Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to Basics

About a month ago, I went on a Biochar Workshop in Swansea. Where? Swansea, South of Wales. It was one heck of a long ride down from Sheffield.. a good 6 long hours.

The workshop was run by an organic farmer who doesn't believe in fertilisers and the conventional fuel. He designed some cooking stove that could produce fire, capture the heat and produce biochar at the end. Nothing is left unused; which is a good thing for the Earth but there are sceptics.

But leaning a side, Swansea is well known for its beaches. So of course I went, but at 6am with a bunch of 20 year old kids. The weather was so cold and we took a long way there because we were lost. I was walking in the cold with an empty stomach which wasn't too great but the view and the peace at the beach at 7am was worth it.

 This was the meal that I had at the farm. Everything is organic and cooked with the wood stove. The black rock is actually baked potatoes covered in soot. Simple but so delicious

Two of the horses at the farm. We practically slept next to the horses.

This is a wild garlic leaf. Tastes exactly like garlic!

Peaceful beach


The trip was a good reminder that sometimes, the simple things in life are the best. I did not even think of work or stressed any deadlines during the trip. Getting exposed to people from different places and courses also have their perks. 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Another year

Last year, this time of the year, I was busy writing up my final year dissertation and blew off 23 candles on my cake. Fast forward a year, I blew off 24 candles last week and am still stuck with assignments. Seems like nothing much changed but a lot has indeed taken place over the course of a year. I am a year older (hopefully a year wiser) and far, far, far away from home. I've come to the final 3 months of my postgraduate studies and again about to meet another crossroad in my life. Looking back, I've never felt like I grew since I was 20. Maybe it's just me  in denial but time went by so fast that it felt like it didn't move at all.

Compared to last year, I had a very much toned down birthday affair. Just a nice small dinner with my flatmates and friend and a nice birthday cake to go with it.

Well, here's to wishing myself a very happy 24th. May I grow up well, strong and mature with a bright future.