Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post CNY

Back in uni for about 2 days...I should be doing my assignments or studying at this moment but instead, here I am blogging...

I just took a mid term yesterday..and assignments due tomorrow + quiz. I don't know which to prioritize more. WTF...

Yesterday's exam was the worst one ever because the amount of studying I did was ZERO. Could some one just hit me on my head?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year Sightseeing

Some of the places that I took my coursemates from university to during their short visit to Penang.

Destination No 4: Khoo Kongsi, Armenian Street
Comments : I actually like this place a lot. The carvings and statues and drawings are classically old with a tinge of old China nostalgia. Each and every carving of animals, deities and drawings carries a meaning and have functions of their own, usually to ward of evil or as a sort of advice to the mortals on Earth. At night, when the lights are turned on, the place looks like a shimmering golden house.
Entrance fee : RM 5 or RM 1 for students and children
Number of times visiting : Since Dec 08 till now....5X

Destination No 3: Pinang Peranakan House aka Green Mansion, Church Street
Comment : This place is also very special. Just newly opened last year. My second time here. I expect to step my feet inside this place for many more times, not because I love it but because I have to bring someone visiting Penang here. This house belong to an old man from China (which I forgot the name) and currently owned by some antique collector. All the walls, doors, floors are restored to their original glory. The antique pieces belong to the current owner. There are a lot of displays showing the past and evolving culture of the Baba and Nyonya living in Penang. The famous Singaporean drama series Little Nyonya was filmed here as well. For those that have no inkling about Baba and Nyonya and Chinese home architecture should pay this place a little visit. Another similar house in Penang would be the Blue Mansion aka Cheong Fatt Tze on Leith Street. The house is a good place for understanding chinese architecture combined with feng shui.
Entrance fee : RM 10
Number of times visiting : 2X

Destination No 2 : Kek Lok Si Temple, Air Itam
Comment : For me, I only come here during CNY celebrations because of the lightings. At night the scenery is good and the newly built Kuan Yim statue behind the Pagoda is a good visit as well. What I hate about this place is that there is only one way up to the temple and it is always jammed during CNY. I drove my friends here at about 11.30pm and the jam was still horrible and the lights are off at 12 midnight. That only left us 20mins to look around.
Entrance fee : Free to certain areas, Access to certain areas would cost RM2
Number of times visiting : Lost count
Destination No 1: Penang Butterfly Farm, Teluk Bahang
Comment : If you like insects and butterflies and reptiles, this is the place to visit. They have scorpions, mandarin ducks, turtles, insects and many many butterflies flutting around near you. If you smell like a flower, the butterfly might even make you as its pit stop. If you like insect photography you should come too. Although my photography skill aren't superb, the pictures of butterflies below are captured by moi.
Entrance fee : RM 10 for Malaysians and Retirees. RM 20 for foreigners. I forgot the price for children.
Number of times visiting : Lost count. But from Dec O8 till now I think maybe 4X

These places, I didn't rank them. I just arrange them according to the sequence that I visited them. So friends (or strangers) reading this, have you been to these places eventhough you are a Penangite?

My New Year...

I think my new year celebrations have finally ended..or at least it should end so that I can concentrate on completing my assignments.

What have I done so far? The usual...eating a lot (seriously a lot) and gambling (only once). So far I've had chinese new year dishes, steamboat, japanese food, hawker food, german food and many more. The list is ended. I'm amazed at my tummy's capability to input so much within one week.

I spent time with friends and family and also enjoyed myself sightseeing with uni mates. Went to my worst club night ever too.

What I have NOT done and should be doing are my assignments and studying. I keep on rambling and reminding myself to do it but my willpower isn't strong enough for me to stick my butt down to start doing any serious work.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another 2 in 1

Watched Valentine's Day and All's Well Ends Well 2010 today. The cinema ticketing counter queue was sooooo loooonnggg.. from the time I arrived to collect tickets for the first movie and when I left after 2 movies and dinner and some story book hunting.

Valentine's Day had so many top stars acting in it. And I like how they portrayed how people perceive Valentine's Day and Love. Sometimes love just happens. But Sometimes when you thought it was there all this time but it actually wasn't. Quoting V Day 'You don't step into love. You fall head over heels in love'.

As for All's Well Ends Well 2010...In my opinion, it is just the typical chinese new year movie that is churned out by the HK Film Industry year after year. Gives you some good laughs and you forget about it after new year's over.

I'm actually looking forward to watch Hot Summer Days but I think that would have to wait till I go back to Land Beneath The Wind.

What I'm dreading is also..going back because then I would have to face reality of mid terms and dead lines. My work progress so far is 0%. And half of my hols are gone. DAMN.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Double Celebration...Double Happiness

Although I'm not celebrating valentine's but it's also an occasion note worthy...

So guys and girls....enjoy yourself to the max...before normal daily live activities resume..

Au Revoir!