Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Another year

Last year, this time of the year, I was busy writing up my final year dissertation and blew off 23 candles on my cake. Fast forward a year, I blew off 24 candles last week and am still stuck with assignments. Seems like nothing much changed but a lot has indeed taken place over the course of a year. I am a year older (hopefully a year wiser) and far, far, far away from home. I've come to the final 3 months of my postgraduate studies and again about to meet another crossroad in my life. Looking back, I've never felt like I grew since I was 20. Maybe it's just me  in denial but time went by so fast that it felt like it didn't move at all.

Compared to last year, I had a very much toned down birthday affair. Just a nice small dinner with my flatmates and friend and a nice birthday cake to go with it.

Well, here's to wishing myself a very happy 24th. May I grow up well, strong and mature with a bright future.

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