Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Born Rich

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Last Saturday, 6 Hong Kong stars appeared in 1 Borneo to attend a fans meeting and the gala dinner premier of the highly anticipated drama. The mall was crowded with fans of all ages and from all races (1 Malaysia??).

The press were busy snapping pictures (so do I). The 6 stars looked beau and belle. Each took the courtesy to learn a few phrases of Bahasa Malaysia while being interviewed on stage.

Keep a lookout for the drama as you can spot all the tourism places in Sabah (maybe my face? spot UMS too!).This drama shall enthrall your minds with its strong cast and watch out for the comebacks like Lu Liang Wei and Gallen Lo.

I personally saw a bit of the first two episodes during the gala dinner although i didn't get the chance to eat. The drama does seem interesting from the very first episode. Maybe I'll watch it. But honestly, I'm just trying to spot my face or my uni or my uni mates' faces in the drama. hahaha

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Always Keep The Faith

Monday, October 05, 2009

Guten Tag / Bonjour

Just came back from listening to a talk given by the French Embassy about furthering studies in France....hmmppphh....

Since I came to UMS, I've been taking French. Now, I'm confusing my french with my german. Keine achnung. Tu prends?

Only 3 weeks to the end of the semester. Life is getting tougher. Studies are also getting tougher by the day. Would I be able to make it through? I seem to be getting out of my mind..Stressing myself out and denke too much.

Flu caught up with me. Still trying very hard to get rid of it. Consolation ? Rest assured that during final examinations, I won't be falling sick.