Friday, October 31, 2008


Exams are starting in TOMORROW... and I still have not studied for the subject tomorrow. I hope common sense can pull me through the exam.

I just came back from Ranau for my golf practical. I'm dead tired now. Body aching. Anyways, I hope the practical evaluation will help me for my finals(Then I don't have to study so much).

I haven't had good sleep for 2 nights already. The night before the Ranau trip, I couldn't shut my eyes for more than 2 hours...I woke up every hour...1am...3am...4am...5am...then I had to climb out of bed at 6am to prepare myself for the trip. At Ranau, they practically squeezed 6 people into a room with only ONE queen sized bed. Luckily they rented extra beds. I was the 'lucky' one that got to sleep on the bed. The other 2 girls on the bed were moving around the entire night that I couldn't sleep(sensitive me..) and the girl beside me kept coughing the entire night.....And the fan was so cold and I didn't have a blanket.

For golf, I think I walked about 5km in 2 days? Under the scorching sun.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Something called studying

Last night was debate again. Anyways, we finished at about 2am. Then walked about 20+ minutes back to the hostel. Today, I got up at about 7.15 for sports, but then it was raining, so I skipped the training. It is still raining now though.

Debate still hasn't got any results. UMS suddenly changed their minds. Now, they only want to send 3 teams to represent them in KL. The seniors are trying to fight for 4 teams. But the main thing is, I still can't confirm when I'm going home. This is so frustrating.

I just found out that I have to go for my golf tournament next Wednesday and Thursday at Ranau(the place I went to during the previous hols). Then, there goes my study week.

I still have 2 assignments to type. I have not even started because the lecturer decided to give the assignment at the end of the term. Another frustrating matter. With all these and the tournament, I seriously DOUBT I have any time left to myself for rest and studying. There goes my so called study break.

Since the study already started, my friends are all back in Penang. And I do mean ALL. They have already planned so many things ahead. Which, again, I'm left out again because I'm all the way here. It's not that I'm complaining about being alone and etc, but sometimes, the friends that you get here isn't just the same as the friends at home. It's similar yet different at the same time. But the good part is that all the friends I have here are really good and nice to me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally, THE 14th Week

This is the final week of the semester. (Not) Surprisingly, time really flew by. Exams are in another 2 weeks. I;m so totally not you can see, I can still find time to blog, meaning I have not really started studying..

This coming week will be Deepavali cum study break holidays for a week. Then on the 5th of November, I'll officially start my first paper. My last paper will be on the 20th of November. But here comes the problem, I have not booked my ticket home..because of debate. If I am to represent UMS for Royals Debate in KL, I'll only be back in Penang on the 4th of December which leaves me exactly one month to spend in Penang. Take away about 5-7days of holiday in Singapore, that leaves about 3 weeks in Penang.

Today, I listed a couple of things that I want to do and buy when I'm back. Top priority : CAMERA

Since I dropped mine into the sea, I haven't been able to take pictures. I have to rely on others, my phone is already so old that the camera quality is seriously lousy.

I'm having another test this coming Thursday, but I'm still here blogging and downloading. I even took time for a nap in the library in the afternoon.

The weather has been bad with strong winds and heavy rain anytime of the day but usually at night. So, it has become very stuffy in the afternoon.

Last night I found out a shocking news...which I disclosed to a few people only. I'm still surprised now. Although I need to thank the 'caring' friend that insisted on looking up the info albeit meeting a lot of language barrier and the never give up attitude. I come...Earthquakes form because of the elastic energy accumulated in the rocks due to the plate movements are released abruptly due to the breaking of the friction bond between the rocks.........

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had 2 tests within the last 4 days including today. surprisingly I managed to do quite well. One was Study skills and today was ethics.

The ethics lecturer is scary. He chased everybody out of the class yesterday just because one person flipped the exam paper without his permission. he recollected every paper and left and said that he's gonna fail everybody. Today, another guy did the same thing but then luckily he didn't chase everyone out. He just took down the name.

Anyways, yesterday was UiTM vs UMS. And UMS won!! hahahaha..I Know....I sound like a debate freak now but then, it wasn't my intention. It started because I wanted to have a place in hostel for my 2nd year, but one thing led to another, and I actually find that I enjoy debating and the circle of friends in least I have a social circle now. If not, my life would just be attending lectures and online and online and sleep and lectures again..

Anyways, I'm now in Secret Recipe to online..out of desperation. Connection is the library and the hostel sucks totally. Too many people online nowadays...Anyways, today's short update is over. 3 weeks to FINALS and 6 weeks for me to step foot on Penang!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is the ONLY picture that I took when I was in Labuan. These are all the faces of debaters. Took this picture right before leaving Labuan


Today :
Debate training at 4pm
Study skills test at 6.30pm

3pm-10pm - UiTM Debate Friendly Competition

11am-1pm - Ethics Test

8am-10am - Earth Science and Planets Test (tentative)

Saturday :
7pm-11pm - Some gala night organised by one of the schools which I'm accompanying my friend to
* Maybe going to Ranau for golf tournament since it is the 3rd week of October if the plans runs smoothly. So, it's either the gala night or a 2days 1 night golf tournament in Ranau.

