Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dog Sitter

Holidays are here again. This time its for a good 2 weeks. Just finished exams but the teachers are rushing so fast that they have already finished marking the papers and some already gave out the marks. Sad to say my math badly needs some rescuing. Anyone out there willing to give me some tuition on math? Teachers really spoiled my holiday. Now I feel guilty for not taking my studies seriously.

For the past 2 days, I've been a dog sitter for my cousin as the whole family went down to KL to my cousin's convo. I had to feed, comb and pick up the poo. Now I realise that if you own a pet, you will be the pet's 'slave'. Something that I really love about having a pet is that when ever you open your door, it will always be very excited to greet you. How often do you have someone waiting you to return single everyday without fail and still be very excited about it?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Two weeks ago on a sunny afternoon, I did my first dissection. The animal; A white rat. These white rats are bred for the sole purpose of being 'sacrificed' for the sake of us students. I wasn't feeling nausea when I saw the dead rats, but I actually felt afraid that it would come back alive and jumped at me. First we had to choose one rat and then dip it into a Dettol filled bucket. After whirling a few rounds in the bucket, I actually felt excited to dissect it. Practically everyone in the class was excited. The first thing to do was to pin the rat to the dissecting board using our hands but of course we wore gloves except for one girl as she said she was not used to doing things hands gloved. She did the entire dissection experiment bare handed!

This is a picture of my rat
Me dissecting
The insides of a ratAt the end of the experiment