 99% of chinese here speak Mandarin. I have no choice but to converse in Mandarin as well. I miss listening to English, mind you, perfect English, not those broken English that most people use here and surprisingly, hokkien. I MISS GOOD food as well. All that I can get around here is nasi kandar and mee goreng.

There are somethings that I can and can't get used to. I don't mind walking from one place to another as I have my trusty umbrella, protects me rain or shine. Heck, I don't even mind climbing up four floors daily or even waiting for the bus at 7am. But I can't tolerate those people jumping queue right in your face!

However, I am thankful that my housemates are quiet and nice people. Although the toilet is not really clean, I've seen worse toilets in other houses. If I have to grade the noise level in my house from the scale of 1-9, mine would be about 2.

The weather here is unpredictable. One moment the sun is scorching hot and the next it is raining cats and dogs. Like what is happening right now, it is raining cats and dogs.

My classmates are not bad. My class comprises of about 80 people. Alot of Sabahan eg. Kadazan Dusun( like what we read in History Books) Sarawakian, Malays, Chinese and also China Chinese. There are 4 in my class, 2boys and 2girls. They are a nice bunch of people. But I pity them though. Classses are conducted in BM/English. They don't understand BM at all(although they came since last year to learn BM and English) and sometimes when the lecturers speak in English, they can't catch a word. Things here mostly come from China(pen etc). It costs them almost double to get the same damn thing here. Food sucks loads(not only me complaining). Hostel is too expensive for them(RM1800 per sem when we only pay RM378 per sem) so they move out to stay in rented houses(I hope I don't get into trouble by disclosing all this in my blog). If they are lucky to be able to rent a place near our off campus hostel, they can take the uni shuttle bus to uni. There are some staying elsewhere and they have to use the public transport(as if it is reliable)

The only thing that I like about this uni is that it has got really nice views. The lectures halls overlook the sea! I love the view there. You can even feel the sea breeze when you eat at the cafe. That compensates for the so un-delicious food.