Any one weekday morning, golf replacement training for today's class is canceled.

My lecturer suddenly came up with the idea of giving us an assignment with the title only coming up next week and expects us to hand it in by finals which is 2 weeks away.

Apart from all that, I need to study for the finals as well.

Whole of November : Finals Examination

So there goes ,my last 2 months in Sabah. Hectic and punishing. Now, I can't wait to go back to Penang


'Hui Ting, Aren't you going for the HACCP fieldtrip today?'.....'Huh? Is it today?'....'Yes, now to be exact. We'reall here waiting for you'...'What?!'....

Then I looked at the time. Its 8.05am. They were waiting since 7.30am. I TOTALLY forgot about the field trip. I got dressed and rushed down to catch a bus to my school. Then I ran helter skelter to the bus from the bus stop..about 200m. Luckily I wasn't the last one. Apparently, there was another 2 that didn't know that their names were submitted for the field trip.

Anyways, I went to a crackers manufacturing company. We looked at how the processing went. From making the crackers to packaging them. My duty was to keep a look out if the workers or the company broke any health rules, making sure the entire process is done under hygienic conditions and that the workers all wore gloves, caps and masks....The best thing the end of the inspection, the manager of the factory gave us each a BIG bag full of crackers. All their products were in there. We were so happy. Everyone else was so envious of the packs that we got. It suddenly felt like primary school kids again. hahahahah....Pictures from this trip will be uploaded later because, the pictures are all in another coursemate's phone.

Then when I came back, I had my ethics assignment to pass up. I had class from 2.30-4.30pm. Deadline was %pm. I finished class at 4pm. So Cav and I thought that walking to pass up the assignment then take the bus back to the hostel. But due to my carelessness, I didn't realise that I didn't number the pages and didn't change the spacing to double spacing. So we wanted to reprint. One friend that wanted to reprint went to the library and told us that the queue is too long. So we decided that, I'll go back to print in the hostel and Cav will wait in front of the lecturer's office. If I don't come back by 5pm she will hand in the assignment. So, we spilt ways. I decided to try my luck at another place further away from the library. Walked there with my friend that wanted to reprint. But when we reached, the shop was CLOSED! So, now it is already 4.40pm.

We walked back to the lecturer's office. Cav was so happy I made it back on time but the thing is, I didn't reprint. So we handed in to the lecturer and told him the truth. All he said was 'How could make such a silly mistake?'. Ok, after we passed it up, we decided to try our luck in the library again(what perseverance huh). By now it is already 4.45pm. The queue at the library, to our discovery wasn't that long after all. If we had line up at 4pm, we would have managed to reprint and handed in time minus all the walking. So, we lined up and waited. It took longer than we expected because everyone was editing their things at the computer. I mean, hello, this isn't your personal computer, if you want to edit it, edit it before you come to the printing place. By the time we finished printing it was already 5.05pm. I ran all the way from the library to the lecturer's office. Climbed up a flight of stairs as well. Luckily he let us changed the assignment.

So, overall, it was a 'running' day. And all that could have been avoided if I wasn't that careless. I don't know what got into me. I'm usually not like that. So dissapointed in myself for making those silly mistakes.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Since now's the Raya holidays, the cafe food just could not get any worse than now(I hope). I didn't take dinner yesterday and no lunch and dinner today. I survived on chocolates from Labuan, biscuits and oats and milk and raisins and milo.

Enough about the bad. Now the fun part begins.

Upon arrival at the Labuan UMS campus, I was shocked. It is so small compared to the main campus. It is practically like 10% the size of the main campus. But one t hing is that is it a lot cleaner and the facilities in the school is better. The hostel is abit dirty though. It's sad to see how university students' ethics and behaviour are just like primary school children.

Anyways, it was 3 days of debate non-stop. The first day, we debated until about 11pm. But I watched Made Of Honour till 1am and I rolled on the bed till nearly 3am before sleeping. Crawled out of the bed at 7am. Debated from 9am till 1am. Actually we finished at 11pm. Then the seniors came up with a game called Mafia. It was so addictive. Before the game, the juniors were all sleepy and tired but once the game started, everyone was alive. The next day it was 7am again and debated will 11am. Then we went to Labuan city to shop. I bought a 4-liter wine box for only RM28. Then I tried Budweiser too. Its only RM2.40 a can. And I bought chocolates worth RM60.

We only took one pathetic photo at the Waterfront before leaving Labuan. We were too busy with debate.

This is Nabalu Stop. There are cultural shops there.

We went on Wednesday and came back on Thurday. We followed a tour. But it was a rip off. Next time no more following tours. But the scenery and air was totally worth it. It was way better than Genting or Cameron Highlands. I bought 2 ethnic necklaces and a musical instrument.
This was taken at the War Memorial. It was the place after the Death March of British and Australian soldiers during the Japanese Occupation. Out of 2000 soldiers only 6 survived.

We went to Poring Hot Springs as well. We climbed up a hill...went for canopy walk then went down to the hot springs.
This was the view from our homestay place. We did not stay in a hotel. We stayed at someone's house. It was comfortable. Isn't the view wonderful? I like it so much. This was at the foot of Mount Kinabalu. It was raining heavily and misty. So we couldn't see the top of the mountain.